Arc1 Epilogue.

Every year, a representative of the prisoner was elected. It used to be Simon but he disappeared during his last mining trip so his Co-leader Lewis took over.

Every month, the representative have to meet with the warden to make a progress report. Of course the representative can make demands and hope the warden accepts it. Demands may include things like slightly better food, or a holiday.

But Warden Brandon was a cruel task master. Nearly all of the prisoner’s demands were rejected immediately.

Today was the day Lewis was supposed to go meet with Warden Brandon.

*knock knock knock*

[Lewis]: Mr. Brandon, Lewis here, I am the representative of the prisoners. I have come to report on the monthly progress.

He entered after there was no reply. He immediately gagged and vomited.

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On the floor was a rotting pile of flesh. The blood have dried into a dark crimson showing how long the corpse have been here.

On the pile of flesh was Warden Brandon’s badge.

[Lewis]: This…

He quickly ran outside for some fresh air only to vomit again.

[Lewis]: Just what happened in there…?

He held his breath and went back in to look for clues.

On the table was a letter.

“Dear Lewis,

When you get this letter, it should be time for the monthly report. I am here to say you no longer have to do that. As you can see from the pile beside this table, Warden Brandon is no more. I suggest you take this chance to organize the prisoner to take over the Rig. The government is completely ignoring this Rig as long as supplies of Glutonium shows up every month, they don’t care who manages it. If you guys can take over, you can fool the government by sending those ores to them but you can still yet manage all of it yourself. You can use the guard’s supplies for the prisoners.

I hope you do not waste this chance. It may the only hope you guys have to having a better standard of life. Many people were born on this Rig and consider it a home. You might even be able to illegally sell some of the Glutonium to make a profit to help the place.

This is no longer a prison… That is if you choose for it to not be one. Take it into your own hands. The late Simon would be proud if you did.

Go Lewis, become the leader.


The Avenger, Crule


Lewis could not believe the content of the letter.

[Lewis]: This…

He suddenly realize that the letter mention the “late” Simon.

He started crying.

[Lewis]: Why…Simon. You were our leader, why…

He stood there silently crying to himself.

Minutes later he looked up with renewed resolution in his eyes.

[Lewis]: This place…This s*** hole will no longer by a prison to us. No…This place is our home.

He went and gather all the remaining prisoners. But he first went back in the office and took the badge.

Facing the masses, Lewis stood upon the pedestal.

[Lewis]: Friends, hear me now. *holds up the badge* The wicked Warden is dead. Let us revolt, claim this place for ourselves. This place will no longer be a prison but our home, and we will defend our home!

The people were silent.

[Lewis]: I am sorry to say, that our leader Simon has died. But he left us a dream, that this place will not be a place of solitude and confinement, but rather a place of warmth and love. LETS US PUSH THOSE WHO GOES AGAINST US INTO THE DEPTS OF HELL THAT WE HAVE SUFFERED! Let us once again, feel the freedom that is life. WHO’S WITH ME!

A little girl stood up. She looked up to Simon.

[Little girl]: I will.

Then an elderly man stood up. Simon helped him when he was sick after the guards abused him.

[Elderly Man]: I will.

One by one the prisoners stood up. Each saying, “I Will.”

Lewis, with ambition in his eyes, punched his fists into the air.

[Lewis]: Let’s do this! For Simon, for freedom, for a place we can call home!


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And on that day, the moon of gluttony became a planet for riggers, for free men and women. A place that no longer that can be called a prison, but rather a country, a home, a place where loved ones reside.

Few people left to visit their families that they haven’t seen in so long but most returned. They have made friends, and they didn’t want to leave them. Some even brought along their family. The Rig was no longer dust and rust but rather a shining beacon of hope for all those have lost it.

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