Chapter 24: Weeping Heaven, Grieving Men

As Da Jue spat a mouthful of blood, the six masters behind him paled as well. Da Pu, whose wounds were already severe, immediately fainted.

“That’s…that’s…that’s…” Lei Wujie pointed with eyes wide open at the knife that descended from the heavens before leaving for the heavens as well. He had once witnessed the Nether Duke’s blade on that snowy night. It was domineering as could be, yet this knife strike was leagues above that man’s blade.

“That single strike had, at the very least, broken through half of the monk’s Unbreakable Vajra Body Arts for Wuxin.” Xiao Se sighed, “and has also magnified Da Jue’s murderous intent by tenfold.”

Wiping off the blood from his mouth, Da Jue glared at Wuxin and yelled, “The profoundness of Buddhism is not something a demon like you can question!”

Wuxin merely sneered, “The profoundness of Buddhism… In this entire world, perhaps my teacher can say that, but you definitely can’t!”

Da Jue slammed his palms together, causing his golden frocks to soar towards Wuxin and blot out his sky. However, Wuxin chose not to dodge it. Instead, he charged at it head-on with a leap, actually tearing it apart in the process. Still in mid air, he suddenly started chanting unintelligibly in Sanskrit. Yet for some strange reason, it resonated clearly throughout the battlefield, with an orderly rhythm as if he was singing.

“What is he singing?” Lei Wujie asked. But all he got was a frown from Xiao Se and no answer.

Two more masters fainted at that point. Of the three remaining, the rosary beads in their hands began to shatter, bead by bead. No matter how anxiously they chanted their scriptures, there was just no stopping the rush of blood rampaging through their body.

“The Soulforce Sanskrit Chant!” Da Jue’s eyes went wide. “Wuxin, what do you think you’re doing?!”

However, Wuxin ignored him, continuing to chant his Sanskrit as he retreated step after step.

Finally, something within Da Jue snapped. His skin instantly turned a reddish gold as he appeared before Wuxin in flash. With how quick his movement skill was, even Wuxin wasn’t able to react in time before Da Jue clenched down on his throat like a vice.

Even so, the Sanskrit never ceased.

Suddenly, Wuxin smiled. His pupils flashed an enchanting purple.

At that instant, all Da Jue could hear was countless voices singing that same Sanskrit chant in unison. His consciousness almost left his body then, but with his Unbreakable Vajra Body Arts to aid him, his mind swiftly refocused itself.

“Wuxin, you…” Da Jue was shocked. There was, in fact, such an unorthodox martial arts known as the Grand Actualization Arts. However, for the accomplished monk that was Da Jue, there was nothing to fear at all. Yet what Wuxin used was clearly not just some Grand Actualization Art.

“No use glaring at me like that, I don’t know what this art is called as well, the cover page was destroyed.” Face white as a sheet, Wuxin said, “but I have a new name for it.”

“It’s called the Weeping Heavens, Grieving Men.”

Wuxin then forced the monk back with a palm strike. As of right now, Da Jue’s face was pale as could be. In the instant the golden hue of his body faded, his once towering stature shrank back to its original size, turning him back into that frail wizened monk. The only difference was that he seemed more even frail than before. Behind him, the six masters had already fainted, only he was left standing, though barely.

“Da Jue, I’ve just destroyed decades of your cultivation.”

“But of those thirty two secrets arts in the Rakshasa Hall, I won’t take a single page with me!” Having said that, Wuxin spat out a mouthful of blood. His body slumped over from the fatigue but thankfully Lei Wujie was there in time to catch him.

“You’ve destroyed your own martial arts? Why… You clearly had other means.” Xiao Se walked up and sighed as he looked at Wuxin.

“If I didn’t get rid of those arts, I’m afraid those old monks would really try to stop me, even if it meant their lives.” Wuxin answered with a smile.

Hearing that, Xiao Se wanted to respond but he hesitated for a second before choosing not to say it at all.

