Chapter 31: Alchemy

When playing online games, in addition to being strong, one must also be treacherous.

Benevolent to those who stand by you; sinister to those who don’t. For Qin Tian who has wandered within the online community for many years, framing someone is a piece of cake.

After being tricked by Qin Tian, Qin Xiao would probably be unable to see the light again in this lifetime. This is how one should deal with a villain……

Everyone disliked the past him; a trash. But now, everything is different. Everywhere he went, people like him; some of the elders with great authority would even nod and praise him.

Qin Tian was not dumb and knew the reason for the goodwill shown to him.

When he returned to Furong restaurant’s backyard, it was already noon.

Hei Yan and Meng Lei were not in the restaurant. Only after asking Zhang Dafu about their whereabouts did he know that they were training by the Qinghe river.

Qin Tian’s mind was in joy as he thought, “Fatty, your opportunity has come.”

A spirit refining realm cultivator is undoubtedly an extremely strong existence. If Meng Lei was able to get Hei Yan’s guidance, he was guaranteed to breakthrough. Qin Tian had always thought that Meng Lei was naturally born with extraordinary power, and will sooner or later soar into the sky.

He only lacked the opportunity. Now that it had come, he will definitely have a transformation.

Qin Tian sat in the courtyard. Zhang Dafu served some snacks before leaving; he dared not disturb Qin Tian.

Qin Tian took out three books. One was for Meng Lei, one was for Yun Man, and an auxiliary book to practice alchemy.

The Pavilion of books had many incomplete abilities and many more which he did not take fancy to. Thus, he decided to just help Yun Man and Meng Lei choose one each. He also made sure that the books he chose are suitable and useful to them.

Meng Lei’s book was ‘King Luohan’s fist’, a high-rank ability, with the power to go against the kings. To a fatty, this was the most suitable ability.

Yun Man’s book was ‘Phoenix Upheaval the Nine Heavens’, a high-rank ability. Immediately after chancing upon the title of the book, Yun Man’s ribbon attack techniques surfaced in his head. Already like an angel among the commoners, if she were to cultivate this ability, Qin Tian was sure many will die for her.

Qin Tian grabbed the auxiliary book and flipped it to the first page. Immediately, the system prompted him in his head: “Congratulations player “Qin Tian” for gaining an auxiliary book for practicing alchemy, would you want to learn?”

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Secretly pleased, Qin Tian immediately accept.

Among his list of skills, a new skill popped up. Auxiliary skill: Alchemy.

Level: 0 ( Lvl 0, creation of crude Dans. Lvl 1, creation of low-grade Dans, Lvl 2, creation of mid-grade Dans…)
Proficiency: 0/1000
Extra Note: Alchemists who’ve attained Absolute Proficiency can create a unique Divine Dan.

‘Unique Divine Dan’. These 3 words caught Qin Tian’s eye. The low-grade Dans are already a short supply in Tianyuan continent; as for the ‘Unique Divine Dan’, the understanding of it in the alchemist world would probably be at its minimum. Never did he thought that an alchemist could create such a Dan! His heart started to boil with excitement! If it were possible, he would love to immediately increase his alchemy proficiency level to the Absolute Proficiency!

From the many days of research, Qin Tian already had a deep understanding of Dans. To him, Dans were like red and blue potions, for increasing Qigong and hp after consumption.

Therefore, he desperately needed Dans, or he would not have chosen an auxiliary book about alchemy in the Pavilion of Books which no one had touched for tens of years to cultivate.

After a surplus of excitement, Qin Tian finally calmed down.

To increase the proficiency of creating Dans, Spirit Grass is the basic material. However, there was a short supply of spirit grass this year, leading to the decrease in Dans. Alchemists without high-grade spirit grass are unable to create quality Dans.

The Qin Clan was able to cultivate an alchemist, which was mostly because of the Kunlun Mountain range. One would need to pay a fee to go inside, and likewise when going out.

Under normal circumstances, one would only need to pay using spirit grass.

Therefore, Qin Pei was able to use her numerous failures as a stepping stone for success. The cost to cultivate an alchemist was too great, thus leading to many Clans giving up on cultivating one.

Alchemist does not come by through geniuses but through the use of many spirit grass. Recalling the number of silvers he collected, he was, however, unsure of the number of spirit grass he could buy with them. Without giving a second thought, he called for Zhang Dafu.

(TLN: Around 4200 silvers)

Zhang Dafu immediately rushed into the backyard. Standing respectfully, he bowed and asked, “Young Master, do you have any orders?”

“Does Qinhe city have any places that sell spirit grass?” Qin Tian asked.

Zhang Dafu responded at once, “There is one at the south, but the price there is a bit more expensive. If you need high-grade spirit grass, you may want to go to the city’s black market at the west. There are a wide array of things there as many risk takers that went into Kunlun Mountain range sells their goods there.”

“Black market?” Qin Tian said softly.

“Young master, would you like me to bring you there personally?”

“No need, it’s going to be afternoon soon. If you go, then who would manage the restaurant?”

After putting away the three books and obtaining the directions to the black market, Qin Tian immediately left for the black market.

When the passersby, pedlars, and many others saw Qin Tian, they started to point and gossip about him. However, there were nothing bad said about him, only about a dead salty fish turning back to life again.

[TLN: dead salty fish turning back to life again- a miracle.]

Qin Tian couldn’t care less. His mind was only filled with thoughts of test out in the creation of Dans.

“Let’s see what kind of Dans a level 0 alchemist can create.”

“There wasn’t anything else to do other than to remain idle anyway. Going out would be for the better.”

West of Qinghe city, the most complex of all places in the city; influenced by external forces.

Here gathered many teams from many places that went into the mountain range in high spirits. Those that were lucky soared, while others never make it out.

Of course, it is also possible to make a small fortune without going deep into the Kunlun Mountains.

Many small risk-taking teams dug spirit grass in the outer area of the Kunlun Mountains. Many also opt for hunting monsters to harvest their fur and bones before bringing them back to Qinghe City to sell in the black market.

Monsters below rank five had not condensed a core, but it’s fur and bones are still worth some money. Armors and weapons all needed it, thus some teams rely on this to survive.

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The black market at the west was certainly the best trading area, therefore it became the gathering place.

Outside the black market, Qin Tian could hear the traders’ hawking; just like in the grocery store where the hags haggled! For an onion, they could bargain till their necks turned sore and their faces turned red.

“Teeth of the rank four monster, Smallpox Spider! Bosses, please come, 500 silver to buy them……”

“Bones of the rank four monster, Ferocious Tiger King, for only 220 silvers……”

Grade three spirit grass, iron orchard grass, 1200 silvers for one……”


The sounds of hawking; they felt kind of similar, just like the ingame markets.

Qin Tian smiled and walked inside.

“Brother, do you need a weapon made from monster’s bones?”

“Boss, I have some good quality fur clothes, even swords can’t slash it, would you like to see?”


Upon taking a step into the market, already, many people tried to sell him things. Qin Tian smiled and gently refused. A group of people surrounding a stall caught his eyes. A middle aged burly man with a voice like thunder, shouted, “Missy, I’m telling you, sell this to me!”

“Your…your price is too low.”

Qin Tian’s heart shuddered when he heard the frail voice. He immediately walked towards her.

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