Chapter 493: Dragged And Tossed Out

Ning Meng Yao’s expression also darkened, she carried the child and walked to Qiao Tian Chang’s side with a cold expression. She looked at Yang Su Yun’s fragile appearance: “Those who come are guests and we should not reject guests.”

Yang Su Yun had joy on her face when she heard Ning Meng Yao’s words, she looked smugly at Yang Le Le.

”Yao Yao, you cannot allow her to remain,” Yang Le Le said anxiously.

Ning Meng Yao gave Yang Le Le a glance indicating for her not to be impatient. She looked at Yang Su Yun acting that way and couldn’t help but sneer: ”But if it’s a guest like you, then forget about it. It’s fine you came uninvited, you even wore mourning clothes. You came over to a festive celebration when you’re still mourning and even wearing mourning clothes. Young lady, how has our child offended you?”

”Indeed, this young lady is really disgusting.”

Yang Su Yun initially assumed that Ning Meng Yao would speak up for her, who knew that she was actually ridiculing her.


Nangong Yan was also able to tell that this young lady was a visiting relative, who wanted to attend the banquet even though Yang Zhu’s family did not agree to it. As such, she snuck over.

She had thoughts she should not have, and even tried to seduce Qiao Tian Chang, hoping he would take a fancy on her in order to upgrade her status.

”Tian Chang, do as you deem fit,” Nangong Yan directly threw the matter to Qiao Tian Chang.

If he did not handle it well, he would immediately take his daughter and grandson to Ling Empire.

Qiao Tian Chang looked at Yang Su Yun’s expectant look, he said with a sharp tongue: “Qing Xue, Qing Shuang, throw her out, if she makes a fuss at the entrance, you all can handle her as you all please.”

”Thank you, young master,” Qing Xue and Qing Shuang looked at Yang Su Yun with a sinister expression.

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They were really not happy with this woman’s arrival, they would naturally not hold back.

The two of them dragged her by the arm all the way to the entrance, they then directly threw her out.

Qing Shuang crossed her arms and looked at the woman in front of her in a lofty manner: “Don’t think you can come to seduce our young master all because you look like a little white flower.”

”If you still dare to hit on our young master,” Qing Shuang took out a few silver needles, under the radiance of the sun, the silver needles emitted a dazzling light: “I’ll stab you until you’re paralyzed on one side, you can give it a try if you don’t believe me,” Yang Su Yun curled up on the ground, her body was trembling, the way she looked would cause any man to feel pity for her. Unfortunately, she was facing two women.

Qing Xue looked at Yang Su Yun, she gently sighed: “Qing Shuang, I really dislike this woman.”

Qing Shuang nodded her head: “Me too.”

”Then…… should we teach her a lesson?”


Qing Shuang took the silver needle and stabbed it into Yang Su Yun’s pain acupuncture point. Yang Su Yun immediately screamed, she could no longer pretend to be that sickly beauty.

Seeing Yang Su Yun rolling on the ground in pain, Qing Shuang grunted: “This is just an appetizer. If you dare to continue acting like this……”

Yang Su Yun hurriedly shook her head, there were tears in her eyes: “I won’t dare,” Although she said she did not dare to, her gaze was filled with grievance, people who were unaware would think that Qing Shuang and Qing Xue were bullying her.

Xiao Qi Tian who came out to watch the show said to Mu Xue by the side: “Xue’er, tell me, how is there another shameless person out here?

”It’s because her skin is thick,” How was it possible for her to cause a scene if she did not have thick skin? She would have long headed elsewhere if she knew.

”Greetings Ms. Mu, Young Master Xiao.”

”That’s enough you two, you must use stronger means towards disobedient people,” Xiao Qi Tian said coldly.

Yang Su Yun thought that the man who came over would feel pity for her like those people in the past and help her out, she never expected that he would say such cruel words.

”You all……”

”Qing Shuang, give her something good that you have to make sure she stays eight meters away from Tian Chang when she sees him,” Xiao Qi Tian sneered.

To dare snatch people from Meng Yao, does she think she was beautiful? To dare to create problems on Little Mo Shang’s banquet, she was simply seeking death.

Qing Shuang looked disdainfully at Yang Su Yun: “With her like this? A single pill is enough to take away her life.”

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”That’s true, since the medicine you and Nan Yu created are a little perverted and there are no antidotes.”

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