Chapter 37: Negotiating the Terms

In the private room sat Xiao Ruqian. From stupefy to anger, her expression gradually changed and she roared, “Qin Tian, you’ll definitely regret it…”

As those words started to escape from her mouth, Qin Tian was already long gone.

Regret? Marrying this type of woman would be a man’s greatest regret! To lose her chastity at the age of 16, who knows how many more men she might go to bed with in the future.


Qin Tian was now in a good mood. After having some snacks, he started to wonder why fatty and Hei Yan were still not back. What kind of training was it that could overshadow their meal time?

Aren’t they a little too hardworking?

At the same time, he thought about the 6000 Qigong consumed and felt a pain in his chest. He prepared himself to enter the Kunlun Mountain range to kill some monsters as accumulating more Qigong is not considered a bad thing.

After giving some instruction to Zhang Dafu, he started walking towards the north of the city.

There was quite some distance between Kunlun Mountain range and Qinhe city. At the north of the city, there is a relay station which provides many breeds of horses and trained monsters. To them, the tens of kilometers are nothing.

Qin Tian was also too lazy to use his Qigong to travel so he directly went to rent a horse. Just as he got onto it, a servant of the Qin Clan appeared gasping for breath. He walked towards Qin Tian and said while panting, “Young…young master…Qin Tian, the patriarch has invited you.”

“Why has the patriarch invited me?”

Qin Tian thought for a moment before continuing, “Did the patriarch say anything to you?”

As the servant had come in a hurry, his face was flushed red, which showed that he did not have much strength. To be so tired after moving such a short distance, he should only be a rank three warrior realm cultivator. “The patriarch did not say anything, other than inviting you to visit the Qin Clan.”

Qin Tian had asked in vain, why would Qin Zhantian even tell a servant the reason in the first place. Not thinking about anything else anymore, he went down the horse and walked towards the Qin Clan.

Though he disapproved of Qin Zhantian’s actions, he was still the patriarch of the Qin Clan. Qin Tian would still need to give him some face if he wants to make use of the Qin Clan.

On the way, Qin Tian thought about the reason why Qin Zhantian was looking for him. Were there things to discuss? What could there be to discuss with him? It’s not like there were any big situations he was supposed to deal with.

“Did the Zhao Clan send someone?”

Thinking about Zhao Jiannan’s embarrassing look, Qin Tian let out a laugh. The Zhao Clan would not have sent someone, how could someone be willing to announce about such a humiliating event?

Of course, the Zhao Clan would not suffer alone. Since Zhao Jiannan had suffered, they would find a way to have their revenge, but whether Qin Tian would still be in Qinhe city was hard to say.

The Qin Clan was at the northern side of the city, thus Qin Tian managed to reach the Qin Clan quickly.

The servant brought Qin Tian to Qin Zhantian residence and facing the door, he bowed respectfully, “Young master Qin Tian is here.”

After a while, Qin Zhantian opened the door. He looked smilingly at Qin Tian and said,” Little Tian, come in.”

Looking at Qin Zhantian’s amiable smile, Qin Tian knew for sure that nothing good was going to happen.

Qin Tian bowed slightly and went inside.

The interior design was very scholarly, like a scholar’s room. In the room hung various calligraphy paintings, boldly depicting freedom and strength. Secretly, Qin Tian thought, “Never would I have imagined that Qin Zhantian has such exquisite taste.”

Qin Zhantian smiled faintly. Other than cultivation, he also had great attainments to calligraphy, but he does not like to sell them.

Qin Zhantian sat down and signaled Qin Tian to do so as well. “For us to be able to dig out the vermin of the Pavilion of Books, it is all thanks to you.”

Qin Tian smiled and replied, “This is what a disciple of the Qin Clan should do. Stealing what is entrusted to one’s care was not something I could stand for, therefore I……”

Qin Zhantian squinted his eyes and looked at Qin Tian. Not willing to beat around the bush, he got straight to the point, “Half a month later is the Gathering of the four Great Clans. The elders would like you to represent us to fight, are you willing?”

“The Gathering of the four Great Clans?” Qin Tian was startled, thinking about what Zhao Yi said in the afternoon, he was enlightened. However, his heart was smiling evilly. He did not mind joining, but without any benefits, he was too lazy to move and would rather just spend the time killing monsters to level up.

