Chapter 30: Framed

Drinking and laughing without restraint, it was the happiest night Qin Tian had ever had since he crossed worlds.

The next morning, Qin Tian woke up early and headed towards the Qin Clan.

Now as a Rank Seven cultivator, the experience given in the slaughterhouse was of not much use anymore, and he was too lazy to go again. However, the butchers of the slaughterhouse were all extremely tired without Qin Tian and were all busy to death.

In the early morning, the road was desolated.

Upon reaching the Qin Clan, a servant who was sweeping the floor noticed Qin Tian. Both his eyes glistened under the morning light as he hurriedly went to welcome him. With a broad smile on his face, he said respectfully, “Young Master, you’re back.”

Qin Tian nodded slightly. He looked at the gorgeous courtyard and asked, “Where is the Pavilion of Books?”

The servant immediately put down his broom. Bowing, he swiftly walked towards Qin Tian and said, “Young Master, let this humble servant bring you there.”

Qin Tian coldly smiled. The servants of the Qin Clan did not treat him like this in the past. In his memories, the servants were always bullying him, yet now, they have such respectful face. With a cold laugh, he scolded, “Make haste!”

The servant was angered but there was no sign of anger on his face. Instead, there was a broad smile on his face as he led the way.

Qin Tian followed leisurely and heard the whispering of the other servants.

“Damn, that cockroach beat me to it!”

“Young Master Qin Tian is now Qin clan’s most fancied genius! I heard that he killed a rank five monster…”

“First in the Autumn hunting event! What’s more, his score is almost twice as much as Qin Feng!”

“Since the very beginning, Young Master Qin Tian has always been a genius. Who gives about Qin Feng…”

“I know right? Young Master Qin Tian is a man among men!”


The praise he received became more and more exaggerated. His position in the Qin family experienced an 180 degree change. Those who were against him would now be against the Qin clan.

Yesterday night when Qin Zhantian returned back to the Qin Clan, he immediately held an emergency meeting, requesting all members to aid Qin Tian in his training and growth. The Qin clan will be tasked to provide Qin Tian with all the resources needed to help Qin Tian breakthrough to the Spirit Refining realm.

In his request, he also strongly emphasised on ensuring the safety of Qin Tian.

Of course, those words were meant only for Qin Xiangtian.

With his change in position within the Qin Clan, those people whom he met along the way towards the Pavilion of Books, regardless whether he was acquainted with or not, would greet him just to forge a bond with him. Each and every one of them wore a smile of goodwill on their faces.

Qin Tian was well aware of their intention. Such despicable people… However, on his face displayed a pleasant smile as he greeted them one by one.

In the Qin Clan’s Pavilion of Books, there are less than a thousand books, and less than a hundred on auxiliary abilities.

Most of the abilities are either low rank or mid rank, with only ten which are high rank. This shows how scarce the amount of abilities there are in Tianyuan continent.

Qin Tian arrived at a 3 storey high pagoda-like building. The servant who was leading the way immediately retreated to one side and announced, “Young Master, we’ve arrived at the Pavilion of Books.”

Nodding, Qin Tian gestured the servant to take his leave. As if leading the way for Qin Tian was a glorious task, the servant looked pleased as he took his leave.

“Qin Tian, you’re here.”

The keeper of the books, Qin Xiao, came up to greet Qin Tian. At the same time, Qin Tian also hastily walked up to the keeper. Bowing, he said politely, “Elder, good to see you.”

“Ai, Qin Tian nephew is too courteous, no need to bow ah.” Qin Xiao laughed. He stroked his goat-like beard with both his eyes moving about like a mouse. Seeing Qin Tian being respectful, it naturally displayed his supremacy above Qin Tian which made him happy.

Secretly, Qin Tian sneered. The previous Qin Tian did all he could to please Qin Xiao just to obtain an ability book and gave his one whole year salary all to him. In the end, not only did the Qin Tian gain nothing from doing so, he was beaten up and was accused of theft. As a result, under the mercy of the patriarch, he was let off with only a cut from his salary.

“Uncle Qin Xiao, I’ve come to retrieve my reward.”

Regardless, Qin Tian still held onto the respectful attitude, and the tone of his voice was very humble. On the surface, Qin Tian might look harmless and innocent, but deep inside, he was secretly brewing a sinister plot.

The more respectful Qin Tian is towards Qin Xiao, the higher Qin Xiao thought about himself. Arrogantly, he replied, “Reward? What reward?”

“For taking first place in the Autumn Hunting event…”

“Oh, I must be getting old. The Patriarch personally told me about it. Haha…Qin Tian nephew, can’t blame me for getting too old. Haha…” Qin Xiao laughed unnaturally.

“If Uncle Qin Xiao would, could you please lead the way?” Qin Tian bowed respectfully and made a gesture to show ‘after you’.

Qin Xiao strode forward, and like a servant, Qin Tian followed closely behind. From time to time, he’ll receive a lecture on how to handle the abilities……

Qin Tian nodded in agreement, but he felt stupid being respectful towards him.

