Chapter 96 – Challenging his pride

“Duke!” Qiqi trembled nervously. She pointed at the big bed, “If you like it, I’ll get someone to make one for you. If that can’t be done, you can get someone to carry it away. I’ll gift it to you!”

“Qiqi, what exactly do you want? Do you hate this Duke?” Liu Zhongtian couldn’t understand this woman in front of him. What was she avoiding for? Was she afraid of the Duke peeking at this ugly woman’s body? Haha, really laughable. He was now even more interested in that pair of bewitching eyes.

Liu Zhongtian’s lips came close to Qiqi’s. His eyes rested on her lips. Qiqi quickly turned her head. That pair of lips slipped past Qiqi’s cheeks and landed on her hair. This infuriated the Third Duke Liu Zhongtian. Wei Qiqi actually dared to ignore his kiss. He was the Duke, her husband. She was challenging his pride. He furiously carried Qiqi up and threw her onto the soft wooden bed. He laid down and covered her with his body.

“Wei Qiqi, don’t be so unruly. Do you know? You caused this Duke to suffer just by thinking about you. There are no woman who had rejected me like you did. Just based on this looks of yours, being able to become the Royal Concubine and causing me to go crazy over you, you should feel happy instead.” After speaking finish, he tried to kiss Qiqi again.

Wei Qiqi quickly extended her hand and frantically blocked Liu Zhongtian’s incoming lips. She said anxiously, “Wait, we aren’t for real. We have an agreement. Don’t be rash, Duke.”

“This Duke only wants his woman, no other reasons are needed!”

“No, that, I’m only 17. It’s illegal under the marriage laws. It’s ineffective!”

“What nonsense are you speaking?” Liu Zhongtian forcefully held her hands, his lips forcefully planted onto Qiqi’s. His big hands reached to Qiqi’s front and lightly pulled Qiqi’s clothes. Qiqi’s clothes instantly loosened, revealing the slightly red innerwear.

Wei Qiqi was really scared this time around. Liu Zhongtian wasn’t trying to scare her, he was for real. This was the Duke’s manor, he could do whatever he wanted here. His hands were rubbing against her body. These touches were real. With the thin veil of clothes separating, Qiqi could feel the heat coming from his hands, scorching her.

Liu Zhongtian’s lips slowly moved, staying at her neck. That kiss was intense and concentrated, tempting Wei Qiqi’s heart. That big hand was already reckless and dissatisfied…

“Duke, there’s someone!” Qiqi’s heart was almost jumping out. She couldn’t endure it and shouted.

Liu Zhongtian lightly smiled. He raised his head and looked at Qiqi, “Trying to lie to this Duke!”

The Duke was already clear of Wei Qiqi’s little tricks. She shouldn’t think of lying to him at this moment. Today he wanted her to know what a husband was. At least in bed, the woman should know how to treat her man.

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Suddenly there was knocking outside the door. There was indeed someone coming. Following that was Ning Yun-er’s gentle voice, “Royal Concubine, Yun-er has brought you some snacks!”

Wei Qiqi instantly raised her head happily. She looked at Liu Zhongtian smugly. This was really an opportune timing. Ning Yun-er really knew when to find her timing, to choose this time to send snacks over. Qiqi laughed and pushed Liu Zhongtian, “Your Yun-er is here, don’t mess with me anymore, it’s time to change!”

“What are you saying? This Duke is really…”

Liu Zhongtian furiously cursed, yet he didn’t know how to scold the woman outside who didn’t come at the right time. He could only unwillingly let go of Qiqi and retreat to one side. He tidied his clothes and walked in big strides to the dressing table. He unwillingly sat down, his eyes still lingering on Qiqi’s body. It was really weird. Liu Zhongtian’s heart was in turmoil. His desire to conquer this woman was almost clouding his entire consciousness. Was she really so mesmerizing?

Wei Qiqi embarrassingly pulled up her clothing and quickly tied on some laces. She arranged her messy hair and jumped down the bed, happily opening the door.

Ning Yun-er was full of smiles as she entered the room, her hands were holding a tray. When she discovered Liu Zhongtian was in the room, she was somewhat shocked and happy. She immediately lowered her head. The atmosphere became somewhat awkward.

“So the Duke is here too!”

Liu Zhongtian didn’t speak a single word, but clenched his fist. He stood up, frowned, and walked out in big steps.

Ning Yun-er stole a glance at the Duke who was leaving. Her eyes were full of worship, she instantly drooped her embarrassed eyes. Her shy attitude was obvious. It was only after the Duke left then did she put the snacks on the table.

“The Duke…doesn’t seem to be too happy…”

“Strange Duke, who knows what he is thinking?” Wei Qiqi picked up the snack and sampled it. She happily looked at Ning Yun-er, “It’s very good, you are really skillful!”

“In the past I used to make it for the Duke, now I don’t have the chance!” Yun-er sighed.

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“Does Yun-er like the Third Duke?”

“Royal Concubine, please don’t be angry, Yun-er didn’t mean anything…” Ning Yun-er looked at Wei Qiqi nervously. She realised Wei Qiqi’s eyes were abnormally beautiful. If not for those yellow lines on her face, she must be a very beautiful woman.

