Chapter 625: Luo Ran, I’ve Waited Long Enough For You

The girls, who were few in numbers, walked in front while the boys hung near the back, they mumbled about speaking softer while swiftly crawling past the branches laid strewn on the ground. 

“What are you guys doing over there! Rolling a snowball?” Class 1’s instructor realized several boys weren’t coming towards himself and Ye Jian. Instead, they moved towards somewhere more difficult; he couldn’t help but raise his voice.   

Ye Jian also turned her head that way, she could see two boys were already crawling through it, and the three other boys weren’t students from her class.   

Why would students from other classes join Class 1’s unit? The two others with them shouldn’t be from their class either; she had just finished the headcount a moment ago, everyone was already here.

“They’re students from the other classes, instructor, should we notify the other instructors?” She waited until after her classmates had passed by her, Ye Jian’s lips gently pursed together while she reminded her instructor, “Let’s not mistake them for our students, that’ll be embarrassing.”   

The instructor was a veteran soldier; he was also the leader of his own squad, towards these intractable students. if this were back in his unit, he would’ve beaten them up according to his temper, hearing Ye Jian’s suggestion, he turned towards her: “Let’s do that, follow after your classmates, I will contact my comrades.”   

Before long, another instructor’s voice could be heard from the walkie-talkie, “Three students from Grade 12 Class 6, two students from Grade 12 Class 5, a total of five people are missing.”   

“Coincidentally, there’s five here; I am going to verify their identities now!” Once the instructor heard that, he could confirm that they were the students who were abiding by the rules, once he made sure Ye Jian had caught up to her classmates. He contacted his comrades who were watching over the students from the shadows; they will be responsible for verifying the identities of the five students.

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The rapid bypass exercise would consist of a three thousand meter distance if everyone went according to the road map. They’ll need at least 45 minutes to finish this segment, all because this was the final segment of the field training, the students’ stamina was severely exhausted, that’s why their movement speed had also slowed down.    

The soldiers watching from the shadows were able to quickly verify the identities of the five boys who sneaked into Grade 11 Class 1’s group, only then could the instructors who were further behind let loose a sigh of relief. They could only allow the boys to continue with Class 1, to prevent them from getting lost. 

Gradually, the distance between each student was slowly increasing; Ye Jian was taking glances at the boys who weren’t from their class. she walked past several students to walk alongside An Jiaxin, “Walk faster, don’t fall behind, Luo Ran might be coming.”

“…” An Jiaxin who was panting from exhaustion heard her and immediately wanted to cuss out loud. Unfortunately, she was out of breath, so she could only curse weakly in the end, “Inhuman, inhuman, how could they be students! They’re clearly gangsters!”

“What are you cursing for, save your breath!” Ye Jian wasn’t worried about herself; she was only concerned about An Jiaxin, she practically walked while propping her up and managed to chase after her classmates after they had been left behind by quite a considerable distance.

Regrettably, An Jiaxin was really exhausted; she waved her hand to urge Ye Jian to go and forget about her.    

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Listening to the faint sounds coming from the upside of the hill, Ye Jian’s gaze darkened even further, “You sit here and rest; they should be further ahead, I’m going to call for the instructors and stop them.” 

Since they wanted to make a move on her, in that case, she’ll give them the opportunity! 

“The instructors would be here soon; you take a break, for now, I’ll be going.” Ye Jian purposely raised her voice, so that Luo Ran and co. Who were uphill could hear her, only then did she start to march forward alone, she didn’t follow after the tracks of her classmates. Instead, she headed towards the harder path, where only Lu Xin and several boys were willing to tread. It was also the more difficult rapid bypass path that Luo Ran and co. were currently on.

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