Chapter 38: Qinghe City’s Number One Genius

For Qin Tian, Dans are urgently required.

Dans are like the HP and MP potions in many online games. Without those, his life cannot be guaranteed. Killing enemies would be even more of a no-go.

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With his Dantian broken, his body was not able to gather Qigong on its own. Qin Tian understood this very well. In his path to breakthrough, it would never be able to separate from his need of Dans.

Dans provides the greatest support to his Qigong value. With an adequate amount of Dans, it is equivalent to having a large pool of Qigong that would never dry out.

Therefore, the importance of Dans is extremely obvious.

Fifty Dans would be able to provide him with around 15000 Qigong, which would allow him to use berserk thrice. Qin Tian was excited and made a firm resolve to increase his proficiency in alchemy.

Learning of alchemy would provide him with an endless supply of Dans, unchaining him from the need to search for Dans.

It was already late in the evening when Qin Tian came out from the Qin Clan. After thinking for awhile, he decided to return to Furong restaurant first.

The blood-red sunset bathed half of Qinghe city with red light, like it had been stained with blood. It was like an ill-omen, and the passer-bys moved hurriedly……

Qin Tian walked on the street slowly, thinking about his plans on how he should go and level up. If he could become a Spirit Formation realm cultivator in half a month, he would be able to receive not less than fifty Dans, and might even be able to seize the opportunity to get more of other rewards.

Thinking about the huge amount of Dans on Qin Zhantian, Qin Tian couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“Qin Tian!”

The tone was filled with immense anger.

Qin Tian was suddenly shaken up. He turned his head and was secretly surprised. “Xiao Rufeng…”

He had a deep impression of Xiao Rufeng in his memories. Five years ago, he lost in the hands of Qin Tian, Xiao Rufeng suffered a crushing defeat and had no way to counter. It was also from that day on that Xiao Rufeng’s personality had a drastic change.

Five years went by with nothing but training, and his deep hatred followed suit.

Of the years when Qin Tian’s Dantian became crippled, he was known as Qinghe City’s biggest trash. Yet, Xiao Rufeng managed to leap across every member of the younger generation and became Qinghe City’s number 1 genius.

At this moment, Xiao Rufeng’s cultivation was at rank six Spirit Formation realm, higher than Qin Tian’s by eight.

Warrior realm and Spirit Formation realm were not of the same level, and the contrast in strength was a lot. Especially after rank five Spirit Formation realm, with every breakthrough of one rank, the body would experience a change, and the Qigong would rise greatly.

For a rank six spirit formation to kill a rank five spirit formation, one move was all it took.

Xiao Rufeng learned that Qin Tian had recovered; was able to knock down Qin Kun, block Qin Xiangtian’s shadowless art, and even won against a rank three spirit formation Zhao Yi. Once he got wind of that news, the hatred within him started to boil once again.

In the past, when Qin Tian’s Dantian was broken and became a trash, he felt that it was beneath his dignity to seek revenge. But now that Qin Tian had recovered his strength, the hatred buried is his heart for years erupted. In a few days, his hatred had grown rapidly. The seed that was planted within his heart sprouted, becoming a demon.

To exorcise the demon inside him, Qin Tian must die.

Qin Tian was the source of his heart demon.

Xiao Rufeng crossed both his hands in front of his chest. The sword in his hand shook slightly. “Clank, clank” the sound from the sword guard hitting the sheath could be heard. The vibration was caused by a large amount of Qigong being churned in his Dantian as if the sword was responding to its master’s deep hatred.

“Xiao Rufeng?”

Qin Tian spoke coldly. He could feel a powerful force coming from Xiao Rufeng, and it would be able to easily destroy him completely. Qin Tian became cautious while looking at him.

Xiao Rufeng was expressionless, and both his eyes locked onto Qin Tian. Suddenly, he let out a cold laugh. “Rest assured, I won’t make a move here.”

“Five years ago, I lost to you in the gathering.”

“Five years later, I am fortunate that you’ve recovered your strength. On the stage, I will defeat you and kill you in front of the people of Qinghe City.”

“You don’t have many days left, treasure your remaining days.”

A domineering pressure was released, and naturally, the Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture in his Dantian started to move and resisted the pressure released by Xiao Rufeng. His back turned cold as if he was in a freezing cellar.

Xiao Rufeng’s tone was as cold as the night. As he gazed at Qin Tian, his smile continued to broaden; the hatred that had remained hidden deep inside his heart for many years could finally be released.

“Remember, do not even think about escaping. After half a month, you must die in my hands.”

His voice was extremely arrogant. In his eyes, Qin Tian is already a dead person. But to satisfy the demon within him, Qin Tian had to die in front of the Qinghe audience.

“Such a strong pressure.”

Fury grew secretly in his heart. Looking at Xiao Rufeng, he laughed, “Five years ago, I’ve defeated you, five years later, there’s no reason for me to lose……”

Defeat Xiao Rufeng? Qin Tian wasn’t sure whether he could do so. Defeating a rank six spirit formation isn’t a piece of cake. What’s more, Xiao Rufeng is the son of Xiao Li. With an abundance of resources for him to use for cultivation, his abnormal growth for the past five years was only possible because of his family’s support.

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However, Qin Tian did not like the feeling of being threatened as it made him feel very unhappy. If he had the strength to defeat Xiao Rufeng now, he would let a punch fly out without hesitation.

Suddenly, he felt that Xiao Rufeng’s existence was like a thorn on his back. Also, from his gaze, Qin Tian could sense the hidden, deep killing intent. If he really met Xiao Rufeng in the gathering, he would definitely not be lenient.


Xiao Rufeng laughed crazily and released his Qigong. The sword in his hand shuddered, at any moment, it could be sent flying. A strong pressure acted against Qin Tian……

On the street, some of the passer-bys felt a little dizzy and some even felt their legs turned soft. A vigorous and lively man suddenly fell to the ground. His body had no more strength as if a great illness had acted up again.

“To be able to unite both hatred and Qigong together to release such intense aura, Xiao Rufeng’s strength truly is tremendous.”

Qin Tian frowned and his breathing became heavier. He had to use all his strength to resist Xiao Rufeng’s aura.

While in his own thoughts, the edge of Xiao Rufeng’s mouth rose, and his long sword stopped moving.

Five years ago, in front of the who Qinghe people, he lost tragically against Qin Tian’s fists.

Five years later, he wanted to use the same tournament which he lost in to defeat his most hated opponent. Most importantly, he wanted to prove to the people that he himself was the only true genius that Qinghe city had ever had, and was the most promising person to breakthrough to the spirit refining realm before the age of thirty.

By then, Qin Tian would have died by his sword.

Xiao Rufeng coldly glared at Qin Tian before letting out a long laugh. With that, he disappeared into the crowd.

Qin Tian exhaled, cold sweat slid down his forehead and he could feel a great pressure, “F**k, I hate this feeling the most.”

He was already in a bad mood because of the dominating power that Qin Zhantian released in the martial arts square yesterday. Now even Xiao Rufeng’s power added oil to the fire, making him extremely furious.

“Rank six Spirit Formation?”

Qin Tian gashed his teeth and looked at the fading image of Xiao Rufeng. Killing intent was formed……

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