Chapter 34: Dan of Prestige

When Qin Tian returned to Furong Restaurant, it was already afternoon.

On seeing Yun Man’s old and damaged house, and her bedridden mother as he sent her home, Qin Tian felt a little sad for them and tried to think of a way to help them. They were not even willing to accept any money from him. After thinking for awhile, the only thing he could think of was to give her mother a job. And to him, this type of small thing was extremely simple.

Back in Furong Restaurant, Qin Tian had Zhang Dafu make the arrangements which were immediately done. The wages were not bad and the work was not so demanding. She only had to wash the dishes every noon.

After resolving the matter of Yun Man’s mother, Qin Tian returned to the backyard. He could not wait to test out his alchemy skills, and see what Dans he could create.

Qin Tian sat cross-legged on a stone bench. With both his eyes closed, he opened the abilities screen of the system in his mind and used the ability ‘alchemy’. The scene in his mind changed, from a golden space into an alchemy workshop. In the workshop, purple fumes were lingering in the air as they circulated around the cauldron which was in the middle of the room. The purple fumes carried along the fragrance of Dans.

Qin Tian did not pay much attention to any of those. With a thought, he brought out three stalks of spirit grass, silver lotus, blueflamed flower and Huofeng grass, and threw them all into the cauldron. After that, he received a prompt from the system: Start creation?”


“Doing alchemy deducts 100 Qigong.”

“Screw you, even alchemy uses Qigong……”

Qin Tian complained in his heart. He fixed both his eyes at the cauldron, only to see the flames becoming fiercer……

One minute had passed, and the cauldron remained the same……

Two minutes had passed, and it still remained the same……

Three minutes had passed, and Qin Tian’s eyes started to hurt……


Ten minutes passed and the fire in the cauldron became smaller. The system made a ‘ding’ sound, “Alchemy failed, continue?”

“F**k, I wasted ten minutes, only to receive a failure?”

Qin Tian was not happy about it. He looked at his proficiency in alchemy, only to have his heart shudder. The proficiency was still ‘0’ and it seemed like he would need to succeed for it to increase.

At this time, Qin Tian was also too lazy to think about it.

Once again, he put in a few stalks of spirit grass, and hope was kindled in him……

Ten minutes had passed, and again, the system sounded again, “Alchemy failed, continue?”

“Fine, you win, but I still want to continue……”

A few more spirit grass were used. After ten minutes, he heard the same sentence again, “Alchemy failed, continue?”

“I’ll f**king kill you……”


He had used hundreds of spirit grass, and his supply was about to be fully depleted.

Looking at the last eight spirit grass in his spatial ring, he decided to not to care about anything and immediately put them all in. The tens of failures were a great blow to him. One, not even one was successful, as if not giving him any hope at all.

Also, he had wasted thousands of Qigong. The Qigong wasted were like having a part of his heart cut.

Ten minutes later……

Qin Tian, with an expressionless face as if he had guessed the results, said with the system, “Alchemy failed, continue?”

“Alchemy successful. Congratulations for receiving a grade one poor quality Dan.”

“Really? I did not hear it wrong right? It was successful?”

Qin Tian became excited. Both his eyes brightened up, and he started to laugh out loud. Immediately after, he opened his spatial ring, followed with his expression changing. His excitement was lost, and he muttered, “System, I hate you, alchemy, I hate you……”

Poor quality Dan:

Qigong value: 1

Life value: 1

Note: Crude, low-quality Dan, be careful when using it. This Dan has a high chance of causing some discomfort……

Only allowed on

Looking at the fist like Dan which was as black like a cow’s dung, Qin Tian wondered how he actually created such a thing. Even though the increase of Qigong and life value was very low, it wasn’t important, but come on, why would the user have a high chance of getting some discomfort after consumption?

“Does my looks have some problem? Or why did the Dan I created look like this?”

The resentment in his heart was as deep as the sea, he came out of the space and returned to reality. He took out the ’low-quality Dan’ and shouted, “Zhang Dafu……”

“Let’s see what discomfort it could cause……”

“Researching on something will always have numerous failures before a success.”

“What are failures anyway.”

“Let’s first see what it could do.”

Qin Tian wanted to find someone to test his Dan with, and naturally, he thought of Zhang Dafu.

Zhang Dafu ran into the backyard like he was on fire with panic on his face. Seeing the smile on Qin Tian’s face, he immediately spoke without waiting for Qin Tian to speak, “Young Master, bad news. Zhao Clan’s Zhao Jiannan is here.”

