Chapter 494: Teaching The Little White Flower

Xiao Qi Tian touched his chin, he seemed to be put in a tough spot.

Yang Su Yun was really terrified this time, the people in front of her were basically devils, she would have been obedient and not attend if she knew.

Based on Yang Le Le’s relationship with the owner of this place, it was not impossible for her to come along if she wanted to, there was no need for her to be anxious about it.

Having such thoughts, Yang Su Yun was filled with immense regret.

When Yang Su Yun was feeling regretful, Xiao Qi Tian narrowed his eyes and looked at her, he seemed to be considering something.

”You had used your eyes to seduce Tian Chang just now, right? Then let’s just dig them out,” Xiao Qi Tian said.

Qing Shuang nodded her head: “I coincidentally lack a pair of eyes for an experiment.”

”I’ll help you dig them,” Nan Yu’s voice sounded.

Xiao Qi Tian shook his head in a speechless manner: “Yet another slave to his wife.”

”Aren’t you also one?” Mu Xue raised her eyebrows and looked at Xiao Qi Tian.

Xiao Qi Tian touched his nose and shifted his gaze. Well, he was actually also a slave to his wife.

If Yang Su Yun was feeling slightly fearful earlier, she was really terrified right now. That man gave her a frightening feeling, it was really terrifying.

”I know my wrong, I won’t dare to anymore, I’ll immediately leave,” Yang Su Yun got up from the ground and wanted to run.

Qing Shuang sneered: “Did we say you can leave?”

Yang Su Yun realized in horror that she was unable to move, she really did not dare to think whether it was caused by the few people in front of her.

The few of them appeared in front of Yang Su Yun together.

To be honest, this woman was actually quite pretty, but her thoughts were not innocent. If she had done so unintentionally, then they would not do anything to her. After all, they couldn’t blame her if she didn’t know.

However, she wasn’t doing so unintentionally. Not only so, she even tried to seduce their young master in front of so many people, isn’t she asking for a beating?

Yang Su Yun wanted to shake her head but even her head could not move, she could only look anxiously at them.

”You think it’s fine all because you admitted your wrongs?”

Qing Shuang took out a pill and walked towards Yang Su Yun, there was fear in Yang Su Yun’s eyes.

She had actually fainted when Qing Shuang approached her.

She looked at the person lying on the ground, Qing Shuang then took the pill in her hand and shoved it into her mouth: “To actually dare seduce others with that little bit of courage.”

”Don’t let her block the way, throw her further away, saves us from the eyesore,” Xiao Qi Tian instructed, he and Mu Xue then turned around and left.

Qing Shuang brought her to the foot of the mountain and threw her under a small sapling before turning around and leaving. It was not known when she would wake up.

In the villa, Yang Zhu’s family apologized awkwardly to Nangong Yan. Madame Yang was feeling regretful for promising her elder brother to help Yang Su Yun find a job, based on the current situation, they should just forget about it.

The Yang Family were sincerely apologizing and Ning Meng Yao was by the side mediating. When Nangong Yan was not so furious anymore, the banquet naturally carried on.

This minor interruption did not disrupt their happy moods, the crowd was busy and cheerful.

Some were helping out, and some were chatting. They were all joyful.

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The wine and dishes in the banquet were never seen before. Seeing the beautiful and exquisite dishes, the villagers in White Mountain Village were reluctant to eat.

Everyone left after having their fill of food and fun.

Madame Yang’s family was the last to leave, when they were leaving, they kept on apologizing to Ning Meng Yao, especially Yang le Le.

”Yao Yao, really sorry, it’s all my fault,” If she was more alert, she would not allow that woman, Yang Su Yun, to sneak in.

Ning Meng Yao smiled and shook her head: “It has nothing to do with you all, you all did not bring her along. This Little Monkey will have a good life ahead of him.”

Although she was unhappy inside, Ning Meng Yao did not think that anything would happen to her family and her child with Yang Su Yun wearing her mourning clothes over.

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However, Ning Meng Yao was wrong.

That night, the child which was originally very easy to handle suddenly cried, even when he was sleeping, his body would constantly be trembling.

He would cry himself up not long after sleeping, and he would cry for at least an hour.

This caused Qiao Tian Chang and his wife to be filled with worry.

Fortunately, Grandmother Qin knew a lot, she took out a bowl and three chopsticks. She placed the three chopsticks neatly into the water-filled bowl. After three tries, the three chopsticks were upright.

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