Chapter 13: Beginnings of a mentor and friend.

Simon had an Uncle on Noxia. He worked at a church.

Charles Wu, Simon’s uncle raised a man who would become Crule’s teacher and best of friends.


My father figure once said, “Love is eternal, thus love is worth dying for.” I didn’t truly believe this until now. Staring outside of the vat through the small window I looked beside me. In the pod next to me was a woman in her early twenties. Her fair complexion, her flowing dark hair, I loved it all. I didn’t want to lose her.

[Scientist]: Are you ready Mr. Wu?

The man in the lab coat outside calmly said. Turning my attention from the pod beside me to the man in front of me, I said with firm conviction,

[Shin]: I am.

The scientist smiled with a dark hidden agenda beneath its charming glow.

[Scientist]: Good, rest in peace then, Mr. Wu.

This was something I wasn’t looking forward to, but I had to do everything I could to be with my beloved. The scientist walked to the control panel and placed his hand on the lever.

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He pulled down the lever and I felt the energy that was coursing through my body leave me and enter the pod next to me.


I was left outside an orphanage in a basket. My first memory was of the beautiful starry sky as I stare outside of my basket. I was but the tender age of sixteen months. The man who took me in had a very caring smile.

[Clergyman]: Poor kid…being left here. Don’t worry we will take good care of you.

On top of the blanket was a note. –Sorry for troubling you but I am in a very situation and could not look after my son. I am sure I will not be on Noxia for much longer, please take care of my boy. His name is Shin, please on my behalf, as my last wish while I am alive. –

All the adults around me thought I was an antisocial quiet child. All I can say was I was a very logical child. I think more than I act. At the orphanage only one man thought differently. His name was Charles. Charles Wu was a man of religion, a priest from the olden days. He was a veteran of the Galactic war, and fought on the side of the pioneers. The galaxy divided into two opposing sides back then, the pioneers and the origins. They were fighting over the resources discovered on the new planet and moons.


At the age of seven, Charles decided to take me on a journey. He noticed two things about me at an early age…I desired power and I liked to be alone. Having these two traits will one day be the ruin of me and he knew it. To fix this problem we set out on foot into the barren wilderness near the border of the wilderness half of Noxia. I learned how to fight, how to survive, and how to protect. I learned that there is a certain type of energy flowing through the world and that my body eagerly absorbs them. Charles taught me how to harness the power to strengthen my body. These things will follow me for the rest of my life, his teachings have become my rule of which I live my life through. Traveling with him had been the best five years of my childhood.

But happiness never last forever. With Charles being a veteran of the intergalactic war, he knew secrets that may warrant his death if they were to fall into the wrong hands. Being as cautious as the government can be, they decided to assassinate him. That god dam Metallurgy INC. pretty much controls the entire planet. What Charles carried with him to the grave, was what the president was planning to do with the Games that was starting soon. The day Charles died I was with him. As he lie there with a gunshot wound to his heart, he knew his time was short. He said to me two things.

[Charles]: Love is eternal, thus love is worth dying for.

The second thing I didn’t hear due to the explosion. I somehow survived it but had my arm scorched. This left a bad scar but not bad enough to harm the use of my arm. That day on I took on the last name of Wu to honor my father. Till the end I only manage to call him dad right before he died.

From that day onwards I wanted revenge. I was completely consumed by darkness. I trusted no one, and became more antisocial than ever.

If not for my beloved Kate, I would not have escaped from the endless cycle of revenge.

I met her one day at the age of 15 while I was sitting in the park staring at the lake, brooding. She walked over and asked,

[Kate]: Why are you so sad?

She was a thirteen year old kid back then. I had no idea that my hatred would be devoured by the love I had for her.

I looked up at her and was surprised. Her beauty was beyond words.

[Shin]: Miss, may I ask who are you?

[Kate]: My name is Kate, nice to meet you!

She said with a smile.

[Shin]: Hello Kate, sorry but you wouldn’t understand why I am sad.

[Kate]: Oh but I do, you reminded me of when my mother died, lost in the world with nothing but hatred, asking who and why.

She replied with a sigh.

[Kate]: Here, take this.

She hands me a piece of candy.

[Kate]: Sweets always cheered me up.

She said and walked away in a skip.

I sat there pondering, staring at the hard candy she handed me. I unwrapped it and put it in my mouth.

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[Shin]: Hmm, lemon flavored.

The next day we met up at the same place and chatted. This went on and on for half a year until we got together.

[Kate]: Food is a universal language!

She told me when I asked her about the candy.

Two years later I got to know her parents. Her mother died when she was young. Apparently she use to work for the government yet Kate didn’t know what her job was exactly. Her father was a policeman.

Meeting her dad for the first time was scary. I was an orphan living by myself at the age of 18. With no one really to call a parental guardian I was a lone wolf in the world. I worked part time at a local restaurant. After a long staring contest, her dad finally smiles and says,

[Kate’s dad]: You better take care of her, OK? You know what would happen if you don’t…

He took a quick glance at the shotgun mounted on the wall. I gulped and was breaking out in sweats. Although I knew I could win in a fight, I didn’t want to hurt her father.

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