“Zhao Jiannan?” Qin Tian frowned and started to think about who he was. Zhang Dafu replied, “He would be Zhao Wudi’s son, the bully which does many evil deeds.”

Qin Tian suddenly remembered what happened in the black market and laughed, “Oh, I understand.”

Qin Tian wanted to stand up, only to be stopped by Zhang Dafu who anxiously said, “Young Master, Zhao Jiannan brought someone here. He is Zhao Clan’s most outstanding genius, even Xiao Rufeng would want to avoid him. Young Master should just go and hide.”

“Someone who even Xiao Rufeng is afraid of?”

Qin Tian smiled coldly and said, “I would like to see what kind of person he is.”

“Young master, young master……”

Zhang Dafu blocked Qin Tian with worry on his face. Qin Tian gently patted his head and spoke, “Relax, I’m not the Qin Tian in the past.”

Just as he walked into the restaurant, Zhang Dafu shouted, “What did you mean by not the Qin Tian in the past?”

“A rare guest. Indeed a rare guest. Welcome, Young Master Zhao, this little place is honored by your visit.”

Qin Tian welcomed them with a smile. Seeing that all the tables in the restaurant were empty other than the one Zhao Jiannan was sitting on, he immediately walked towards them.

“Yo, pretending not to recognize me? Trying to make connections with me? Weren’t you acting rather unreasonably in the black market?” With a foot on a bench, he pointed a chopstick at Qin Tian who was walking smilingly towards him, and said lividly.

Zhao Yi gently picked up a slice of beef with a chopstick, put it in his mouth and chew it. Looking coldly at Qin Tian, he grabbed a cup of wine and drank it. While drinking, he silently circulated his Qigong, and killing intent was exuded out……

As the killing intent dispersed out, the surroundings suddenly became oppressed. Qin Tian was shocked and thought, “A very powerful Qigong.”

Rank three spirit formation realm cultivator and his Qigong was also at spirit formation third dan, a very powerful existence.

The only person who is comparable to Xiao Rufeng was Zhao Yi, but they were both people Qin Tian had once defeated. When Zhao Yi saw Qin Tian, he could faintly feel his anger rising up.

Zhao Jiannan laughed silently, Qin Tian was bound to be dealt with quickly.

“What is Young Master Zhao talking about, I had previously not known about your identity.”

“It is said that an exchange of blows may lead to friendship, to show my apology, I’ve decided to compensate you……”

Zhao Jiannan listened with great interest and signaled Zhao Yi to not attack first. He wanted to see how Qin Tian would compensate him.

Humbly, he walked up to Zhao Jiannan. Gazing around anxiously, he exposed the ‘Low-quality Dan’ in his palm. With great delight, he spoke, “Young Master Zhao, this is a ‘Dan of Prestige’. Once ingested, even the most strong-willed woman will fall for you. If taken a day in advance, the effect is very effective.”

The ‘Low-quality Dan’ was just created recently, thus it released an irresistible fragrance. Zhao Jiannan’s mind in that instance surfaced various lewd scenes. Recently, his ability to lure women to bed has regressed and was currently finding a supplement for it. Eyeing the Dan, he smiled.

Suppressing his excitement, he snatched the Dan asked plainly, “Does it really have that kind of effect?”

“This humble brother dare not lie. This kind of Dan, swallowed when fresh is the best! Very effective; a long seven-night stand, not a problem.”

Zhao Jiannan’s expression cannot fool him. Qin Tian observed that he was different and very fond of women. Thus added oil and vinegar to the Dan’s description; otherwise, Zhao Jiannan would not believe him.

[TLN: Add oil and vinegar:添油加醋: to exaggerate]

“Young Master Zhao, this Dan was only created recently and now is the best time to swallow it for it to fully take effect! If you miss this opportunity, I’m afraid the effect would not last as long as I described.”

Eyeing the Dan, Zhao Yi remained silent. Regarding Dans, he knew nothing about them.

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Zhao Jiannan too had little understanding about Dans, but he knew that such a Dan exists. However, never did he expected that such a Dan would be as large as his fist!

Looking at the Dan in his hand, he then dropped it in his mouth and chewed. The Dan released a strong fragrance on being chewed which convinced him to swallow it down…

Qin Tian took a few steps back. His eyes stared directly at Zhao Jiannan as he observed him carefully.

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