Chapter 36: Being Cheap does not Constitute to being a Bastard

Under the pointing and jeering of the crowd, Zhao Yi carried Zhao Jiannan away from Furong restaurant.

Normally, how could Zhao Jiannan accept the ridicule from others?

However, there was no way he could do anything. His butt was full of feces and his stomach was still churning, the eruption could happen any time now, so how would he even care about all these? The only thing he wanted now was to find a toilet and let everything out……

“Zhang Dafu, find someone to tidy up this place.”

Qin Tian waved his hand and Zhang Dafu immediately ran towards him. He had seen everything, even a rank three spirit formation Zhao Yi could not win against him. Qin Tian was just too terrifying. His position is bound to rise higher and higher. It wasn’t too late to get into Qin Tian’s good books and he might also be able to return to the clan in the future.

To people like Zhang Dafu, returning back to the clan is their lifelong pursuit.

“Hurry up and deal with it! How can we do business when it’s so smelly?”

After Qin Tian explained what to do, he hastily went back into the backyard to confirm something.

Just now when he fought against Zhao Yi, the pressure he gave out had the roar of a dragon. Cultivating in the ‘Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture’, it was the first time this had happened.

Qin Tian was itching to see whether his Heavenly Dragon Scripture had leveled up.

He opened the system menu in his mind and looked into his attack abilities. He currently had two abilities, one was ‘Berserk’, and the other was the ‘Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture’.

Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture: God rank

Level: 1 (Ability unlocked: Virtuous Draconic Force)

Experience: 1/10000

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Note: Virtuous Draconic Force is the Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture’s tier 1 ability. There is a total of 10 tiers and with each increase of the Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture’s level, the tier follows…

Qin Tian was overjoyed. Immediately looking at his skill tab, he acclaimed, “Sure enough, a new ability was developed.”

To be able to unleash the might of the dragons, it seems like the Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture was really a god rank ability. After the dragon’s roar, his power increased dramatically. If not for this, he would at most be able to defend against Zhao Yi’s attack, but not trample over him.

In the fight just then, Qin Tian received a small victory. However, the price he had to pay was more than 3000 Qigong value. Virtuous Draconic Force’s Qigong consumption truly is too much!

And then there is the divine ability – Berserk, consuming a whopping 5000 Qigong value. This made Qin Tian extremely frustrated.

Fortunately, there wasn’t any limit to the amount of Qigong he could accumulate or else he would not be able to maintain his ability.

However, today’s consumption of Qigong was too much. Just by practicing alchemy, he had spent more than 3000, adding on with the display of the ‘Virtuous Draconic Force’, he had used more than 6000 in one day. Qin Tian felt that a piece of his flesh was cut off.

“One way or another, I’ll have to recover my Qigong value by today…”

After closing the skill tab hovering in his mind, Qin Tian prepared to head for Kunlun Mountain to hunt for monsters.

At this moment, Zhang Dafu ran towards him with a face full of glee, “Young Master, Xiao Ruqian is here.”

“Xiao Ruqian?” Qin Tian became startled. Looking at Zhang Dafu’s gleeful face, he rebuked, “Xiao Ruqian is here, what are you happy for?”

Zhang Dafu looked into Qin Tian’s eyes and the smile on his face vanished. He moved to his side and thought, “Who was it that liked her so much that year.”

The trash used to really like Xiao Ruqian. In fact, he liked her a lot.

The Qin Tian in the present is not the Qin Tian of the past and had no feelings towards Xiao Ruqian. She’s a very beautiful and fresh girl, but after that incident, he had no interest in her anymore – someone who tries to get close to the strong and bullies the weak.

Recalling her complacency before the hunting competition, Qin Tian smiled coldly and went to the lobby.

Zhang Dafu held his head low. However, deep down, he bitterly scorned Qin Tian.

In the private room marked with a “天”…

Xiao Ruqian was dressed up beautifully; a beauty that can mesmerize any man. Seeing Qin Tian walking into the room, she immediately went to greet him with a smile; a smile that reveals her small dimples.

“Brother Qin Tian……” Xiao Ruqian winked flirtatiously at Qin Tian as if she couldn’t wait to push him onto the ground, and her voice was soft and delicate. The way she sticks close to people made Qin Tian felt like he was fighting a cold war.

Qin Tian showed an expression of being overwhelmed by flattery and honor. He gave a look of surprise and said gently, “Little sis Ruqian, why did you come here?”

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As he said those words, his stomach was doing multiple flips. He was so nauseous that he wanted to vomit, but his heart kept its cool and he smiled coldly, “Now that you’ve come to me, wait and see… this brother here will definitely humiliate you.”

