Chapter 29: Holding Back a Trick or Two

Everyone at the martial arts field looked at the enormous head, not daring to voice out anything as if they werestruck by lightning.

The bubbling of noises in the martial arts field suddenly quietened down. Even the sound of a pin dropping onto the ground could be heard.

Qin Tian clapped his hands a few times before walking towards the statisticians and asked foolishly, “How many points is this head?”
The member of the statistics group swallowed his saliva and his lips trembled. He paused for half the time needed to brew tea, before saying, “Five…five…Rank Five monster… worth…worth…1000 points.”


The statistician’s voice was like a trigger; instantly, the bomb exploded.

Violent screams were heard in the martial arts field. No one could believe that such a feat was possible!

A rank five monster! Even the masters of the refining realm do not have the confidence to face a rank five monster alone! Really, how strong is Qin Tian?

Shocking, uncomparable shocking!


“Rank Five monster?”

Only to see Qin Zhantian’s body flashed, appearing in front of the Violent Gorilla’s head. His body exuded out an intense and strong Qigong, like a general in the war. With the naked eye, one could see stripes of Qigong emerging out of Qin Zhantian’s body. Qin Tian felt a pressure falling upon his body, and his forehead started to form cold sweat.

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“Screw you, what’s so good about being a spirit refining realm?”

“Wait till I become stronger. Until then, I’ll show you.”

Secretly, Qin Tian swore a few times. When Qin Zhantian felt that his imposing aura was causing some things to happen, he retrenched his Qigong and restrained his aura. He turned around and looked at Qin Tian, “Did you kill it?”

“If I were to say yes, will you believe me?”

Qin Tian smiled faintly. He had already made up his mind.

Qin Zhantian raised both his eyebrows. Staring into Qin Tian, as if looking into his soul, Qin Zhantian finally shook his head in disbelief, “I will not.”


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Qin Tian laughed, and continued, “Indeed a master of the spirit refining realm. No lies get past you.”

“Two days ago at night, a group of powerful cultivators was chasing after the rank five monster. The monster rushed out of Kunlun Mountain range into the borders, but how could I have the strength to kill it? Before I managed to hide, I saw lots of Qin Clan disciples dying under its hand. At that time, I was very angry, angry at myself for not having the strength, if I had then it would not have been so easy to harm my brothers.”

Qin Tian with righteous indignation, when he said that he saw his brothers’ horrible deaths, his two eyes were filled with hatred. He swallowed his saliva and continued, “The group of powerful cultivators chased it for a day and night, killing it in the end. Luckily, I was close by. Seeing them walking far away from it, I decided to run towards it. Since the rules did not say that I cannot take the heads of the monsters other people killed, I decided to bring it back.”

“Patriarch, will this still count?”

Qin Tian talked endlessly as if telling a story, adding emphasis to the important key points. This swayed a number of the audiences.

Qin Zhantian gauged Qin Tian carefully. While considering whether what Qin Tian said just then was the truth, he was secretly amazed. In the short span of several months, Qin Tian was able to make such a fast come back. Qin Kun, Qin Yang and several of the other disciples did not make it out alive…did they die in his hands? Or just as he described, died in the hands of the ranked five monster?

No matter what, the rules of the Autumn Hunting event is dead, and people are alive. Qin Xiangtian could not guarantee that he would not do anything. Even if Qin Kun was killed by a rank five monster, Qin Xiangtian would still consider it as something Qin Tian did.

However, the Qin Clan is now in a very tough period. There are only a few excellent disciples, and Qin Tian is now Qin Clan’s most outstanding disciple. Also, the gathering of the four grand clans will start in half a month so the Qin Clan could not be low in spirit.

While he pondered quickly, at the same time, he secretly continued to scrutinize Qin Tian.

Qin Zhantian patted Qin Tian on the shoulder and claimed, “Definitely, of course, it is counted.”

Qin Tian immediately shuddered. A strong Qi was felt coursing through his body from his shoulder. Secretly, Qin Tian thought, “The f**k, examining me?”

At that moment, Qin Tian retrained his Qigong and did not offer any resistance, allowing Qin Zhantian to search his body.

Qin Zhantian was searching; searching for the demonic core.

Qin Tian’s words, Qin Zhantian found it hard to believe. Seeing the wounds on the Violent Gorilla’s head, he knew that the person who dug out the core was not somebody who was skilled. Those holes on the head… the head was definitely dug multiple times before the person managed to dig out the core.

Therefore he did not believe Qin Tian. His Qigong lingered around his Dantian for a moment. Unable to find anything, he took back his Qigong. His mind eased a little as he loudly announced, “I will now declare the winner of the Autumn Hunting event as Qin Tian!”

A deafening applause could be heard from the crowd.

Qin Tian exposed a smile, but deep down, he thought, “Trying to seek my core? Brother Hei Yan really was right. The temptation to obtain a core is really too great. There really isn’t a single good in the Qin family.”

“Thought that I would swallow the core?”

“Damn, luckily I held back.”


The results of the hunting contest obtained by Qin Tian was the talk of Qinhe city.

In just a few days, Qin Tian had once again become Qinhe city’s rising star.

This made the Xiao Clan have a bad taste in their mouth.

Now that Qin Kun is dead, Xiao Ruqian has become a widow without even being married into the Qin family.

Xiao Lie walked around the hall with big steps, and wrinkles could be seen from his forehead. He was deciding how to have a closer relationship with Qin Tian, and after thinking for awhile, he decided that the only way would be to use his daughter Xiao Ruqian.

Reminiscing the past when Qin Tian displayed his affection for Xiao Ruqian, Xiao Lie exposed a cold smile on his face. Immediately, he called for Xiao Ruqian…


Furong Restaurant.

“Fatty, I’m back!”

Qin Tian went into the restaurant excitedly. Zhang Dafu stumbled out, with a disgusting smile on his face, he said respectfully, “Congratulations young master for being the first in the Autumn Hunting event, young master is really the dragon among men……”

“Enough, enough. Enough of the flattering. Where is fatty?” Single-handedly, Qin Tian waved. The restaurant is about to close for the day, but where is fatty?

“Master Meng is in the private room drinking wine with a man.” Zhang Dafu walked a few steps before whisper into Qin Tian’s ears, “That man, I’m afraid, might be someone who has reached the spirit refining realm!”

Qin Tian smiled and ran up into the room. Meng Lei and Hei Yan had faces red from excitement and grabbed a bottle of wine, both unwilling to give in.

When Meng Lei saw Qin Tian walk in, he shouted, “Young Master is back!”

“You have already become Master Meng. If you don’t return back to reality now, you might really soar above the heavens!” Qin Tian laughed before bowing respectfully, “Brother Hei, I’m sure my brother did not neglect you right?”

Meng Lei stood at a side and made a silly laugh. From the time when Qin Tian joined the Autumn Hunting event, Zhang Dafu started to call him Meng Master. Meng Master sounded weird at first but was now nice to listen to.

Hei Yan laughed and said, “Great! It’s been a long time since I met someone who can really drink.”

“What about another barrel?”

“Who’s afraid? Come!”

With that, Qin Tian gave a toast to Hei Yan.


The stars in the night sky were little. Yun Man stood by the side of the window and looked at the moon hanging up high as if there was something on her mind.

Occasionally, she would let out a ‘Puchi’ sound as she giggled. Her face was filled with bliss after the laugh.

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