Chapter 35: Humiliation Must be Done Ruthlessly

Qin Tian took a few steps back but his eyes still continued to observe Zhao Jiannan; to see what effect the Dan would produce.

Even though the grade one Dan was created by him, in his current situation, Qin Tian hoped for a negative reaction which could provide him with an advantage against them.

Zhao Jiannan swallowed the Dan and gave out a burp. He blinked both his eyes and shook his head. Suddenly, the colour on his face changed and his stomach gave out a ‘gu lu, gu lu’ sound……

Beads of cold sweat trickled down his forehead. Looking at Qin Tian, he asked, “What kind of Dan is this?”

“Viagra. It’s used to enhance a male’s potency.” Qin Tian looked at Zhao Jiannan’s pained face and continued, “Was it too intense?”

Zhao Jiannan’s face turned pale. A cold war had started within his body. Tensing up, he whimpered, “Washroom…washroom…where is it?”

“F**k, discomfort really did happen, but wasn’t it too fast? Even faster than a diarrhea Dan!”

Qin Tian was secretly elated. “Next time, I can probably use this laxative to prank others.”

Seeing Zhao Jiannan clamp his legs together with a painful expression on his face, Qin Tian hurriedly answered, “Young Master Zhao, our deepest apologies. Our restaurant is small so there’s no washroom.”


The colour on his face became even worse. At that moment, Zhao Yi knew that he was trolled. That was not any aphrodisiac Dan, but poison.

At once, the Qigong that was secretly prepared on the ground shot out. With a kick, the bench flew, and he moved at the same time.

Qin Tian snorted coldly. He was already prepared.

Escaping the wooden bench gracefully, Qin Tian welcomed the attack of both fists with no tricks up his sleeves.

“Courting death!”

Zhao Yi coldly snorted, and his eyebrows creased. His Qigong expanded out and formed a big and majestic fist which struck downwards.

“A Spirit formation’s Qigong sure is remarkable.”

Qin Tian doubled his speed and altered his direction. In a blink of an eye, he was already behind Zhao Jiannan, who was behind Zhao Yi. “Eat this!”

Zhao Jiannan’s face showed bitterness as he foolishly watched Qin Tian’s incoming punch.

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It was not because he was foolish enough to receive that punch, but because he did not have the strength to even dodge it. His body was stiff, the best way to describe his current situation would be like when a middle-aged woman who experienced menses for 3 days and 3 nights; not a single trace of energy was left in his body. Worst of all, his bowel was like a wild horse galloping across an open field, producing a ‘gu lu gu lu’ sound. A surging force of violent attacks was constantly besieging his anus.

If he loosened his muscles, the horrifying things in his anus might flow out.

This was an open area and the entrance to the restaurant was full of people. If such a thing were to happen in his current situation, how could he continue living in Qinhe city?


A fist landed on Zhao Jiannan’s face and he fell to the ground. Zhao Jiannan was filled with rage, yet was unable to let it out. He stared at Qin Tian, gnashing his teeth, he said, “Kill…kill…kill him.”

Zhao Yi’s face became ugly. He thought that Qin Tian would fight recklessly with him. He did not expect Qin Tian to be so shameless as to attack Zhao Jiannan.

If something were to happen to Zhao Jiannan, he would have to suffer the consequences!

Without a second thought, with the support of his right foot, his body was like a sharp sword. He shuttled…

Qin Tian smiled and did not continue attacking Zhao Jiannan. He dodged away and looked at the body which was on the ground letting out tragic cries. Once again, he praised himself for being able to create a Diarrhoea Dan. He really was a genius.

“It seems, when taking Dans in the future, one must always read the description properly before ingesting.”

Zhao Yi helped Zhao Jiannan up. His mind was in chaos and was overcame with anxiety upon seeing Zhao Jiannan’s pale face which was covered in cold sweat. Just what kind of Dan did Qin Tian feed the Young Master?

Zhao Jiannan, with one hand covering his anus, pointed at Qin Tian, “Kill…kill…kill him first……”

Zhao Yi looked at Qin Tian, and he changed his stance. Both his fist formed claws, and with a grasp, the boundless power of the atmosphere was forcefully grabbed by him. Strands were gathered on his hand, like rays of light from the sun……

Qin Tian became slightly cautious. Deep within, he swore, “Spirit formation certainly is remarkable. Have to seize my time to train till there.”

“Hide? I’ll make sure you’ve no place to hide…”

In an instant, Zhao Yi discharged his Qigong. The surrounding air became heavy and his hair started to sway. Zhao Yi glared at Qin Tian. Clenching both his fist tightly together, the air started producing a series of spark sounds. With indescribable speed, he dashed fiercely in Qin Tian’s direction. And in a blink of an eye, Qin Tian was within his reach…

His hands grasped towards the atmosphere. Zhao Yi let out a cold laugh and sneered, “Hide ah! Let’s see where you can hide!”

The pressure acting on Qin Tian hindered his movement as if he was in deep waters.

Every movement of his body was followed by a surge of power flowing out of him. But in a contest of strength, Qin Tian will never back out. Qin Tian snorted coldly again.

Suddenly, the veins on Qin Tian’s arms thicken and became more visible. Sounds of his joints cracking could be heard.

Power, great power spewed out from his Dantian, like a volcanic eruption.


“I’ve never thought of hiding before…”

A weak dragon roar gradually sounded. Qin Tian’s expression changed and his heart jumped for joy. His ability finally produced the sound of a dragon…

And at that time, both his heavenly fists came upon Zhao Yi.

There was a great change in Zhao Yi’s expression, and he showed an inconceivable face. He increased the strength of his claws and welcomed Qin Tian’s attack……

An invisible resistance met with Qin Tian’s heavenly fists.

As the two opposing forces intertwined, it upset the balance in the air and a burst of low crackling sounds could be heard, spreading uneasiness among the crowd.

More and more people started to gather around the entrance of the restaurant. As the two forces clashed, the crowds’ eyes were filled with curiosity while gazing at the open fight…

Slowly, the invisible resistance started to dissipate, whereas the impact from Qin Tian’s fists continued to gain in strength.


Zhao Yi was heavily pressed onto the ground, and his expression became unpleasant.

Supporting himself up with both his hands with the thought of striking back, Zhao Yi suddenly felt a gust of wind drift past him; Qin Tian has suddenly disappeared! When he turned his head around, all he saw was Qin Tian’s grim smile. Zhao Jiannan was kicked heavily in the ass…

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A pig squeal was heard. Not because the kick was painful but because he couldn’t hold it back any longer…

“Hua la la……”

His pants turned yellowish-brown. Along with his tragic squeals, feces were shot out of his anus. The ‘aroma’ penetrated into the air……

The crowd in the entrance started bursting into laughter.

Zhao Jiannan’s eyes were dimmed and he was completely exhausted. With a feeble voice, he said, “Let’s…let’s…go back……”

If this goes on, he would rather just die. Again, the ‘gululu’ sounds could be heard, and another round of war was about to begin……

Zhao Yi glared at Qin Tian and coldly stated, “I’ll wait for you at the gathering of the great clans.”

Qin Tian laughed, “You should hurry up and send your young master home, haha……”

When humiliating, it must be done ruthlessly.

Zhao Jiannan had just humiliated himself till even his grandmother’s family would know about it!

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