Qin Tian’s expression and the way he spoke made Xiao Ruqian extremely happy. She silently thought, “It’s only Qin Tian. It is so easy for me to grab him by just stretching out my hand and I can play with him however I want……”

The Xiao family is nothing compared to the four great families in the Qinghe city. However, it is a family that struggles to squeeze into the ranks of the four families; by letting the people acknowledge their existence, and rise to become the fifth great family in the city.

However, the Xiao Clan did not have many talents and the Xiao patriarch was only a spirit gathering realm cultivator, thus their strength could not have amounted to much. Therefore, they tried to seek closer connections with the Qin Clan, wanting to use the power of the Qin Clan for the Xiao Clan.

Using any possible means available, he promised to marry his daughter, Xiao Ruqing, to Qin Tian. However, when a mysterious illness befell Qin Tian and damaged his Dantian, Xiao Lie immediately changed his mind regarding the marriage.

At that time, Qin Tian’s position in the Qin Clan plummeted, and the Qin Clan no longer mention about the marriage. Xiao Lie was naturally happy, rejoicing that he had not betrothed his daughter to Qin Tian.

When he later learned that Qin Kun had always liked Xiao Ruqian, he simply matchmaked them together. But unexpectedly, Qin Kun died in the hunting competition. After much thoughts, Xiao Lie reverted back to his old trick.

To let Xiao Ruqian become Qin Tian’s again.

Currently, Qin Tian had become very important to the Qin Clan. If his daughter managed to marry Qin Tian, Xiao Lie believed that not long after, Qinhe city would not only have the four great clans but five.

Qin Tian wasn’t completely sure of Xiao Ruqian’s motive.

But from the looks of it, it seems like she would like to start over with him.

Start over again? Previously in this room, Qin Tian had already felt sick looking at her. Now that Qin Kun was dead and he became stronger, she wants to come back to him again?

Treating me as an idiot?

Eyeing at Xiao Ruqian, he smiled coldly. His hand gently went down her smooth back, before going back up and then down…

Xiao Ruqian creased her eyebrows and revealed a trace of displeasure, but did not stop Qin Tian.

Both of them sat down and Xiao Ruqian poured a cup of wine for Qin Tian. Passing it to him, she said lovingly, “Brother Qin Tian, I’ve actually never forgotten about you, if not for Qin Kun threatening me that his father is a grand elder, I would not have become engaged with him.”

Qin Tian reached for the cup and took a small sip. He let out a smile, and slide his hand across her waist slowly, moving up……

Have to admit, Xiao Ruqian has a great body. Her skin, delicate and smooth. It felt really good and this caused Qin Tian to have a nostalgic feeling.

Xiao Riqian chuckled softly and leaned onto Qin Tian. She leaned the side of her body on him, and her breasts protruded out. Qin Tian did not hesitate to press them with his hand. Adding force towards it, Xiao Ruqian shyly let out a muffled moan, and said, “Brother Qin Tian, will you marry me?”

Qin Tian did not reply. He rubbed his hands together and chuckled secretly, “Being cheap does not constitute to being a bastard…”

Seeing that Qin Tian did not answer her, she twisted her body a little and deliberately touched Qin Tian’s crotch. Pretending to be innocent and yet furious, she asked, “Mmmm…do you want to marry me?”

Qin Tian still did not answer but slipped a hand into her clothes. He felt his blood surging. Looking down from her neckline, the skin was white and elastic, and the twin peaks were big. Suddenly, Qin Tian’s gaze changed.

“The f**k, black date?”

Since the top was black dates, the bottom should, of course, be black fungus. Qin Tian immediately withdrew his hands. Looking into the eyes of Xiao Ruqian, he asked, “What did you say?”

[TLN: Black dates are commonly referred to the breast nipples being black. In general, tender pink nipples are more attractive than black ones. As for Qin Tian, he concluded that if Xiao Ruqian’s nipples were black, her chastity must have been long gone as her vag*na should also be black, like a black fungus. Black fungus is commonly referred to a lady’s l**** being black; which also means that she has done many intercourse, resulting in hormonal changes to her l****. In general, the l**** should be pinkish.]

Qin Tian’s touch made Xiao Ruqian lust for more. Her face turned red as she replied, “How about we re-engage?”

“Re-engage? You got a screw loose……”

Qin Tian did not look at Xiao Ruqian again, and felt that he had got bad luck, “To have touched so long, yet they were actually two ‘black dates’, so disappointing.”

Xiao Ruqian looked at Qin Tian, with her mind unable to process what had happened.

Qin Tian repeated, “Want to re-engage? Was your head kicked by a donkey?”

After saying that, he looked at her coldly, and walked away……

In the room, Xiao Ruqian looked outside the room dumbfoundedly, not moving one bit.

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