Chapter 32: I Don’t Care Who You Are

“The price is too low?”

The middle-aged man gave a cold laugh, followed by a change in his face. The veins on his neck became more exposed. His tone became lower, “Do you know who we are? To dare say that our price is too low? If not for our young master fancying you, this man here would have chopped your stall into pieces!”

The crowd looked at the middle aged man, then at Yun Man, and exposed a face of one that’s watching a nice show. This was common in the black market……

“Ai, Ma San, one must speak to maidens politely with gentleness.”

Among the crowd, a handsome man walked out. He was wearing gorgeous silk clothes and the way he moved displayed his elegance. However, the smile on his face made people uncomfortable. On his face hanged an evil and lustful smile.

Yun Man looked at him feebly, unsure of what to say.

Now that her stall had become extremely crowded, she could not close her stall and leave. Therefore, she started to feel a little anxious.

Without others knowing, she collected some spirit grass during the Autumn Hunting event. At first, she wanted to sell them to a shop, but the price offered was too low, thus she had no choice but to go to the black market to sell.

To her surprise, not long after setting up her stall, Qinghe City’s famous dandy, Zhao Jiannan, surrounded her with his men.

Among the four big families in Qinghe city, the Zhao family leads first.

That family has three spirit refining masters and the head of that family, Zhao Wudi, is already at rank seven spirit refining with monstrous strength. In Qinghe city, few can rival him.

Of course, Yun Man knew about Zhao Jiannan and many of his evil deeds. Relying on his strong family background, he committed many evil deeds in the city; to put simply, a rogue.

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“So little girl, are you selling?”

The middle-aged man, Ma San, teased her, and his face was all smiles.

Just as Yun Man was about to say that she was not selling, Qin Tian shouted as he walked towards them, “I’ll pay double the price.”

The crowd turned to look at Qin Tian. In disbelief, they secretly thought, “Who dares go against Zhao Jiannan? This man must have lost his marbles! ”

Qin Tian’s words were like a slap to Zhao Jiannan’s face.

In the black market, whoever have not heard of Zhao family’s direct descendant, Zhao Jiannan? The current Zhao family head’s one and only son; who dares to go against such a man?”

Qin Tian’s words stunned Zhao Jiannan and caused him to become enraged. His face turned green, and then white. When Ma San saw that the color on Zhao Jiannan face wasn’t good, he immediately took a step forward and shouted, “Where did this bastard come from, to dare to bid against young master, are you tired of living?”

Completely ignoring Ma San, Qin Tian settled himself beside Yun Man and said, “Whatever price he comes out with, I’ll double that.”

Treating as if he wasn’t there, it was a complete insult to him. Furious, Ma San aimed his punch directly at Qin Tian’s head. Merciless and strong; had the fist connected with Qin Tian’s head, the impact would’ve sent his soul flying!

A servant will always defend his master’s pride. Ma San striking first wasn’t unexpected.

When the atmosphere around Ma San changed, Qin Tian prepared himself. The corner of Qin Tian’s eyes had always been watching him. Just as Ma San punched forward, Qin Tian gave a cold laugh. Moving at a speed faster than him, Qin Tian struck……


Ma San was sent flying away and he fainted, blood flowed out of the edge of his mouth.

Qin Tian clapped and laughed, “Overconfident! Dared to mount a sneak attack, such a trash.”

Without looking at Zhao Jiannan, he went to converse with Yun Man.

Yun Man looked at him timidly. Deep down, she was touched by his actions. With that, she exposed a cute and lovely smile.

Both started to converse with one another, completely ignoring the existence known as Zhao Jiannan. The tens of people around were also treated as thin air by them.

Qin Tian raised an eyebrow. He suddenly felt a killing intent aimed straight at him! Yun Man’s expression had also changed. Her fear started to increase and her body gradually started to shiver slightly.

“You punched my people?”

“Do you know whom I am?”

