Chapter 510: Legendary Woman

Yang Yi opened the door and saw that the entrance of the gate was empty. He shook his head in disappointment. He was completely disappointed in his cousin.

Madame Qiao walked over, reached out her hand and patted his shoulder: “Stop thinking about it, she brought it upon herself.”

Yang Yi smiled and nodded his head, that’s right, Yang Su Yun had brought all of it upon herself, nobody forced her to do so.

Yang Su Yun returned to her own home while filled with anger. Fortunately, the door was not closed, after entering, Yang Su Yun looked angrily at her parents: “Mother, what’s the meaning of this?”

Yang Su Yun’s attitude made her frown, she wanted to say something but she quickly stopped herself.

She wanted to hear what other shameless things Yang Su Yun would say.

Yang Su Yun seeing the family did not speak and was just looking at her thought they knew they were in the wrong and did not dare to say anything.

She immediately became even more arrogant: “Mother, could it be that you all did not hear me?”

”Yang Su Yun, that’s enough,” Yang Sen looked at his own younger sister, there was anger written all over his face, was she still his younger sister? She was simply…… an embarrassment.

Yang Su Yun shot a glance at Yang Sen: “What’s wrong with me? Are you saying it’s alright to leave me like that? It’s fine you all do not help me, you all even treat me like this, do you all even treat me like family?”

Madame Cheng and the others did not say anything, they only continued watching, they wanted to see what else this ingrate would say.

”Why are you all so foolish? If I marry into Qiao Family, our family’s status would reach new heights, we’ll live a life that everyone admires. Such a huge workshop, it’s unknown how much it would earn a year. Mother, I do not believe you all do not desire it,” Yang Su Yun continued talking when she saw they were quiet.

Her words were as if others had the same self-interest as her, and were as shameful as her.

Old Master Yang looked at his proud granddaughter with a pale complexion, he had an ugly expression on his face.

”Eldest, you take of this matter yourself, our Old Yang Family does not have such a shameless young lady,” He gritted his teeth and said such words, Old Master Yang then waved his sleeves and walked out, he did not even glance at Yang Su Yun when he left, one could tell how angry he was.

Yang Su Yun was displeased as she glanced at Old Master Yang, she was filled with hatred in her heart. This damn old man, what did he mean?

Yang Sen looked at Elder Brother Yang: “Father, I do not have such a younger sister.”

He was working well in the workshop, he would work eight hours every day. If there was work that needs rushing, his salary would be doubled. Because he worked well, he was currently a small supervisor, his days were gradually becoming better. But right now, Yang Su Yun’s return gave so much trouble for his boss, he was really pissed off.

Yang Su Yun glanced at Yang Sen, this brother loved her the most in the past, but why did it turn out like this right now?

”Elder brother, why are you treating me like the others?” Yang Su Yun still did not realize what she did wrong, she still felt it was all their fault.

They were the ones who did not help her.

Seeing Yang Su Yun acting like that, Yang Sen shook his head in disappointment: “Where did my innocent and cute younger sister go?”


”You’ve changed, Yang Su Yun, do you still have father, mother and your grandparents in your heart? No, you’re only thinking about yourself, you’ve never thought who is the one who gave our family what we have today,” Yang Sen shook his head in disappointment.

One must know how to be grateful and not wanting a mile after given an inch.

”She had just married someone who’s capable. Other than that, in what way is she more capable?” Yang Su Yun screamed.

Yang Sen seeing Yang Su Yun still acting like that could only shake his head in regret: “Those are your thoughts? Then you’ll sooner or later be disappointed. It’s because that workshop belongs to Ning Meng Yao, Qiao Tian Chang only owns some shares in it.”

”Impossible,” Yang Su Yun screamed. Such a good workshop was not Qiao Tian Chang’s but that woman?

”She was the one who set up a winery and a sauce workshop. Why isn’t it possible for her to open such a workshop now?” In the eyes of Yang Sen and the others, Ning Meng Yao was a legendary woman.

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