Chapter 12: Escape.


Not everything on the Rig was full of dust and rust. There was one room that was always clean. This was the room of Warden Brandon.

[Brandon]: So how many guards are we missing this time?

[Guard]: A total of six.

Brandon rubbed his temples trying to levitate the migraine he got. He slammed his palm on the desk. The guard was startled.

[Brandon]: %!@#$.How are we losing so many god damn guards?! We are guarding god damn unarmed prisoners who have been worked to the point of collapsing. They should not be able to overpower the guard who are fully armed no matter how outnumbered they were.

[Guard]: Uhmm…Sir, the report show that there was no struggle and the prisoner were gone too.

Brandon looked up at the guard with rage in his eyes.

[Brandon]: Get out….

The guard quickly sprinted out of the room.

Brandon sat back down on his chair rubbing his temples again.

[Brandon]: I can’t keep losing guards, the higher ups isn’t going to like this and they aren’t going to keep providing more guards.

Brandon stood up and walked to the window.

[Brandon]: *sigh* This god forsaken place will be the death of me…


With his energy rejuvenated, Crule only took two hours to run all the way up to the surface through the tunnels.

On the way up, he pass by one of the slug creatures.

[Crule]: You will have to do.

He knew the slugs were not poisonous and were somewhat edible.

Not the most delicious of food but he needed the energy.

He took his dagger and sliced a piece off the slug. He found a nearby river of molten metal and roasted the slice.

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The slice dried up fast and started cooking. It became like jerky eventually.

Crule took a bite out of it.

[Crule]: As disgusting as ever, but it’s better than running on no fuel. Makes me wonder how I survived off of these for so long in the past.


On the surface, Crule emerged from a small meter wide hole in the ground. He turned around and saw the huge expanse of the abyss before him. He looked up and saw the suns again.

[Crule]: Nearly four days without sunlight, never thought it would be so refreshing.

The two suns glare in the sky. The temperature and weather was nice.

[Crule]: Now, I need to find a transport ship.

He dashed toward one of the giant steel wires holding the Rig in place.

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Crule ran on top of it towards the Rig. Even the swaying from the wind didn’t seem to be able to throw him off.

Soon he will arrive at the Rig.

[Crule]: Maybe I will leave a little surprise for them.

He smirked as he continue running.


Brandon was reviewing the monthly reports. He job wasn’t only just being a warden, he also manage the mining operations.

[Brandon]:*grumble* Hmm, doubling our production really is increasing our yield…but the prisoners are falling left and right. Good thing they are sending more our way today, or our production would suffer…

He knew if their production wasn’t up to standard, he would be the one who gets blamed. This just further added to his headache.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

[Brandon]: Who is it?

[Guard]: S-sir, we got a p-problem.

[Brandon]: *Sigh* When do we NOT have problems…Come in.

The door opened up and there stood the guard.

Then suddenly a dagger protruded from his abdomen.

[Guard]: GUWAHHH, but you said you would spare me…

He fell forward into a puddle of his blood.

[Crule]: I lied.

Brandon couldn’t understand what just happened.

In front of him stood a child who looked around ten but his eyes…Staring into it one can feel despair and fear at the sheer evil emitting from them.

[Brandon]: W-who are you?

[Crule]: Hello Mr. Vinsion. I have a proposition for you.

[Brandon]: W-what? Do you know who I am?!

[Crule]: Of course, Warden Brandon Vinsion. Age forty two, father of two daughters. Family living on Noxia in luxury while you labor here on Gluttony. Your favorite food are donuts. Did I miss anything?

[Brandon]: H-how?…

The corner of Crule’s smile rose.

[Crule]: I have my ways, Mr. Vinsion. Now then, about that deal…You give me a ship, and I will let you live.

Crule expanded his aura to fill the entire room.

Brandon, feeling the insatiable evil in the aura fell on his knees and nearly wet himself.

[Brandon]: T-take it, p-please don’t kill m-me!

[Crule]: Now that wasn’t so hard was it?

Brandon reached into his pocket and threw the keys to his ship to the boy in front of him. Crule caught it midair and pocketed it.

[Crule]: Now then, you die.

Brandon’s eye widen.

[Brandon]: But you said you wouldn’t kill me!?

[Crule]: I lied.

His aura condenses and it engulfs Brandon.

Brandon forgot everything that just happened. All he felt was hungry, he want to eat food, and he NEEDS to eat.

So hungry, so very very hungry.

[Brandon]: I can’t take this anymore.

He started eating the coat on his body, but he still wasn’t satisfied. He kept eating and eating, his shirt, his pants, his socks, and eventually his underwear.

[Brandon]: Not enough….More, I need more!!

He started to eat his hands, his arms, ravenously eating everything.

Soon all that remained was a pile of blood and flesh.

[Crule]: Now then, with that pest gone, the Rig can be run by the prisoner.

He walked out the door and walked to the shipping dock.

In front of him was a spaceship. It was quite luxurious. Its chrome black paint job matched its yellow streaks like a bumble-bee.

[Crule]: What a nice ship. I’m going to keep it.

The hood opened up and Crule hopped in. The engine started and he flew off towards Noxia.

[Crule]: Get ready Grimly, here I come.

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