Chapter 829: Protect

Mu Chen took a glance at Mu Xue: “Either you forget everything about Tong Bao Zhai, or you stay here forever, don’t go anywhere. I’ll let you choose.”

Mu Chen’s icy words made Mu Xue’s heart gradually become cold: “Mu Chen, I am your sister, why are you siding Ning Meng Yao and treating me this way? I hate you.”

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Mu Chen did not change his mind because of Mu Xue’s words, instead he looked at her indifferently: “You have to reflect on yourself. Is there anything that you’ve done these days that’s worth me helping you?”

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Since coming here, Mu Xue had become unreasonable, not only did she keep pestering her servants, but she also did not let go of Qing Shuang and the rest. Qing Shuang was now busy watching over Ning Meng Yao but Mu Xue kept asking people to look for Qing Shuang every half an hour, and she would cause a racket if they did not obey her.

And as if disturbing Qing Shuang was not enough, she even asked people to look for Grandpa Hei. She must have the two of them check her vital signs and her health together, if not she would not stop bothering them.

Mu Chen did not have such a sister.

Mu Xue was still reluctant to admit her mistakes, she stared at Mu Chen: “I am pregnant, is it so wrong to ask them to check my health for me?”

“Yao’er is also pregnant, how come she’s not as troublesome as you? Do you even need people to check your health every half an hour? Even in the middle of the night?” Mu Chen smiled coldly, he was downright disappointed with his sister.

Mu Xue’s face was a little darkened and she felt embarrassed being scolded by her brother. Although she was unwilling to admit it, what Mu Chen said was true.

However, the reason why she did that was that she did not want everyone’s eyes to only be on Ning Meng Yao.

She was also pregnant, so why was Ning Meng Yao the only one getting everyone’s attention? No one cared about her at all.

“Why? You don’t have anything to say anymore, do you?” Mu Chen looked at Mu Xue’s embarrassed expression, he could not help but laugh sarcastically.

“After so much talking, you still despise me in the end.” Mu Xue could not refute Mu Chen’s words, so she could only look at Mu Chen like she was accused by him.

Mu Chen approached Mu Xue, he stopped in front of her: “Mu Xue, you really let me down. I will not care whether we’re siblings, if you still don’t know how to repent, we’re done.” He had helped to conceal many things, he did not even say anything to Situ Xuan.

Because they were siblings so he could not watch her walk down the blind alley.

Tong Bao Zhai was established by all of them, no matter how bad it was outside or how tired they were, this place was their home, their sheltered harbor, so he would remove anyone who betrays, no matter who they were.

Mu Xue stared blankly at her brother, why did he suddenly behave like this, how could her blood brother even say such things to her? Was there anything more ridiculous than this?

“You really prefer Ning Meng Yao over me.” Mu Xue laughed, her voice full of self-mockery.

“Don’t forget who was the one that let us have what we have today. Yao’er is our salvation. Without her, you and I would be already dead. Don’t blame your mistakes on others.”

Mu Xue sneered and stopped talking. She understood now that her brother had already changed.

Situ Xuan stood at the door, her face was pale, she heard their conversation earlier but why did those words feel so distant?

Mu Chen came out from inside and saw the pale-faced Situ Xuan staring at them. There was an obvious confused look on her face when she saw him walking out.

“Xuan Xuan, you heard everything?”

Situ Xuan was silent for a moment, and then she nodded: “Yes, I heard it all, but I really don’t understand why she did that. What did Yao’er do that offend her?”

Situ Xuan knew Ning Meng Yao much earlier than Mu Xue and her brother, so she knew how well Ning Meng Yao treated them.

Particularly Mu Xue, she was thin and small at that time, and she was terrified to meet people. She often hid behind Mu Chen, and it took Ning Meng Yao a lot of time before she finally overcame her fear.

Several times Mu Xue got caught in trouble, but Ning Meng Yao would always save her. One could even say that Mu Xue would not even be here today if not for Ning Meng Yao.

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