“What’s on your mind?” Wuxin asked, to which Xiao Se smiled.

“Weeping Heaven, Grieving Men, huh…you actually thought of a decent name this time.”

“They have always been decent, alright.” Wuxin smiled back.

Lei Wujie turned towards the frail figure of Da Jue and asked, “Master, we’ve fought the fight, and now Wuxin’s martial arts are gone as well, it’s about time for you to step aside, don’t you think?”

“We are grateful for Junior Wuxin’s compassion.” Da Jue sighed before shaking his head.

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“I’m a monk of the Snowy Peak Temple after all, how could I break the abstinence of murder so easily? Wuxin tried to stand up then but he suddenly felt a wave of lightheadedness wash over him, causing him to collapse.

“I’ll help you up.” Lei Wujie stepped forward to support him.

“I’m afraid we can’t leave yet.” Xiao Se shook his head.

“Why?” Lei Wujie turned in the direction of Xiao Se’s gaze only to find that Tang Lian and Wuchan had arrived on the scene unbeknownst to them and was giving them a pair of strange looks.


Lei Wujie immediately let go of Wuxin, causing him to fall to the ground with an unceremonious ‘hgn’, followed by a gentle kick to sweep him away. “Senior brother…what a coincidence!” said Lei Wujie as he scratched his head.

Xiao Se merely rolled his eyes at Lei Wujie and stood there silently, hands folded into his sleeves.

It was then that Wuchan came over as well. He grabbed Wuxin by the hand and helped him to his feet. “Junior brother, you’ve suffered…”

“Senior brother, how many years has it been since you’ve returned to Snowy Peak Temple?” Wuxin smiled. However, gone was the bewitching twinkle in his eyes, instead, all that remained was the pure look of an ordinary seventeen year old.

“Almost twelve years.”

“Do you miss it?”

Wuchan didn’t answer him. He merely carried his junior on his back as he slowly walked past Da Jue.

“Master Da Jue, these past twelve years of tutelage, Wuchan will bear them in his heart.”

“Did you know, I actually had a bet with Wangyou twelve years ago.” Da Jue suddenly revealed.

“What was it about?” Wuchan asked with raised brows.

“Who won?” Still lying on Wuchan’s back, Wuxin asked that of the monk, choosing to skip right ahead to the outcome.

“Seems like that bet was never applicable to begin with, it was merely one-sidedness on this old monk’s part.” Da Jue laughed bitterly.

“So that old monk won then.” Wuxin laughed

“There’s no shame in losing to the head of the number one Buddhist sect.” Da Jue stepped aside at that point without needing anyone to ask.

Seeing that strange scene played out before him, Lei Wujie couldn’t help but be puzzled. Wasn’t his senior brother and Wuchan here to recapture Wuxin? Why was the atmosphere so friendly then?

“Senior brother…?”

However, Tang Lian merely ignored him, turned around and said, “Let’s go?”

“Where to?” asked Lei Wujie.

Tang Lian pointed in the distance, “Snow Moon City.”

It was then that Wuchan bowed towards Da Jue before walking ahead himself. “We’re going back to Snowy Peak Temple.”

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It was also at that very instant, that over a dozen horses came storming up from below the hill, each bearing a rider dressed in the same manner – black robes that ran all the way up to their hats. Their leader had on a black veil. Beside him was a youngster that had just thrown aside his hat, and was looking up at the entourage making their way down the hill. “Looks like the Nine Dragon Temple and their monks have failed.”

“Seems like it.” The leader blandly answered.

“But they didn’t get out of that fight unscathed either. That white robed monk is the one we’re looking for then? So we’ve we arrived at the right time?”

The leader nodded his head.

“Sigh, we’ve won without a fight.” The youngster pouted.

“And who are these people?” Wuchan had also stopped to regard the other party of mounted, black robed figures.

“The Unparalleled City” Tang Lian coldly stated.

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