“Today, this man here will let you know the consequences of offending me, Zhao Jiannan……”

With a furious face, Zhao Jiannan glared directly at Qin Tian as he declared his words loud and slow, one after the other. He released his killing intent which enveloped around his body. A faint amount of Qigong could be seen twirling around his hands.

From young, no one had ever dared to touch any of his men. He had run amuck in Qinhe city for very long, so who did not know that he was Zhao Wudi’s son and that the Zhao clan was the most powerful in Qinhe city? Even other Clan’s elders would greet him when they see him, so when was a no-name person allowed to do his business above his head?

He looked at Qin Tian as if looking at a dead man.

To him, Qin Tian must die.

Although Zhao Jiannan is a dandy, he had cultivated from a young age and had taken in countless of precious Dans. A rank eight warrior with his Qigong at seven dan at the age of sixteen, thus, in reality, he was not weak at all.

Qin Tian sneered, “Do I care about who you are?”

Again, Zhao Jiannan exploded, “I especially hate those who are more handsome than I am!”

“He is a member of the Zhao family.” Yun Man softly whispered behind Qin Tian.

Before Qin Tian could say anything, Zhao Jiannan sneered and said, “Now that you know I’m from the Zhao Clan? Scared?”

“F*** those who dares touch my people!”


The crowd immediately headed for safety. Concentrating his Qigong around both his hands, his aura became stronger. With a shift of his shoulders, he went in for the kill.

“Phantom Palm.”

Both his arms kept moving, creating countless of illusions, making people unsure about which palm is real and which is fake.

Phantom Palm, as the name implies, creates many illusions of the palm. It would make people confused, unable to see clearly, yet also unable to dodge it as one would not know where the palm was coming from. The change brought by it enveloped his whole body……

“F*** you, a shadowless strike, is it not?”

Qin Tian felt dazed after trying to keep up with hands. They were just like those multiple palm strikes in martial arts movies.

However, the broken Dantian in his body suddenly erupted. The Heavenly Dragon Scripture was used. Against the God rank ability, the high-rank ability was like waste or maybe even lesser than waste.

Qin Tian smiled wickedly and he stood on the spot motionlessly. The crowd thought he was scared stiff.

The wind became more and more powerful. Dust swirled around within the black market. Yun Man grasped Qin Tian’s waist tightly and shut her eyes, afraid to witness the scene. At that moment, her heart started to blame herself again for being afraid. Why is she always afraid of these scenes? How could she not even protect herself?

“Do not be afraid.”

Qin Tian said gently. Against the numerous palms coming towards him, he suddenly raised his hands, and a ‘gezhi’ sound could be heard……

The countless number of phantom palms disappeared, and the surroundings became quiet again.

Zhao Jiannan exposed a face full of pain and looked at Qin Tian with disbelief.

To use only one skill to defeat his ‘Phantom Palm’, is he a spirit refining master?

The crowd looked at Qin Tian inconceivably. He had only raised his fist, punched straight towards Zhao Jiannan’s palm, and the illusions had all disappeared. Zhao Jiannan, with a face of pain, retreated to the side and looked at Qin Tian with immerse hatred.

‘Phantom Palm’ may be a high-rank ability which creates multiple fist illusions, however, Zhao Jiannan is just a rank eight warrior with a seven dan Qigong. A person with such level will never be able to display the ability’s true power. Qin Tian’s ‘Heavenly Dragon Form’ however, is three times stronger. As such, Qin Tian’s ‘Heavenly Dragon Form’ claimed victory.

If his opponent were at the spirit formation realm or higher and unleashed the ‘Phantom Fist’, Qin Tian would not be able to defeat him that easily.

“I’ll remember you!”

Zhao Jiannan was very smart. In one exchange, he knew that he wasn’t Qin Tian’s opponent. Though he wasn’t, it does not mean that he’s afraid of him.

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Instead, not only was he not scared of Qin Tian, the flames of anger in his heart grew bigger and he had decided that Qin Tian had to die again.

Those who dared to offend him would wish that they were not born.

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