chapter 208 – compression obsession

As the rather explosive effect of my compressed water bolt faded and the monsters began to recover themselves as more flooded into the narrow tunnel to trample over the fallen I took a little time to reflect on the success of the spell.

Better that I thought, I had to say.

After witnessing the effects of forceful mana spells, using the compressed mana to fuel a spell had such an explosive effect, I began to experiment with forming an entire spell from compressed mana. The structure, from beginning to end, weaved with threads of compressed mana, then the entire thing filled with compressed mana right to the top. My test results where … promising, to say the least.

However, this was my first time putting the spells to use in actual combat. I wanted to test them in a controlled situation and started with the most harmless of all my spells, the water bolt. The little testing I’d done with gravity spells had been somewhat alarming, I wasn’t quite ready to put them to the test just yet. Maybe in a more open space.

This first test is a rtousing success! Not only was the primary target completely pulverised but the splash effect had a vicious cut to it as well, increasing the area of effect potential of the spell.

I’m really quite excited for the next one…

I stop my sub brains from casting spells and begin to focus all of my mental energies on my next task. Dividing the labour between my minds I begin to stockpile compressed mana as best I can whilst simultaneously weaving the forceful water cannon. The shaping of the spell I handle myself as it’s by far the most difficult task.

Beneath me Tiny and Crinis continue to battle away, smashing  monsters all over the place but making sure to leave them on a sliver of life as much as possible. Tiny has a lot of issues controlling his strength and is just as likely to knock a monsters head clean off by mistake but Crinis has far finesse. Like lightning her limbs snap out to pluck up a monster and she rings it out like a soggy cloth before dropping it on the growing pile of severely wounded monsters behind her.


Nearly there now.

Eagerly I begin to fuel my constructed spell. The trick I found in my test run is that I can’t quite transform mana and then compress it fast enough to keep up with the demands of the spell. Meaning I ran out of juice and the spell failed only a few seconds after I cast it. Those few seconds had been enough to drill a hole three feet in the tunnel walls though so I’m expecting good things.

To prevent the spell from such a premature failure this time, I’ve been carefully amassing a stockpile of compressed water mana as I go. Judging by the rate of consumption I think I have roughly fifteen seconds or so for the spell to operate.

I’m looking forward to this.

Forceful Water Cannon! Fire!

Just above my head an ominously blue glowing ball flickers into existence for the water cannon starts. What comes out is less like a water cannon but rather a water beam. The monsters hit by it are less damaged but rather… dissected. It cuts straight through them! As the water blasts straight through the monsters it impacts against the tunnel floor and a vicious hissing noise fill the air as it starts boring a hole through.

Hastily I direct the spell to zigzag its way up the tunnel and delight in the chaos caused.

[you have slain …]

[you have slain …]

[you have slain …]

[you have slain …]

[you have slain …]

Dear Readers. Scrapers have recently been devasting our views. At this rate, the site (creativenovels .com) might...let's just hope it doesn't come to that. If you are reading on a scraper site. Please don't.

Ahhhhhh this spell is ridiculous!

Some monsters are able to hold on for a moment, resisting the stupidly potent pressure of the beam with the strength of their bodies, but eventually it tunnels through them, boring a hole directly through their shadow flesh.

Then the mana runs out.


The entire tunnel is littered with monster bodies and a truly insane amount of water. The spray has gone everywhere. The walls are coated with it, the monsters are saturated. Tiny is also saturated. Crinis … doesn’t seem to care but I can sense a smouldering discomfort emanating from the big ape.

He really hates getting wet.

Only allowed on

In order to vent his frustration he channels lightning into the onrushing monsters who charge directly into the soaked section of tunnel we occupy and are promptly burnt to a crisp.

You were supposed to save some for Vibrant…

Ten minutes later we finish mopping up the wave and start chowing down. I decided not to test anymore spells lest Tiny get even more irritated. I should try and work out a solution where I’m not going to get him soaked. I’ll be hitting the front lines soon enough, it should be fine.

The first thing I do after the fighting is done is call Vibrant down from the ceiling and get her to finish off the stragglers that we saved for her. Thankfully after she spends a lot of time chomping away at them she cheerfully announced she was able to hit level ten! Not even the news that another special core was coming her way was enough to dampen the little ants mood as she danced about whilst chowing down on Biomass. Even Crinis managed to find her and toss her in the air a few times to celebrate as the Vibrant laughed hysterically.

Tiny just ignored the proceedings and munched his way through a mountain of food.

I’m with you buddy. Time to embrace the food coma!


When all is said and done and we can barely walk any longer I’ve managed to amass 129 Biomass from my week of feasting and practice. The four of us waddle/roll/limp our way back up the tunnel to our little chamber and I call down the workers.

We weren’t able to eat all of the food, not even close. Hopefully, when the Queen has consumed a good chunk of this the next generation of new workers might be locked in and ready to go.

Settling in we all prepare to finalise our spending in order to make the final push  for excellence as we prepare to advance into the Marsh Expanse. I hastily whip up an advanced core after withdrawing a few small cores from my stash and feed it to Vibrant. Once absorbed, she somehow managed to both gleefully and painfully waddle to one corner to settle down and evolve.

Tiny and Crinis have already begun the process of mutating, I can see them vacantly sitting, unmoving, pawing through menus already.

Ok. Time to do this. I’m gonna spend up big!

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