Chapter 142: One Extra?

Crule wanted to ask the Sage why he was here but he quickly stopped himself. He nearly thought the Sage in front of him was the Sage he knew well, but perhaps that was not the case.

Thinking of the theory he had, he shouldn’t appear too familiar with the Sage.

Anyways, the Sage looked different from his usual appearance. Instead of his usual aged 50-60 year old elderly look, he had a more youthful glow. Not youthful enough, but perhaps somewhere in his mid-30s. On his chin, instead of his well-maintained beard, was a hint of a stubble that seem to be an emerging beard. The look in his eyes was also not the aged wise stare but instead one of slight fear and doubt.

It would seem this Sage in front of him didn’t recognize him and the fact that a stranger was brought into his house had startled him.

The Sage quickly looked away and towards Jane.

[Sage]: There you are Jane, why did you get back so late?

[Jane]: I got lost.

[Sage]: You and I both know that you know the sewers well enough to make getting lost impossible.

[Jane]: …

The Sage sighed.

[Sage]: Don’t go bothering the upper folks, they are dangerous.

[Jane]: But…

[Sage]: Also, introduce me to your friend here.

Before Jane could talk, Crule took the initiative to introduce himself.

[Crule]: My names Crule.

[Sage]: What an…interesting name.

The Sage was trying to gauge Crule’s purpose.

[Sage]: May I ask what can I do for you?

The Sage probably assumed Crule seek him out considering none of the kids he took care of garners must attention.

[Crule]: Just a traveler seeking refuse. Your daughter thankfully took me to this city.

The Sage looked at Jane trying to see if she showed any strange emotions. Looking at the anticipating smile on Jane’s face, he could only sigh.

[Sage]: Dear boy, what is your profession?

[Crule]: Profession?

[Sage]: All people on the ark are assigned to a profession at birth. Regardless of class. What is your profession?

The Sage started to sound more serious. Anyone who didn’t know such basic knowledge of the Ark may be an intruder…and those may lead to catastrophic consequences.

[Crule]: I’m…a cook.

That was the best answer Crule can come up with on the spot.

[Sage]: A cook you say…Its not every day you see a cook!

The Sage smiled. But for some reason Crule still felt a tinge of alert in the man’s eyes.

[Sage]: May I ask our friend here to make us a dish?

The Sage asked with a friendly smile.

[Crule]: Sure, let me borrow your kitchen then.

The Sage slowly got out of his chair and sighed.

His face turned serious.

[Sage]: An intruder of the Ark…in my house. I don’t know whether to be annoyed or intrigued.

Crule didn’t know what went wrong. He felt the Sage had energy in him even though there was no energy in the air. Just how did the Sage accumulate it?

Suddenly, the Sage created a bubble around them and attacked. He leaped at Crule with both of his palms stretched out. From them, Crule could sense a faint coating of energy.

It was abysmally tiny but to anyone who was not protected by energy or had any contact with it before, it would be devastating.

Crule quickly pulled back before the palm landed on his and used his two fists to return two punches to meet the Sage’s palms.

A shockwave spread out and blew the dust up off the ground. Several ceramic vases fell and shattered. The kids were cowering in the back already after they realized the Sage said the secret password.

Obviously Crule didn’t use too much power. He didn’t want to hurt the Sage nor the kids in the back. So after he calculated, he used an equal amount of power to fully block and disperse the energy.

The energy quickly dissipated in the air and the bubble around them shattered like a broken piece of glass hitting a marble floor.

The Sage had a look of both shock and despair. Very few knew his true identity…He was one of the eight demigods. He protected the slums…which was why the others allowed the slums to exist. The red, blue, and black clothes ignored them mainly due to the Sage’s presence. Few wanted to deal with a demigod.

For this stranger to possess power that equal to his own was no laughing matter. Perhaps only the other demi-gods or someone high in the Twin-Star royal family could fight on his level. But this boy in front of him was neither.

Only allowed on

He was too young to be a demigod…All of them were aged myths from before the ark’s time. He wasn’t part of the royal family either as they were all born with a star shaped birthmark under their left eye.

Just who is this kid?

[Sage]: It would seems I underestimated our guest…

The Sage tried to speak as calmly as he could in order to fool Crule into thinking he still had more tricks up his sleeves.

But it wouldn’t be able to fool Crule…

Crule sighed.

[Crule]: Tell me old man, what year is it?

[Sage]: Year? Its Ark date 5691…It’s been 5691 years since the Ark has started its voyage.

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Crule wracked his brain trying to think of stories he heard in his youth. His master Famina and the Sage use to enjoy blabbing on for hours about their past.

Suddenly Crule realized…Ark date 5691…the Sage said the Ark entered the twin star galaxy on Ark date 5699. It was 8 years before the Ark stopped its near-light speed travel and arrive at his home galaxy…

There was no way any normal human can live for that long…Unless they were like the Sage and his master…chosen to control a power of reality.

How can there be 8 demigods then? It was understandable for the Twin star royal family as they had a strong bloodline that may contain some magic of sorts. But the 8 demigods all had lived since before the Ark began its journey…8 people who can live for 5691 years without looking a day older than 30…

But there should be only 7? The four horsemen were granted near eternal life…The main reason Crule didn’t was because his master Famina still exists on the plain of the living. Disciples couldn’t receive the blessing until their master has passed on or ascended.

The three realities…of Time, Fate, and Chaos should be near immortal as well. That adds up to only 7…who is the 8th then?

Crule took far too long to think. The Sage didn’t move at all fearing any sudden movements may cause Crule to act. With Crule just standing there staring at him, he felt a hint of fear.

Crule realized he shouldn’t be thinking of so much while the atmosphere was still tense. He sighed and put down his arms.

Silently, he waved his hands and left out the door.

The Sage wanted to chase after him but soon realized something had appear from thin air after Crule waved his hands.

It was a white ceramic dish with a metal lip on top.

The Sage slowly opened the lid and was astonished at what was inside…An entire section of roasted Garudan steak…the smell of caramelized onions, rosemary, and oven roasted potato assaulted his nose. The aroma of the meat nearly sapped the strength from his knees.

When was the last time he had eaten something that wasn’t processed nutrients?

He stopped and swallowed some of the saliva that nearly dripped from his mouth…And as usual…sighed deeply.

He beckoned the kids over as it was safe and they began their meal.

Jane looked awkwardly at Crule who left silently after giving them the meal…

She wanted to follow him…but her stomach was telling her otherwise.

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