Chapter 33: Buying Spirit Grass

Arrogant, bossy – a dandy young master.

No one in Qinhe city dared to do anything to Zhao Jiannan as he had an extremely strong backing. As Zhao Wudi’s only son, he had the power to be arrogant.

Though the black market was a place where fishes and dragons mixed in together, creating a chaotic atmosphere, none dared to touch Zhao Jiannan. This made him unrestrained. He could move horizontally like the crabs on the shore, and no one would do anything to him.

[fishes and dragons mixed in together: crooks mixed in with the honest folks]

Yet when he met Qin Tian, Qin Tian did not give him face.

Qin Tian had heard some rumors about the Zhao Clan’s power, but he wasn’t afraid. He was now someone the Qin Clan placed great importance on, thus he was sure that the Qin Clan would help him deal with this.

Another reason was that the Qin Clan was too safe. So Qin Tian would not feel good if he doesn’t look for some troubles for the clan.

Qin Tian did not have any sense of belonging to the Qin Clan. Other than his aunt, there wasn’t anyone in the clan which he cared for.

After Zhao Jiannan left, the crowd broke into a fit of laughter. On their faces were smiles, and were as elated as when they were celebrating the new year.

The crowds’ gaze on Qin Tian had changed. A few good-hearted people went up to Qin Tian to remind him to leave quickly as Zhao Jiannan would find people to help deal with him.

Qin Tian laughed and thanked the people for their concern. However, he did not want to leave yet, he had come here to buy spirit grass so how could he leave without even buying a stalk?

“Thank…thank you.” Yun Man walked out from Qin Tian’s back with her face flushed red. Not daring to look at him, she lowered her head.

“Silly girl, thank for what ah.” Qin Tian said generously. Looking at the spirit grasses at her stall, he questioned, “Are these yours?”


Yun Man nodded her head and bent down to close down her stall. In her heart, she knew that Zhao Jiannan would go and get some help, but she did not want Qin Tian to help her again.

Besides. Though Qin Tian is strong, he would not be able to deal with a spirit refining cultivator. Zhao Clan had some spirit refining experts and no one could guarantee that none would appear.

Therefore, Yun Man wanted to keep everything and leave the black market as fast as possible.

Qin Tian also bent down. He picked up a spirit grass, and the system sounded in his mind.

Silver lotus

Grade: 2

Note: Creating Husheng Dans requires spirit grass.

Qin Tian picked up another spirit grass, and the system showed him it’s properties. Whatever Dans the spirit grass could be used to create, the system would show it to him like a manual. Qin Tian was extremely gleeful, with the system by his side, won’t creating Dans be simple and easy?

“These spirit grass, how much do you sell them for?”

“Uh?” Yun Man thought that she had heard something wrong and looked at Qin Tian in doubt. These spirit grass could only be used to make low-grade Dans so it was not very valuable. The only reason why she collected them was to help her family’s finances

Yun Man’s family background was not great. When she was young, her father died and her mother had to go through bitter hardships to bring her up. Every day, her mother would help others wash their clothes to earn a meager income. After the accumulation of tiredness over a long period of time, she fell ill. Recently, her illness became even worse that she could not get off the bed.

In desperation, Yun Man had to rely on picking up spirit grass and selling them.

However, the shops in Qinhe city would only offer a low price for them, thus she had no choice but to go to the black market.

“I would like to buy some spirit grass, mind selling them all to me?” Qin Tian asked again.

Yun Man looked at Qin Tian, and her heart was in a knot as she thought he knew about her difficulties. Why would a typical cultivator want such low-grade spirit grass?

Secretly in her heart, she concluded that Qin Tian wanted to help her and was moved.

Her eye turned wet as if tears could flow out anytime soon. Qin Tian saw it and asked, “What? I really needed some spirit grass.”

The more Qin Tian said, the more she felt that Qin Tian actually wanted to help her.

She was in a desperate need of money as she had a bedridden mother waiting to be treated. After a moment of hesitation, she said, “It’ll be fifty-two silvers.”

“So cheap?”

Qin Tian was shocked. On her stall was at least a hundred stalks of spirit grass so it could not have been this cheap. Seeing Yun Man looking down and not saying anything, he could somehow guess what was happening and smiled, “I’ll give you 2000 silvers, but whatever spirit grass you picked in the future would be mine, how about that?”

“2000 silvers?”

Yun Man looked at Qin Tian in surprise and did not dare to believe it. “It’s too much, too much……”

“Silly girl.”

Qin Tian could not help but touch her nose. After that, not caring about anything, he took out a 2000 silver note and forced it into her hands.

After coming into this world, Qin Tian did not really know much about money. As for how much 2000 silvers were actually worthed, he had no idea.

However, to Yun Man, 2000 silvers were the largest sum of money she had ever seen. It was so much that she did not know what to do with it.

Qin Tian put all the spirit grass into his ring and was celebrating secretly in his heart. Luckily, Cang Tianji left him a ring that was still usable or he would not know where he could put his things.

After Qin Tian collected his spirit grass, Yun Man was still frozen in place.

The passer-bys around were all envious. 2000 silvers was not a small sum, it was enough to feed a normal family for ten years.

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“Alright girl, let’s go.”

Qin Tian laughed. Yun Man also came back into reality and followed behind him. With her head lowered, she walked while still thinking about things.


Zhao Clan’s martial arts field.

Zhao Jiannan walked into it truculently. Looking at Zhao Yi engrossing himself in his bitter training, his face let out a smile as he walked towards him.

“Zhao Yi, didn’t you want to practice ‘phantom palm’?”

Zhao Yi looked at Zhao Jiannan. He wiped off his sweat and asked, “Say it, what trouble had you met that needs help?”

Everytime Zhao Jiannan find him, he knew that he would receive a big business, but never did he expect that the reward would be the ability ‘phantom palm’. He was startled and became excited.

Zhao Jiannan raised the edge of his mouth. “Help me kill a man. I want to see him die horribly, extremely horribly……”

“Not a problem, but as for the ‘phantom palm’……” Zhao Yi’s face exposed greediness. His mind was full of excitement, the ability ‘phantom palm’ had always been what he dreamt of getting and now he would finally get it.

Zhao Jiannan took out a book from his spatial wooden plate and threw it to him. Both started laughing out loud……

Zhao Yi, rank three spirit formation cultivator. He was strong, ruthless, and would do anything to achieve his goal.

In Zhao Jiannan’s eyes, he was only a lowly servant, one which would do anything for money.

Zhao Jiannan wasn’t willing to spread the fact that he was beaten so he decided to find a helper to get revenge. However, it would not be as simple as a few slaps, but dying horribly.

The Zhao Clan had much manpower, finding a few people to sell their lives to him was easy. A high-rank ability was not something he put in his eyes.

As for Zhao Yi’s strength, he was assured of it.

From what he knew, Qin Tian was only a warrior realm cultivator. No matter how strong he was, how could he be the opponent of a rank three spirit formation, Zhao Yi?

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Zhao Jiannan’s mind was raging with anger and he was unwilling to wait any longer.

After forming the agreement, the two of them left the martial arts field immediately……

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