Chapter 145: 8th Demigod

Nothing happened.

Crule waited and waited…and waited. Nothing.

After an hour he began to suspect something was wrong.

[Crule]: Is this a joke?

His anger slowly grew.

A voice suddenly spoke from behind him.

[Voice]: Not quite.

It was a voice Crule recognized. One he could never forget. A voice that he had heard all throughout his childhood.

He turned around and saw someone he knew.

[Crule]: M-master.

Famina stood behind him leaning against the opened door.

Although she doesn’t look exactly like her childish form trapped on the moon Gluttony, her face and voice was still exactly the same.

She was just older. She looked to be in her prime. A black gown draped over her shoulder and flowed down onto the ground. It was clean although it probably had been dragged all over the floor she walked over.

[Famina]: Oh my little disciple, it’s nice to finally see you. My clone can only communicate with me so often so it’s hard to learn about what happened on the outside.

Crule was speechless. His mouth wide opened and yet not a single word came from it. Moments later, he stuttered.

[Crule]: W-what?

[Famina]: My cute little disciple, did you really think I would willingly let myself be locked up for such a stupidly long amount of time? I enjoy life FAR too much to let that happen.

A devilish grin plastered across her face as she toyed with her gloves, trying to put it on.

[Crule]: B-but?

[Famina]: I guess I owe you some explanation, but first…spit that fake piece of marble out.

She waved her hand as a formless power erupted force. It slammed against Crule’s abdomen and he vomited. Out flew the piece of marble still looking remarkable but its brilliance was dimmed by the stomach acid.

Crule kneeled on the ground with his hand on his stomach. Tears slowly formed around his eyes. That truly caught him off guard…

Famina walked over and picked up the marble with her gloved hand.

[Famina]: A very nice replica isn’t it?

Crule was still trying to catch his breath. A sudden epiphany flashed in his mind. The 8th demigod…No wonder there was one extra…His master was definitely strong enough to be one.

[Famina]: Anyways, time for me to explain some stuff.

She sat backwards on an invisible platform of energy and crossed her legs. Crule had never seen such refined use of energy in his life…his master’s beauty also had stunned him the entire time. He just too use to the childish form whom he had been with for years.

[Famina]: As I have just said, the marble is a fake, and the body imprisoned on the moon is a clone. The End.

[Crule]: W-what?

[Famina]: Oh my adorable confused disciple, you have to earn more answers…

With a waggle of her index finger, she mocked Crule.

[Crule]: H-how?

[Famina]: Of course…you have to kill yourself.


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Meanwhile, the Sage and Maximus had travelled far and deep into the Wild.

[Sage]: Honestly, how can anyone stand not taking a shower for months?

[Maximus]: They enjoy being one with nature.

[Sage]: I don’t think being caked in dirt, sweat, and carcasses of beasts is what you would call “being one with nature.”

[Maximus]: Hahaha, man up a little! We’re almost there.

In front of them was a monstrous tree. It covered nearly the entire skies above them. Upon closer inspection, there were normal sized trees growing on the tree as if they were microscopic parasites.

[Maximus]: It’s not every day we go see the Tree sovereign.

[Sage]: If that bastard didn’t put the damn seal in such an annoying place, I would never ever want to set foot in a place like this.

The Sage grumbled but a hint of coldness could be spotted in his eyes when he mentioned the bastard.

[Maximus]: Hmm.

Maximus followed but his gaze soon became dull and monotonous. If one was to observe closely, his actions followed everything the Sage said to do.

They continued climbing the thick roots toward the trunk of the tree.


[Crule]: K-kill myself?

[Famina]: Yes kid, die for me.

The sadistic grin on Famina’s face sent shivers down Crule’s spine. He hasn’t been this terrified in a very long time…

Famina waited.

Crule didn’t know what to do…should he obey? I mean his master should have a reason to ask him to kill himself…

[Crule]: W-why? Why do I have to kill myself? Please master, give me the reason.

Famina finally sighed. Now she looked at Crule with disappointment in her eyes.

[Famina]: I expected more from you kid…and here I thought I finally found a devoted disciple who would die for his master.

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With a wave of her hand, Crule was bound by a stream of solid yet transparent energy.

He couldn’t move a muscle, only his eyes could wander. Even his breathing was restricted. Crule was panicking severely now.

[Famina]: Looks like a master’s job is never finished…Can’t even get my disciple to follow simple orders, perhaps I failed as your master.

She slowly walked over to him and produced a large butcher knife from thin air. Eons of dried blood caked the center of the knife. The edge had been sharpened repeatedly so there was no blood on that part. The black handle looked like it was made from a fine mahogany. Crule had never see this weapon before. It had a dominating aura, one that he had never felt before. But quickly, he noticed an emblem carved on the black handle. It was an insignia. He remembered seeing it before…on the lock that was on the door of this tall structure.

[Famina]: Never thought I would be taking this old thing out today. *swings it around a few times* Still got the hang of it.

She hoisted the knife over her shoulder and was once again smiling.

[Famina]: Now my precious little disciple, DIE FOR ME!

The knife came bearing down at Crule’s neck at blinding speeds. It was as if time had stopped…and Crule’s head flew away from his body.

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