chapter 218 – skirmish conclusion

More fireballs fly out of the distance and impact against my water domain, sending massive gouts of steam hissing into the air and further reducing visibility. In front of me, buffeted and soaked by the frothing mass of water than makes up my water domain, the double croc lunges forward with its massive jaws.



Leaping to the left I manage to avoid the snapping jaws at the last second. With the foe off balance I dash forward to bite once more.


[Shattering Bite has reached level 8]


The Croc growls furiously, a rumble that comes from deep within its chest and shakes the air with its intensity. The double crocs are almost the same size as Tiny when standing on their hind legs, close to ten feet.

Being a little over a metre tall at this point, the damn thing towers over me. My eyes are about level with its knees! Thankfully my shattering bite manifests more than metre away from actual mandibles, increasing the range of my bite attacks considerably.

Enough to take a decent chunk out of the monsters side at any rate.



A little cocky after my successful bite and I don’t even notice the twin tails sweeping towards me until they smash into my side with tremendous force, sending me flying several metres away.

[Master! Are you all right!?] Crinis cries shrilly.

[I’m fine! Focus on the fight!]

[Damn beast! I WILL REND YOU!!!]

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I’ve lost a bit of HP from that strike, the kinetic force of the impact was enough to crack my carapace in several places but the enhanced diamond is perfect for resisting this sort of damage. Not to mention, a new feeling arises in the damaged sections that brings a smile to my heart. The inner bone plating, a supportive structure that webs the inside of my exoskeleton, begins to excrete a gel like substance at the site of the damaged portions. Immediately I can feel the tingling feeling of regeneration begin to intensify as the cracks start to knit together.

Oh how I love it when a plan comes together!

How’s that you stupid Croc?! A few minutes and I’ll be back to full HP again! The magical tank that is Anthony the ant shall never be stopped!

Being able to repair the damage to my main defence, the carapace, without having to expect my healing gland, is so tasty!

Whilst I’m admiring my own incredible wisdom, Crinis has gone berserk. She has begun threshing her limbs around one of the Crocs’ legs, the beast being too large for her to effective wrap the entire thing at once, she has chosen to concentrate her fire on one particular limb.

Ahhh! So THIS is why she took dismember!



The beast fall to one side and I can see other shadows growing closer now, their flickering shadows growing nearer through the steam. My water domain continues to swirl around me and I position myself so that the frothing liquid slashes and slams into the Crocs face as Crinis flicks her limbs to the beasts torso.

It seem like the crocs, as expected, are quite resistant to water spells. Their scaly hides are perfect for sliding through water and provide a decent measure of protection against the kinetic impact of my water spells.

Perhaps Garralosh wasn’t completely stupid when they designed their children with fire mana glands after all. At least my water magic is working to counter their stupid fireballs, even if the field has been covered in a blanket of steam.

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I rush forward and begin to chomp away at the hapless double croc. With Crinis working her dark magic on its limbs and my own mandibles crunching at it, even a tier three croc monster cannot resist for long.

[You have defeated Level 12 Garralosh Bellator]

[You have gained XP]

Before Gandalf has even finished his words I leap forward and take a bite from the fallen enemy.

[You have consumed a new source of Biomass: Garralosh Bellator, you are awarded one Biomass]

[Basic profile of the Garralosh Bellator unlocked]

[Garralosh Bellator: Garralosh Soldier, Following in the evolutionary footsteps of their progenitor, the Garralosh Soldier is equipped with a more powerful muscular system, increased stamina, intensified flame and double tails. ]

Huh. So apparently these Garralosh offspring are basically evolving the same way the original Croc monster did? Following in their mothers footsteps?

That’s interesting, it gives some insight into what Garralosh itself might look like.

But I don’t have time to worry about that now, we have more offspring to kill! I have to moe quickly before my gravity spell wears off completely!

I nudge Crinis mentally and we dash in the direction I recall seeing the other Double Croc. Thankfully my memory doesn’t fail me and  we manage to approach the creature who, despite being buffeted by my water domain, manages to accurately swipe at me with one claw.


The solid bone claw scraped along my pristine Diamond carapace and sparks fly but the claw fails to penetrate through to my soft, fleshy insides. The carapace is triumphant!

[DEATH!] Crinis screams, and a boiling mass of tentacles lash forward and wrap both legs of the double croc.

[Nice, Crinis!] I shout and move to follow up on her attack.


Right from the famed shopping plaza a blast of acid smacks into the beasts upper chest, immediately sizzling and burning away the scales that cover the crocs torso. Flames begin to flicker around the mouth of the creature but thanks to my improved rear vision I’m way ahead of it and position myself so that my water domain starts slamming into the crocs’ face.

Haha! You  want flame thrower me now?


Apparently yes!

Unwilling to hold back the flame, the monster opens wide blasts the spherical wall of water before it and even though some of the fire does indeed penetrate my defence, the majority is swallowed by the water and a huge gout of steam blasts the Croc right in the face!


I wonder who has the hire Cunning, Tiny or the Double Croc?

I shake my head, I should think so poorly of my own pet.

Scalded by this unexpected event,  the Croc rears back in pain and anger.

[Get him Crinis! Finish it!]


As the uncomfortable sounds of ripping and tearing begin to fill the air I lunge forward to apply mandibles, pumping some raw mana into them to active their infused property and greatly increase their cutting power.


No matter how the monster tries to fight back its useless. Within Crinis typing up and savaging its legs and me tearing into it, the superficial slashes and bites it manages to land on us are not able to inflict serious damage.

[You have slain level 6 Garralosh Soldier]

[You have gained experience]

I feel the forceful gravity bola dissipate, releasing the rest of the crocs to continue their advance, but it’s too late, the spell has done its work admirably. Without being able to group together the larger double crocs have been defeated.

In fact I can also sense that by forceful gravity sphere has dispelled and ….

[You have slain level 7 Garralosh Soldier]

[You have gained experience]

[You achieved Level 14, One skill point awarded]

There you go.

Not sure I want to go inspect those remains though…

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