At once, Qin Tian exposed a face filled with difficulties and responded respectfully, “Patriarch, my cultivation is only just a rank eight warrior, so how can I represent the Qin family in this tournament? I am definitely not qualified! What’s more, I’m still in the process of recovering my strength; time is a very important factor in cultivation.”

Qin Zhantian was startled and the expression in his eyes changed. Representing the clan is a glorious thing, regardless win or lose, the family will reward their respective representative generously. However, without even giving the Gather of the Four Great Clans a second thought, Qin Tian flatly refused.

Every disciple yearns to participate in this tournament! However, the number of representatives each family can send is only three. The younger generations of the Qin disciples are the most enthusiastic within the Qin family, but Qin Tian showed absolutely no interest which made Qin Zhantian very surprised.

To be able to participate in the tournament, it represents glory and recognition in strength!

But as for Qin Tian, glory is nothing. In his heart, glory is nothing but sh*t; a lump of dog sh*t. With no sense of belonging to the Qin family, even if the Qin family were to disappear mysteriously in Qinghe city, he would feel no pain but instead secretly felt elated.

With no benefits, glory is nothing but dog sh*t.

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To use him, Qin Tian, there must be benefits. Otherwise, he would definitely not participate.

“For the glory of Qin family, you must participate.”

Qin Zhantian raised his voice slightly, releasing the might a Patriarch should possess; in his voice held an authoritative tone.

Deep down, Qin Tian sneered. On the surface however, he acted as if he was startled, and said, “Patriarch, I would also like to participate for the glory of the family, but you do know that I’ve just recovered and is still under conditioning; I would need a great amount of Dans and time to condition my body…”

As he explained his situation, Qin Tian glanced at Qin Zhantian and revealed another wave of expression filled with difficulty.

Seeing that Qin Zhantian remained silent, he added, “Recently, I’m preparing to breakthrough to spirit formation. But my body could not keep up…”

“Enough. I understand.”

Naturally, Qin Zhantian was able to understand where Qin Tian was coming from. He asked, “Are you really sure you can breakthrough to the spirit formation realm?”

“With enough Dans, it should not be a problem…” Qin Tian did not dare to be too full of himself. However, to raise himself by 2 levels in half a month should not pose any problem unless there were people interfering with him.

“Dans are not a problem. However much you need, I’ll give you. But in half a month, you must breakthrough to spirit formation.” Qin Zhantian said cheekily. If Qin Tian was to really be able to breakthrough to the spirit formation realm, the chance of Qin family getting first in the upcoming tournament would be very high.

“Patriarch, since you’ve said so, what else can I do except going all out to breakthrough to the spirit formation realm? But when will the Dans…”

Feeling good, Qin Tian had a cheap and greedy expression on his face.

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This time around, Qin Zhantian was extremely generous. From his interspatial ring, he took out 10 bottles of Yan Sheng Dan and continued, “This here has 100 Yan Sheng Dans. You’ll take 50, and as for the other 50, I’ll reward them to you if you’re able to breakthrough to spirit formation in half a month.”

“Also, if you’re able to obtain first place in the upcoming tournament, in addition to the tournament rewards, the Qin family will reward you with a mid-rank spirit weapon.”

“Mid-rank spirit weapon?” Qin Tian was in awe. Weapons are already more scarce than Dans, let alone a spirit weapon. Even the low-rank spirit weapons could bring about a hefty sum of money!”

“To think Qin Zhantian would be so generous… or does he have something else in mind?”

But the mid-rank spirit weapon ah… even a spirit refining Hei Yan did not have a decent weapon. Immediately after Qin Zhantian stated the reward, Qin Tian’s blood began to boil with excitement…

The sole reason as to why Qin Zhantian was being so generous was because of the huge amount of pressure received from the great elders.

Ever since he became the Patriarch of the Qin family, the tournament results were never good. If this was to continue, his position as the Patriarch might be at risk.

This afternoon, once he heard that Qin Tian won against a rank three spirit formation, Zhao Yi, he was pleasantly surprised.

Well, other than that, he also had another reason.

The core from the Violent Gorilla, was it taken by Qin Tian?

If Qin Tian was to swallow it, within three years, he’ll be able to progress extremely fast. As such, he had to figure this out before then. No one is allowed to threaten his position as the Patriarch.

Qin Zhantian’s heart was very intolerant. He’ll not let anyone threaten his position.

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