Chapter 146: Part of the truth.

A man looked down at the corpse.

He sighed deeply and looked at Famina.

[Man]: You realize how much you owe me now for doing this?

[Famina]: Then count us even.

[Man]: …Fine. I don’t owe you anything now. The whole deal with Charles is in the past now. Shin’s father passed it on just in time, the lineage is carried on.

Famina smiled.

[Famina]: We immortals are such selfish creatures.

The man scoffed.

[Man]: And you, the one who consumes it all, is the most selfish one.

[Famina]: Now come on, get on with it. My dead disciple must be looking for some answers right now.

[Man]: Fine, I’ll go guide him.

[Famina]: I’ll be waiting here then.

Famina threw a kiss at the man only to be violently avoided.

[Man]: Sickening woman.

The man sneered and vanished.

[Famina]: Hahaha, no one would ever guess the horseman of death was shy and has gynophobia.

She chucked as she sat back down in her throne made of energy.


Crule was floating in nothingness. He see, smell, hears, and feels nothing. It was as if he was floating in the fast emptiness of space.

Soon a man appeared in a long flowing black robe.

Crule felt like he recognized him but his faded memories were still in the state of slowly gathering themselves.

The man waved his hands and a large monitor appeared before Crule.

It played everything that happened to him, from birth to his death.

Every dialogue written with the Name first in brackets and the exact words they said following it.

“This is your Akashic records. It holds all the information about you that is important to the universe.”

The man said.

It was strange. It was like everything Crule experienced up until now was just a movie playing during his death. A flashback through his entire life so far.

“I understand now.”

Crule said.

“Yes, everything you have seen from the beginning till now has been your records.”

The man sighed.

“I’m sure you have some questions now.”

Crule nodded slowly.

“First I guess you want to know who I am.”

The man rubbed his chin in a gloating manner.

“You should be the horseman of death…yet I don’t know which generation.”

Crule replied in a dull tone. His memories were still in a mess but after watching his akashic records, most of it had organized into chronological order.

“Ahaha, a smart one huh? Famina always enjoy finding the smart ones.”

The man replied in an annoyed tone, as if his only form of enjoy was suddenly lost.

“Anyways let me tell you who I am then…I am the master of Charles, the master of the master of your teacher.”

Crule nodded slowly.

“What a dull reaction…I expected more out of this…Blah, the memory reorganization after death always have this stupid effect on people.”

The man cursed.

“Anyways…I am the same generation as Famina and the rest.”

“I see…”

Crule replied nonchalantly.

“…You know what? This is no fun, let’s just move on to the Q&A.”

The man sighed.

“Don’t bother asking, most of the question that you wanted to ask I already know. Stuff like that is already recorded in the akashic records.”

The man once again began to brag.

“Energy, the thing that has permeated all through Noxia and its surrounding subspace. Just what is it? And why do people on the Ark have energy even though they never been to the galaxy where Noxia is located? Well, well, well, my boy…that question has a very simple answer.”

The man began to explain.

“All of the energy on the Ark belongs to the universe we came from, the one with earth.”

The man nodded with a glint in his eyes as if he’s about to reveal something major.

“All of the energy on Noxia and around it…comes from one person.”

It was at that moment when Crule’s memory had finished reorganizing itself and he suddenly was able to react again.

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A flash of shock plastered his face and his mind went blank again.

“W-who is it?”

He asked.

“You mean who has enough energy to cover the entire planet plus more?” The man smiled.

“Why obviously Chaos.”

Even more shock…Crule tried to stay silent this time.

“Beyond our universe lies so much more. We are on the outer edge. At the very center of it all is a core. The core provides the so called “energy”. It permeates through the inhabitants of the universe closest to the core. Those of us out here barely gets any at all. Even with all the amount we could get on earth, we only produced seven demigods. The royal family relies on science and the occult to get their power.”

The man explained without pause.

“Chaos is not from our universe.”

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The man exclaimed.


“I know right? When I first saw him, I was shocked too!” The man turned excited.