“You are thinking too much.”

Qiqi’s eyes rolled and she laughed. There’s a good idea to let Liu Zhongtian’s focus shift and no longer stare at Qiqi everyday. That was Ning Yun-er. She was more feminine than Qiqi, could Liu Zhongtian not see this point?

Wei Qiqi knew that her looks were ugly. The Duke was only upset that he couldn’t possess her. Probably, when a beautiful woman sends herself into his arms, the Duke would immediately forget about her, then she could be carefree.

And, there was a beautiful woman, Ning Yun-er, ready. Anybody could tell that Yun-er was fond of the Duke, she just didn’t dare to confess. Qiqi pitied her. Why did she keep quiet when she liked someone? She didn’t have her own opinion at all!

“Actually this is just a decreed marriage between the Duke and I. The Duke doesn’t like me at all. Look at me, men will run away at my looks!” Qiqi pointed at her face, then held Yun-er’s hands endearingly.

“The Duke can have his own desired concubine. That person is you. I will leave one day sooner or later…”

“Royal Concubine…” Yun-er’s face blushed. She didn’t think that Wei Qiqi would be so bold to speak whatever that was on her mind. Yun-er of course was willing to be the concubine, not for the position, but for Third Duke.

“I came to the Great Han alone and don’t have anywhere to go at the moment. When I have made my footing in Chang-an, I’ll leave the manor and look for my own happiness!”

“Leaving?” Yun-er looked at Wei Qiqi strangely. She didn’t understand what Qiqi meant, not knowing whether what she said was true.

“Right, I want to have my own career, lifestyle and a lover. Since the heavens wants me to stay in Great Han, I cannot disappoint myself!”

“To be the Third Duke’s Royal Concubine is the dream of many, yet you…”

“Decree, do you understand what’s a decree? It means that I’m unwilling, the Third Duke is not the man that I’m looking for!”

“I still don’t understand…” Yun-er looked at Qiqi with doubt.

“You don’t have to understand, you just have to know that I won’t fight with you. As long as the Duke likes you, you can have your wish come true!”

Wei Qiqi thought that her words will make Yun-er happy. However, Yun-er was sobbing.

“The woman the Duke likes is not me!”

“Not you?” Qiqi involuntarily frowned. She didn’t understand. Could the Duke not like women? Qiqi immediately covered her mouth. No wonder the Duke always treated her as… Irritating Duke, disgusting Duke.

Yun-er rubbed away the tears and spoke, “The woman that the Duke likes is Han Yu!”

“Han Yu… who is she?” Wei Qiqi was a bit confused. Why was there suddenly one Han Yu popping out?

“Han Yu is an official’s daugther. She is in love with the Duke and he originally intended to marry Han Yu. In the end, the Emperor appointed Han Yu as his concubine. The woman that the Duke was in love with became the Emperor’s. He was in severe pain for a long period of time.”

Yun-er sighed and continued, “Concubine Han Yu couldn’t endure the fact that her love with the Third Duke was broken. She continued pestering the Duke for a few times. The Emperor was extremely furious and nearly sentenced the Third Duke to death. Having no choice, the Duke sought permission to exterminate the Xiongnu. Now the Emperor issued a decree of marriage, it really is…”

When Wei Qiqi heard Yun-er’s words, she understood instantly. So the Third Duke had lost his love of his life. No wonder his temper was so weird. She even told Liu Zhongtian to bravely seek his bliss and even asked him whether he had any woman he liked. Wasn’t that rubbing salt on his wound? Wei Qiqi was regretful, not knowing what to do.

That damned Emperor dog, why must he pit himself against the Duke. Firstly he robbed the Duke’s woman, then teased him, arranging a marriage with an ugly woman. This was obviously shaming him. The Third Duke really knows how to endure.

Wei Qiqi touched her face. This damned face, how could she become ugly to this extent? What exactly could help her recover her looks, at least she could gain some face for the Third Duke. However, Wei Qiqi didn’t know that it wasn’t as simple as that.

Yun-er embarrassingly laughed, “Royal Concubine, it’s definitely a blissful thing to be the Duke’s woman. He may look cold, yet he is very dedicated. If you see his love for Han Yu, then you’ll know that he is a man worth loving!”

“However what I have for him…” Qiqi immediately shut her mouth. She thought about the Duke’s passion just now. Could it be that he treated her as that woman? Qiqi felt that her whole body was uncomfortable. What kind of woman was Han Yu? She really hoped to have the chance to know her.

Yun-er looked at the room and suddenly asked, “Is the Duke staying here? It’s really beautiful!”

“I’m staying alone, the Duke is staying in his own room!”

“The both of you?”

“Haha!” Qiqi laughed, “It’s a decree. You finally understand. I don’t like the Duke, neither does he like me! I’m only finding a resting spot!”

Ning Yun-er’s eyes brightened. She seemed to have seen hope. It’s a weird thing for a man to fall for Qiqi’s face. However Yun-er still felt that Wei Qiqi had a very attractive disposition. She couldn’t exactly pinpoint it, only feeling that Qiqi was beyond a normal woman.

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