Chapter 14: Tragedy and Hope.

Things happened and two years later Kate got into college and I followed her to the city. I was in culinary school and she was studying law. After she graduated, she joined the police force following in her dad’s footsteps. I too opened a restaurant of my own called -Imperial Wu-. We got married a year later, had a small wedding service with a few people attending, nothing big. A year later I learned something from a letter I received. It was from a friend of my dad. On it explained the reason as to why my father was killed and that I should watch out for government organizations. My dad died so the president’s evil plans couldn’t be leaked.

His evil plan of becoming a God by unsealing an ancient force.

Through his ambitions he created the Game. The technological advance where all invented by his ingenious band of scientists and programmers.

This technology eventually became the bases of which the first game depend on. When the game was announced, a large rift was opened up between Mars and the asteroid belt. All major countries pooled in and sent in their best people to participate in the games on the other side of the worm hole.

Originally the wormhole first opened up years ago. Pioneers set out to discover what was on the other side.

They discovered a new galaxy with two Suns and three planets. Upon further investigation, two of the planets were habitable by humans.

Twenty years later, the first Ark was sent through the wormhole. It contained two hundred thousand pioneers to settle on the two new planets. Splitting in half, one hundred thousand people landed on the first planet. The other half went further to the next planet.

But calamity happened again after fifty years. The planet was nearly fully destroyed by another celestial body. All of the pioneers died immediately. The surviving 100 thousand on the second planet could only watch in horror.

Two hundred years have passed and the remaining planet prospered. It has become the most economically powerful planet and was far more lucrative than business on Earth.

I knew I had to stop the president’s plans somehow. But one fateful day I got a call from the hospital. My wife had been injured during a gunfight when trying to stop a fight between rival gangs. I felt as though my heart stopped as I raced to the hospital.

Little did I know, the shot was not from the gun of one of the gang members but rather an attempt on Kate’s life. The government knew they had to cut all ties around me and to control me. For they assumed my father pass onto me information that may be of national importance they had forgotten from long ago. I was too valuable to kill, but my wife wasn’t.


In a lone hospital room lies a woman of around 25 of age. One can see a large amount of electrical devices around her and one can assume its keeping her alive. Out the room was a fatigued looking man and a doctor with a sullen look on his face.

[Doctor]: I’m sorry Mr. Wu, I wish I could have done more but I am only a doctor, not a god…

Shin sat down slowly in a chair in the corridor. You can see the doomed expression on his face slowly spread as he realizes what the doctor meant. Slowly he broke out into tears and silently sobbed to himself as the doctor walked away.

Twenty minutes later the tired man, Shin was sitting there, all out of tears and in a hopeless slump, just sitting in that chair. Out of the corner of his eyes he can see a man, well more of a boy instead of a man, in a sharp grey suit standing in front of him.

[Man in grey suit]: I understand you have a problem Mr. Wu. I may be able to help you with that.

[Shin]: Unless you can perform miracles, get out of my face. I am NOT in the mood for any b******* about god or anything right now.

He doesn’t look up but still stare at the reflection of the boy on the clear hospital floor.

[Man in grey suit]: I am not a miracle worker or some sort of wizard, but I do have a way to allow you to continue living with your wife.”

Suddenly the color seem to return to Shin’s tired looking face.

[Shin]: Go on…

[Man in grey suit]: I am here as a representative of project Antagonist and I would like to ask if you would like to apply to a certain ‘medical’ study we will be performing.

[Shin]: What company are you working for?

[Man in grey suit]: You would not believe it if I told you so I’ll just say a government organization, let’s say a branch of Metallurgy INC.

The boy in the suit explained with great pride. He talks slowly as with great confidence but one can detect his inner mischief.

Shin knew where this was going. The letter he received earlier already warned him about the government but he was surprised that Metallurgy would approach him directly.

[Shin]: Fine, let me hear this proposal of yours.

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Shin finally looks up at the boy. He was well built, not quite a body builder but perhaps a gymnast. He looks to be around 19 or so and the suit seem to fit him like a glove. His hair was thick with gel and he worn an untrustworthy smirk on his face once Shin finally looked up. To him he looks like a young traveling salesman trying to sell him a suitcase full of wool socks or something.

[Man in grey suit]: We can allow your wife to fully recover.

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If this was before Shin looks at him like the boy was insane. But after learning about the secrets his father died to protect, he knew this was true.

[Man in grey suit]: Ah, sorry Mr. Wu I was a bit unclear, allow me to explain this in layman terms. We have discovered a sort of “energy” that permeates the atmosphere of Noxia. It strengthen people’s bodies and can also be used as a sort of support either as a weapon or skill.

[Shin]: How?

Shin asked with a doubtful face again, trying to act inconspicuous since he already knew about this energy.

[Shin]:*I must not get the government to be suspicious of me* he thought.

[Man in grey suit]: We just need to allow more energy to flow through her body and allow the regenerative properties to take its course.

Shin looks at him again with doubt as so the boy doesn’t suspect him. The boy’s face is just too untrustworthy.

[Shin]: What’s the catch?

[Man in grey suit]: Ah, now we are getting somewhere. The only catch is we require testers for the project we are about to perform, project Antagonist. It’s a simple game really.

[Shin]: This seems too promising to be true.

[Man in grey suit]: Ah but I have a contract and a pamphlet for you and your wife, please look it over and when you have make a decision, call me. My number is on the pamphlet.

[Shin]: Fine, I will look it over.

[Man in grey suit]: Very well then, I will definitely be seeing you later…

The boy walks away with a skip in his step.

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