“Can you imagine us, in middle of hyperspace traveling in our ark when all of a sudden, a large creature rams into us?!”

Spit came flying out of the man’s mouth as he spoke with such excitement.

“That large creature was Chaos’s true form. But of course he couldn’t stay in that form. You have felt it yourself when you entered the ark. The energy inside of you was waiting to burst out and destroy you in the process. It was even worst for Chaos. Suddenly going from a high saturation to a low saturation meant his body was suddenly put under unbelievable amounts of strain as the large amounts of energy inside of him was waiting to burst out.”

Crule kept listening as images of the man’s memory appeared. There was an image of Chaos’s true form. It reminded Crule of the disgusting creature that Chaos had become when fused with Grimly in his timeline.

“So what did Chaos do? After we smashed into him with our Ark, we both got pushed out of hyperspace and ended up in this backwater galaxy. Chaos took this chance to separate his energy cores into seven and hide on a large planet.”


Crule asked.

“Good guess…but no. He placed his seven cores on Crescentia.”


Crule suddenly realized why Crescentia was in such a messy state in his time…

“Of course we demigods realized how weakened Chaos was and fought him. Each of us took a core and the resulting fight destroyed Crescentia and we lost one of our own….Fate.”

A frown along with a sigh later, the man continued.

“We took the cores and temporarily used its power to seal Chaos on the destroyed planet. Then we went to the next inhabitable planet along with the ark.”

The man waved his hand and an image of Noxia appeared.

“When we first landed, the annoying natives of the planet, the beasts, wanted the cores for themselves. Not wanting an everlasting war, most of us agreed to part with their cores and seal it underground. This way the energy can permeate through the entire planet and everyone would benefit.”

The history of how Noxia got its energy interested Crule…but he didn’t know why the horseman was saying all of this to him. Originally he didn’t have this question in his head.

“Now let’s get to the good part.”

The man said with a grin.

“Of course we all agreed to do it…but one man…one bastard of a man…decided it wasn’t enough. He decided to mess with everything resulting in him getting all the cores…that is what happened in your timeline. But something happened that ruined his plans.”

“W-what? Who?”

Crule pondered.

“The Sage of course. That bastard old man wanted to take all the core and ascend!”

The man yelled with rage.

“But during your time, the horseman of death died leaving the others vulnerable.”

“W-what? What are you talking about?” Crule asked.

“You see…we horsemen are immortal, as long as the horseman of death remains alive. Of course we horsemen also have extremely long life spans so if nothing serious happens, the horseman of death does his mundane job day in and day out…God it’s just so boring…the souls of the dead who don’t cultivate, don’t talk, so it’s all silence…So anyways…Before the demise of the horseman of death, he finds a successor…just in case.”

The man explained.

Suddenly Crule understood…His teacher Shin. He never passed on his title.

“Yes, I see you understand now. Shin, your teacher never passed on the horseman of death’s title. He died resulting in all the other horsemen becoming mortals. They have a limited lifespan now. So the Sage needed to change that. In order to be able to survive taking all the cores, he had to be immortal. So he sent a clueless idiot to the past…Someone who was close with the current living horseman of death. Someone to prevent that death and to allow his plan to flow smoothly.”

Crule was shocked and angered now.

“So you’re saying…” Crule said slowly.

“Yes. The Sage played you for a tool.” The man smiled.

“You are his pawn in keeping his plans on track. With his wife alive, Shin will now both have an extra layer of protection but as well as the motivation to stay alive. You with your so called “godly powers” will also keep him alive due to your ties.”


The marble…the marble the Sage gave him to let him travel back in time along with his power, storage, and memories…

Crule panicked. His body went limp as he kneeled on the ground.

“Poor fool. If it wasn’t for your master being so fond of you, perhaps you would have remained a tool until the very end.”

The man shook his head and sighed.

“Anyways, we had to get rid of the trace he put on you via that marble….So we killed you.”

The man shrugged.

“S-so that’s why master…”

“It was for your own good, kid.”

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