Yet, Qin Xiao was feeling very comfortable and carefree. Among all the positions, being the keeper of the scriptures is a low ranking one, which was similar to a steward as one has about no authority.

All the disciples in the Qin Clan with a little ability would not even bet him an eye. Because of this, he treated those disciples given up by the Clan badly, frequently beating them up, and Qin Tian was once one of the victims.

Entering the Pavilion of Books, Qin Tian walked directly towards the third floor. Qin Xiao was slightly surprised and thought, “This kid has quite a big ambition ah.”

The pavilion is split into three layers, the first being the biggest with more than five hundred which only consist of low rank abilities. There were even some which did not even reach low rank.

The second layer has four hundred, which includes some combat abilities which are more useful. However, they are only for disciples that reached Spirit Formation and above to read. Otherwise, one would need the patriarch’s permission, or have outstanding contributions.

The third layer has less than a hundred. Other than some high rank combat abilities, there are also auxiliary abilities.

Auxiliary abilities are like what Dan makers cultivate in. However, this type of abilities is just too rare to find. Most of the auxiliary books the Qin Clan have are all handwritten copies and are rough ones.

Qin Tian arbitrarily flipped through a few books. He was dissatisfied. Possessing the godly ability of the Heavenly Dragon Form, these books were nothing compared to that.

During the time when Qin Tian was choosing the books, Qin Xiao has always been beside him. While Qin Tian was choosing the books, Qin Xiao’s eyeballs kept swirling as he tried to guess the type of books Qin Tian might pick.

“Uncle Qin Xiao, what about this high rank ability ‘Godly Savage Fist’ ?” Qin Tian grabbed a book which was slightly old and torn.

Qin Xiao stared at the book ‘godly savage fist without moving. He exposed a face of greed as if he wanted to devour it up. Swallowing his saliva, he said, “High rank ability, able to crush stones easily after cultivating, extremely overbearing. This was the fist ability the patriarch trained in……”

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Seeing Qin Xiao’s greedy expression, Qin Tian sneered secretly. Gently, he asked, “Do you want it?”

“Of course…” Without even thinking, Qin Xiao immediately responded. Startled by his own response, Qin Xiao quickly tried to correct it, “What’s the use of craving? Such good ability will never fall into my hands.”

Being the keeper of the books, his authority nevertheless was limited. Other than guiding people into the pavilion, he is not allowed to flip through any of the ability books; for him, the high-rank ability books are even more a no go.

As for that, Qin Tian knew it all too well.

“I have the power to choose three books, so if I give you one, who dares to say anything?” Qin Tian said righteously with determination. Seeing Qin Tian’s silly and naive face, Qin Xiao’s heart burst with joy.

If he did not say it out, then who would know that Qin Tian had given a book to him?

“Is what you said true?” Qin Xiao could not believe it. Looking at Qin Tian, he asked seriously.

“A nephew being dutiful to his uncle is a given. Uncle, shouldn’t that be the case?” Qin Tian directly placed the ‘Godly Savage Fist’ into Qin Xiao’s arms.

Qin Xiao was overjoyed at the unexpected news. He looked at the surroundings, seeing that there wasn’t anyone, he immediately hugged it and exposed a devious smile.

After doing so, Qin Tian pretended as if nothing had happened and went to the opposite side of where Qin Xiao was. Qin Xiao, however, stood on the spot dumbfoundedly. His heart jumped non-stop with all the excitement. Deep within, he felt a great sense of gratitude towards Qin Tian.

After that, Qin Tian chose the books he wanted and walked towards the register area personally. After registering the books, he immediately left the Pavilion of Books.

After Qin Tian left, Qin Xiao was still feeling elated. Conveniently, he went to read the books Qin Tian recorded. A bomb seemed to have exploded in his mind. On the registration book, were the names of three books.

“He was only allowed to choose three ability books right? After giving me one book, he can only take two away…”

“He took three books with him…so…this one book…”

“Oh screwed…”

Just as he was about to put the book back, the patrol squad came rushing inside. Qin Tian stood not far away, with a cold smile on his face.

“How bold of you Qin Xiao, to be brave enough to steal a high-rank ability book from the Pavilion of Books. Men, take down this man and search him!”


Qin Xiao was only a rank eight martial warrior, and every member of the patrol squad was stronger. Seeing the patrol squad rushing towards him, both his legs immediately soften as he said, “I didn’t steal, didn’t steal, it was Qin Tian, Qin Tian……”

The patrol squad immediately seized the ‘Godly Savage Fist’ from his arms. Without uttering a word, the squad leader Qin Yan heavily jabbed him with his knee. Loudly, he shouted, “For stealing a high-rank ability book, men, capture this man and lock him behind the cliff to await the Patriarch’s judgment.”


Qin Xiao was so scared that he fainted.

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Qin Tian currently felt extremely high, singing songs which no one knows about, he turned and left……

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