Chapter 11: An old friend.

[Girl on the cross]: How do you know who I am? The only ones who know who I am in my current form are the assholes who sealed me here.

[Crule]: Let’s just say we have met before.

The girl was very suspicious.

[Girl on the cross]: I think I would have remember someone who looked so evil and you do not have the aura of those annoying heroes who sealed me.

[Crule]: Ahahaha, don’t think too much about it, here I’ll show you.

Crule held out his hands and a small black ball appeared.

Due to using his power so much, he was low on energy and have to recover.

[Girl on the cross]: This…How?

[Crule]: Never mind that, I want to make a deal.

[Girl on the cross]: A deal huh? You sure do know how to deal with demons.

[Crule]: Yes, yes, let’s make this official. I have something to use as a contract.

He took out the green ball and showed the girl.

[Girl on the cross]: Oh…what a strong life force. You’re willing to sacrifice such a thing to form an official contract? Interesting.

The girl opened her mouth and Crule walked up and threw the green ball into it.

[Girl on the cross]: Hmm quite delicious. Having been starving for soooo long it’s nice to finally eat something so good quality.

[Crule]: Now then, the contract.

[Girl on the cross]: Ah yes, I was lost in the flavor.

In front of Crule a large parchment of paper appeared. It seemed ancient and worn down but the aura that leaked from it was no joke. Any normal person who saw it would deemed it a cursed item.

After reading it carefully, Crule took his dagger, recalled the aura on it and nicked his thumb allowing blood to flow. He pressed his thumb on the parchment and it disappeared in smoke and ashes.

[Crule]: You seem to know what I came here for too.

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[Girl on the cross]: Of course, it took a while but the “other” me informed me of your arrival. It’s not easy being a fourth dimensional splitting into pieces and trapped in the third dimension. Honestly for a second there, you actually manage to scare me.

[Crule]: Now, Famina, give me what we agreed one.

[Famina]: I know, I know, hold your horses. Wow so impatient, you would have think that time travel would allow you to gain a little patience.

[Crule]: As whimsical a demon as ever I see.

[Famina]: Yea, well the same thing as last time. I will give you power and you set me free.

[Crule]: Sure, sure.

The girl began chanting.

[Famina]: “From the seven seals four were open. Representing the black seal I present thee with power from it. May the insatiable hunger forever thrive. Accept the power that is Famine.”

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A black mist appeared from nowhere and spread through the room. Then, like a vacuum, it was all sucked into Crule. He checked his strength again.

[Crule]: Good, I’m fully recovered. I can effectly access 20% of my full power now.

[Famina]: Now that you have the power of a horseman from two universes, your full power is rivaled only by the gods.

[Crule]: Not even the gods will stop me.

[Famina]: Ha, boy, you seem to get bolder as time pass.

[Crule]: I’m going to leave now.

[Famina]: No! Wait, let’s chat a bit. I haven’t had any decent contact for a millennium.

[Crule]: Fine, what do you want to talk about?

[Famina]: Your journey. The “other” me inside of you can’t tell me any details as it may harm the delicate fabric of time. But you can.

[Crule]: I guess I could. What would you like to know?

[Famina]: How are the others?

[Crule]: You mean the other three horsemen sealed elsewhere? They are fine. The pale rider even got free by himself.

[Famine]: Sounds just like him…

[Crule]: The red rider is being sealed in the most secure location known to man.

[Famine]: Ha, no wonder they can keep him sealed too.

[Crule]: The white rider is doing her job as usual, keeping out of the human’s path.

[Famine]: She is always diligent…Anyways, what happened in the previous world?

[Crule]: We lost. Apparently opening four seals out of seven wasn’t enough to stop the apocalypse.

[Famine]: So we failed huh?

She started to look more and more depressed. Crule tried to cheer her up.

[Crule]: Look on the bright side, we got another chance, and this time we are stronger.

[Famine]: I hope you can help the others too.

[Crule]: I hope that damn god of yours release the other three seals before we are doomed forever.

[Famine]: He doesn’t want to interfere further.

[Crule]: Don’t try to justify his actions, I gave up on him a long time ago.

Famina remained silent. The awkward silence was broken by the rumbling of Crule’s stomach.

[Famina]: Pfff, looks like I am not the only being of hunger in this room. Your stomach may have an appetite larger than mine.

[Crule]: Shut up!…

He was clearly trying to cover up his blushing face.

[Famine]: You’re so cute when you were a child. Sucks about you evil looking face though.

[Crule]: I can’t help it.

Originally, the twelve year old Crule didn’t have an evil face. But after the events that happened in the previous world, he could no longer make the same innocent face again.

They continue talking about Crule’s old adventures for an hour.

[Crule]: I really need to go now, maybe find something to eat on the way out.

[Famina]: Ok, have a safe trip. Remember to comeback for me when the seal is broken.

Crule just waved his hand without turning back.

[Crule]: Got it.

Crule would not forget to come back for her. She was like a sister to him. Back in the previous world, when he was afraid after being chased by the bugs to this chamber, she saved him and kept him company while he recovered.

[Crule]: I will unseal you soon.

Full of energy again, Crule ran up the tunnels at blazing speeds.

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