Chapter 623: Eating Snake Meat Raw, Delicious!

After all that had happened yesterday, all of these instructors who were actually in charge of the students’ safety knew Ye Jian. When conversing with this student who gave off the impression of a soldier, they treated her like their comrades, without any feelings of distance.    

“Come come come, before they arrive, we’re gonna add a side dish.” From behind them came a soldier’s voice, he did not realize a student was blending in amongst the instructors, and walked straight to Ye Jian’s side, “I found something good, wanna take a bite?”

Found something good?   

Ye Jian turned around and saw a twenty-something-year-old soldier, who was responsible for ensuring the safety of the students from the shadows, holding a non-venomous live snake in his hands.    

The whole snake wrapped itself around his arm; Ye Jian estimated it to be around a meter long, the soldier held the back of its head, the snake’s mouth opened very wide and looked very frightening, but in actuality, it was just a common sight.   

No one had any idea how many signals a couple of instructors had tossed towards their brethren in combat, reminding him that there was a student present, just that… she was wearing the same tactical uniform as the soldiers.  

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In the end, he managed not to receive any of them and excitedly sat down beside the student.    

By the time he noticed Ye Jian…, the soldier had blanked out, “Since when did our unit gain a female soldier? Even the administrators are guys; it’s impossible for there to be a girl, huh. Where did she pop out from?”

Ye Jian really resembled a soldier; it doesn’t matter that she still lacks an epaulette and a collar badge, nobody would be skeptical that she was a soldier.    

“You talk too much!” The instructor closest to him awkwardly reminded him, “This is a student, watch your manners.”   

It made the soldier holding it feel embarrassed as well; it seems like this snake… can’t be eaten after all.    

The moment he was prepared to put it on the ground, Ye Jian grabbed it behind its head with swift movements, “Ratsnakes, tender flesh, non-venomous, it’s good stuff indeed.” She had traversed the jungles of Jiangxi province with Principal Chen, and she had eaten this type of snakes the most during that time.    

When Ye Ying was escorted there with two soldiers taking turns by her side, she happened to see a cold light flashing from Ye Jian’s hand, and that light just so happens to land on a wooden block, following that, she noticed a very very long snake’s tail twitching.   

Before she managed to react to what Ye Jian was doing, she took the military knife from another instructor offering it to her, and that sharp knife flashed in her palms…  she straightened the snake’s tail with one hand, while the knife in her other hand… glided past the whole snake’s belly    

Witnessing this scene, Ye Ying’s back suddenly felt a cold rushing up to her spine, … Ye Jian … Ye Jian caught a snake and is stripping it alive right now.    

Her stomach started making waves, with a “eurgh”, she started vomiting on the spot before finding a suitable place.    

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Despite everything, Yao Jing still suggested that they catch some snakes and let them bite Ye Jian!   

Ye Ying, whose vision was dizzy from vomiting, started having thoughts of fleeing as far away from Ye Jian as she could, for the first time, why is this happening? Why can’t their plans work even once? And this time, before the plan had even started, it seemed like she could already see Ye Jian winning yet again.    

Ye Jian took a glance at her, then completely lost interest, with clean and sharp movements, she finished handling the snake and wrapped it with a couple of leaves, she then passed the snake meat into the hands of each instructor, “I think that girl over there must have been frightened, instructors, I think you should resolve that situation.”   

Her expression seemed strange; after her shock, she didn’t avert her gaze immediately. Instead, a flash of annoyance flickered past her eyes, what is she annoyed about?… could it be that something terrible they had cooked up didn’t succeed, the moment she saw her still here safe and sound, she felt annoyed?

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