Chapter 509: Unable to Accommodate Someone Like You

In the end, Ning Meng Yao still gave face to Yang le Le’s family and gave Yang Su Yun a path to live.

However, what Ning Meng Yao did not know was that her actions had caused Yang Su Yun to think Qiao Tian Chang was the one who saved her.

After the dogs that surrounded her left, there was a complacent smile on her face, sure enough, Qiao Tian Chang valued her.

With such thoughts, there was a shy smile on Yang Su Yun’s face, it was as if she could see the day she would become Qiao Tian Chang’s wife.

Yang Su Yun walked inside with anticipation, she had just taken a few steps and was blocked by a beautiful young woman.

She looked at the woman who was blocking her way. Yang Su Yun then furrowed her brows tightly: “Do you know who I am? How dare you block my way.”

Qing Shuang looked scornfully at Yang Su Yun: “Return to where you came from, otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

”Does Elder Brother Qiao know how you’re treating me? Are you not afraid of being punished by him?” Yang Su Yun was originally frightened by Qing Shuang’s gaze, but once she remembered Qiao Tian Chang saving her just now, she immediately felt more confident.

Qing Shuang opened her eyes widely. She looked at Qing Shuang as if she was looking at an idiot, there was a disdainful smile on her face: “The young master would punish me because of you? Have you not woken up?” Or else, why was she sleep talking?

Yang Su Yun’s expression changed, she said angrily: “Elder Brother Qiao saved me just now, it’s the best evidence.”

Qing Shuang couldn’t hold back her laughter, she looked at Yang Su Yun in a weird manner: “Those babies were called back by our young miss, it has nothing to do with the young master.”

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”You’re spouting nonsense,” Yang Su Yun’s face flushed with anger, how could she deceive her like this?

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Qing Shuang looked calmly at Yang Su Yun, she smiled and said: “Are you leaving or not?”

”I want to meet Elder Brother Qiao. Move aside immediately. Otherwise, I’ll request Elder Brother Qiao to have you punished.” Yang Su Yun said angrily.

Qing Shuang supported her forehead helplessly: “It seems that I need to directly throw you out, there is no need to waste anymore time.”

After muttering softly, Qing Shuang walked to Yang Su Yun’s side, she placed her hand on her shoulder and directly pushed her outwards, that strength did not show any mercy and was filled with disdain.

After pushing her out, Qing Shuang calmly took out a handkerchief to wipe her hands, it was as if she had touched something dirty.

”You lowly servant……”

A crisp slapping sound interrupted Yang Su Yun’s words.

The immediate change of color on her cheek was evident that the slap was very hard.

Qing Shuang waved her hands and frowned: “Your skin is really thick.”


”Woman, don’t think you can keep hooting others all because our young miss is going easy on you. If you annoy us, I will let you die without knowing what’s happening. You can give it a try if you do not believe me,” She had many methods of killing someone, some can even die unknowingly in her hands, it was a breeze.

Yang Su Yun trembled due to Qing Shuang’s gaze, she gritted her teeth and said: “I…… I…… You…… You will pay with your life if you kill someone.”

”I can fulfill you if you wish to give it a try,” Qing Shuang’s indifference caused Yang Su Yun to feel fearful, she glanced into the villa, it was empty, not to mention the man she was thinking about.

She stared angrily at Qing Shuang, Yang Su Yun could only turn around and leave.

When Yang Su Yun arrived at Yang Le Le’s home, the gate was closed when she was about to enter, Yang Yi’s voice could be heard from inside: “Our temple is small, we can’t accommodate such a huge Buddha like you.”

”I’m here to find my parents,” Yang Su Yun’s face alternated between green and white, she was filled with resentment towards Yang Yi’s family, she would let them have a taste of despair when she becomes successful in the future.

”Uncle and aunt had long returned.”

Yang Su Yun’s eyes were wide open. What did he mean? They had already returned? They did not wait for her?

Yang Su Yun turned around and left while feeling indignant, and she headed towards Yang Family Village. The fierce expression on her face frightened the child by the side of the road into crying.

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