Chapter 624: Almost Passed Out From Anger

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If that really was so, even Ye Jian wanted to tell Ye Ying to show her tricks with everything she’s got!    

If something truly happened, then nobody will be able to bear the consequences.   

No matter how intelligent Ye Jian was, she wouldn’t have expected someone to come up with the most wicked idea, attempting for her to get bitten by venomous snakes. By the time the boys started arriving, only then did Ye Jian get up and stopped mingling with the instructors.  

Amongst the student groups, the first group to arrive was the group led by Yang Heng, when he noticed Ye Jian was already standing in front of him, he wasn’t surprised in the least.  

“I’ve guessed that you’ll be the first one here.” He didn’t even notice Ye Ying who was taking a break at the side, he walked towards Ye Jian without averting his gaze, “My whole squad performed everything in the exercise and only came back after we’ve confirmed we have passed. This military boot camp does give off a whiff of what it’s like in the military.”    

Ye Jian stared at Yang Heng with leaves stuck in his hair, she smiled with lips arched upwards: “Of course it does, the ‘rapid bypass’ segment is up next, how confident are you guys?”     

The ‘rapid bypass’ exercise was to train the student’s agility and reflexes, for what it’s worth, the year-end military recruitment was impending, this military boot camp will record all of the boy’s physical abilities inside a file. If they signed up to be a soldier, their records in this file would be sent to the recruitment office, to serve as a reference.    

However, most things shouldn’t be viewed from one side only, the purpose of this military boot camp isn’t just directed at students, it was also the start for the military to study the general circumstances surrounding every student.    

For someone like Luo Ran, they should perish the thought of getting into the military in this lifetime.    

For someone like Yang Heng, there was a soldier who was keeping tabs on him.   

“I’ve grown up in the Department of Transportation, and haven’t had much contact with the military. If you asked me to direct traffic, then that won’t be a problem, but if you asked me how much confidence I would have towards a drill from the military? I really won’t know the answer.” He said with a smile; his expression doesn’t seem tired at all, it was evident that his physical fitness was quite good. 

After vomiting till her eyes were teary, Ye Ying had finally recovered her breath under the medics’ care, and noticed Yang Heng was talking and laughing with Ye Jian,… she was able to tell with just one glance, that their relationship was quite good!   

This discovery startled her for half a second, very quickly, a brilliant cold light flashed through her eyes,… this time, she could completely withdraw from the situation! She’ll leave the task of taking care of Ye Jian to Yao Jing.   

Before she was able to finish scheming, Yang Heng stood aside and acted as if he didn’t know Ye Jian, as if the previously cheerful conversation was just her imagination.    

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Yang Heng only knew the presence of Ye Ying after being warned. Because of that, even though he was acquainted with Ye Jian, he still had to act like he wasn’t. He didn’t want Yao Jing to make things difficult for Ye Jian because of him.

Since the two of them were acting this way, it made Ye Ying unsure about her next course of action…   

In the middle of the exercise, Luo Ran had even found Yao Jing. Still, he couldn’t find Ye Jian, by the time he arrived at the rendezvous point as tired as a slump of mud, he could faintly discern his classmates saying that Ye Jian probably was excluded from the bombing evacuation exercise.

Luo Ran’s face greened till the point he seemed like he was about to pass out, he was looking for an excellent opportunity to act this whole time, and what did she do? Despite everything, she didn’t attend it!?    

One hour later, the ‘Danger Zone Rapid Bypass’ exercise will start, the speed of this was slowed down by quite a lot, it was actually quite an easy thing to do, it was just some leaves and branches strewn around, some steel nets you have to pass through. In Ye Jian’s opinion, this was like children playing pretend.  

After taking a glance, Ye Jian did not go through it immediately. Instead, she allowed her classmates to go before her; Grade 11 Class 1 was one unit, there was no way she’ll move ahead while leaving her whole class behind.

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