chapter 136 – brawlin’

The ear shattering screech out of Tiny has only gotten stronger over time. As the sonic waves roll over my precious ear canals the stunning effect slams into my soft brain(s) like a sledgehammer.

Thanks to my sturdy willpower I can shake it off after a second and see how the rest of the monsters are doing.

Generally, not great.

There are plenty of beasts reeling or stunned completely from that vocal blast whilst a few larger creatures seem to have managed to resist largely as well as I did. Having announced his mighty presence, Tiny leaps down into the cavern, the rocks cracking under him when he lands with a boom.

The long hair on his arms and back is slowly starting to rise into the air as he glares hungrily at the monsters before him, who can only shrink back from this intimidating beast. I can only imagine that seeing such a beefy, strong looking monster land in their midst is not exactly what they had expected or hoped for. Tiny’s hands and body are starting to spark in earnest now, little zaps of electricity rippling over his body and swimming across his fingers.


Not intimidated by the fearsome display one of the armoured  lizards bellows a challenge from across the tunnel! Tiny’s bat ears twitch in outrage and he screeches back, the sonic blast physically impacting some smaller monsters and knocking them right off their feet!

Crunch! Crunch!

As the two monsters stomp towards each other their heavy tread shatters the stones beneath their feet. Not willing to be caught in the fray the smaller monsters back the hell up, desperate to get out of the way of what is about to take place. Even I can follow their logic. If these two big fellas’ want to fight each other, that is a hell of lot better than them picking on us! Let’s move to the side and eat each other whilst they do their thing.

I have to admit I feel like a proud Dad as I watch my once little ape stomp towards a fiendish armour beast in preparation for a no holds barred battle to the death.

Should I cast a sneaky Gravity Bolt in there to help Tiny out? Asides from the risk of hitting my own pet accidently, I’m not sure he’d be ok with me interfering in his long awaited battle. I might just have to keep an eye on things and play it by ear.

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As they two monsters draw closer to each the other the pressure in the air increases to unbearable levels. Two monsters enter! Only one will leave!

Suddenly swinging his fists in wide arcs Tiny is the first to act! Electricity crackles in the air as he raises both massive hands in the air before leaping forward and crashing them down like a thunderbolt!

Reading his move the massive lizard dives forward fearlessly! By shifting the point of impact in this way the blow will fall on its back where thick bony plates will absorb the damage, rather than straight onto its head.


The feet of the lizard are forced three inches into the cavern floor as that titanic blow, with all the weight of an angry bat-ape behind it, shudders through its body. It isn’t the physical damage that that troubles the beast though. Bright rippling arcs of electricity discharge from Tiny’s fists as they impact, piercing straight through that hard shell to roast the tender flesh beneath.

Gasp! Is this the legendary Ape Thunder Strike?!

As I’m absorbed by watching this clash I manage to notice something in my peripheral vision. A second of the large shell lizards is positioning itself for a charge to one side! Clearly the monster is planning to intrude on what is clearly a thrilling one versus one battle! How rude!

Sneakily I begin to prepare a spell. Let’s see how you like this tasty little dish!

After being damaged by Tiny’s strike the lizard shakes itself vigorously before turning its large body with deceptive speed! The clubbed tail behind it whips through the air so quickly it almost can’t be followed by the eye!

[Look out Tiny!]

The big ape appears to see it all coming, hardly needing any warning from me! He rotates his body and flashes out a clean right hook, connecting flush with that bony tail and smashes it away!

Holy hell! That was so fast!

Punching in such a way isn’t without cost however, a clear crunching sound can be heard from Tiny’s fist in the moment of impact. He must have broken at least some fingers!

With his back turned however, the interloping lizard has found its moment to charge! Unleashing a furious roar it pounds the rocky floor with its mighty four-legged tread, its incredible mass and hard armour shattering any stone pillars or monsters unfortunate enough to be in the way.

Ha! I’ve been waiting for you my friend! I skitter forward until I am facing down the rampaging monster who clearly intends to crush this pitiful ant flat on its way to assist in taking down the fearsome gorilla monster.

If only it were that easy for you big guy.

Try this dish! The Inverse Gravity Bolt!

With malicious glee I release the powerful blast of purple magic that shoots through the air like a bullet. With its large frame and momentum the lizard has no chance of dodging my strike and can only choose to continue head on!

I can almost see the flicker of surprise in the beasts eyes as my spell impacts and it feels no pain at all. Did the spell have no effect? In fact, not only did it not hurt, my body feels lighter than ever! I feel like I’m flying!

Only allowed on


You sure are buddy!

Confused growls followed by panicked squeals erupt from the beast as it realises that it is rising from the floor and instead of smashing me to pieces with an irresistible charge it has sailed gracefully over my head, legs waggling in the empty air.

As its forward momentum peters out the poor monster is left hovering in mid-air close to the ceiling, legs and tail thwipping about as it tries to control its body and move the way it wants to.

Not to worry big guy, you’ll be coming down sooner than you think!

As I prepare another spell Tiny has pivoted back to his foe and swung out with his fists once more, smashes the lizard so hard he knocks it several feet to once side, unleashing another charge of electricity as he does so.

Once again the scent of roasted flesh fills the air as the lizard roars in pain, unable to resist this fierce elemental damage!

Then its eyes fiercely glow and it unleashes something I didn’t expect!

From the floor of the cavern the rock suddenly becomes soft for a moment before a reforming into a sharp lance that pierces through the air like the fierce thrust of a spear!

Unable to predict the stealthy attack from below, Tiny is caught unawares! Unable to dodge the spear in time it pierces him in the side. He manages to catch the tip in one hand, preventing the stone spike from penetrating any deeper as it continues to extend, lifting the massive ape from the ground!

Earth magic! I hadn’t expected that! These monsters must be double evolved to be able to use something nifty like that, surely? My eyes light up with greed at the thought of the Xp and Biomass to be harvested from battling against monsters as evolved as I am for a change.

Tiny seems to think the same as me. Far from panicking at being wounded, his fangs are revealed in a manic grin, his eyes wide open and blazing with hunger. He looks even fiercer than before, to be honest.

Still holding onto the spear with one hand Tiny bellows and clutches the other fist before his face. Instantly dazzling blue electricity begins coursing through his body and concentrating on that fist.

I know what this is!

I manage to turn my head away just in time as Tiny thrusts his hand forward, discharging a blinding arc of lightning at his foe! This time he doesn’t cut it off after one blast however and I turn my head back, expecting the attack to end but instead get an eyeful of blazing lightning as Tiny continues to channel it through his hand, electricity pouring out from all over his body and rushing to his hand in unending streams.

Under this ferocious attack the lizard cannot maintain control over its magic and the spear of stone crumbles to nothing as Tiny continues his electric assault.

Actually isn’t it about time…

Glancing up towards the roof I think my floating friend is just about to run out of charge.

My sense of timing is close to spot on as the beast roars in triumph, the sensation of floating has started to fade! Soon it will drop back to the floor!

Oh, you’ll fall back to the floor alright.

Gravity Bolt!

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