Chapter 28: Shock

“2879 points!”

Breaking the record and surpassing history! Basking in fame, Qin Feng’s ice-cold face revealed a faint smile.

Qin Zhantian stepped up and gave Qin Feng a pat on his shoulder. Nodding, he said, “Well done.”

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The Qin disciples were jealous. To have the Patriarch’s acknowledgement, that is the greatest honor one could ever hope to receive!

All except Qin Tian.

As he watched Qin Feng’s satisfied face, Qin Tian scratched his head. Softly, he whispered to Yun Man, “2879 points is a lot?”

Yun Man glanced at Qin Tian and chuckled, “He has broken the Qin family’s record. The patriarch’s score didn’t reach 2000 points during his time when he entered the Autumn Hunting Event.”

With that, Yun Man squinted her eyes at Qin Tian and asked, “Compared to his, how many points do you have more than him?”

Looking at Yun Man’s crescent-like eyes, Qin Tian smiled, “Time will tell.”

Everyone in the Qin family believed that the winner of this Autumn Hunting Event is none other than Qin Feng. In such a short duration of three days, he has killed nearly a total of 1000 monsters, including a ranked four monster! Such feat undoubtedly caused a great sensation within the Qin family. Even the patriarch personally went down to acknowledge him! Other than Qin Feng, who else could deserve such great glory?

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One after another, the disciples took out the monster heads from their wooden plates, but none were able to score above 1000 points. The surrounding disciples were lazy to even continue watching. Some even shouted to let Qin Feng be the first in the event!

Who else would be able to surpass him in the number of points scored? He is the strongest among all the rank nine warriors, with the most number of monsters killed as of yet. Even a few of his powerful competitors never made it out alive! So who could be his opponent?

“Yun Man.”

A member of the statistic group shouted.

Yun Man, like a feeble woman, walked weakly forward with her head facing the floor. Glancing back at Qin Tian with her lips puckered, she stood in the middle of the square motionlessly.

Qin Tian sighed and stepped forward, “Can I help her?”

Yun Man did not dare to take out the bloody heads of the monsters. All the heads in the wooden plate are those that Qin Tian helped to harvest.

At first, Yun Man did not agree, but Qin Tian’s wooden plate was filled to the max. Without a choice, they had to use her wooden plate, which is also counted as her points.

Qin Zhantian nodded. The group of statistician also did not show any sign of objection.

Hearing Qin Tian’s caring words, Yun Man withdrew quickly. The surrounding audience roared with laughter. Would such a person with a weak character be able to kill monsters?

Of the Qin Clan’s thousands of disciples, never was there someone as timid as her, not daring to fight with others. Even if she was bullied, she would still lower her head and leave quietly.

Qin Tian did not say anymore. Looking at the crowd, he mocked them in his heart as he took out the heads in the wooden plate……

The huge square slowly piled up with monster heads. The audience retreated continuously and none were able to laugh at Yun Man anymore. Those who were laughing just then felt a little embarrassed.

“2067 points.”

“2986 points.”

“3061 points.”


“3217 points.”

The final result was that the total number of monsters killed by Yun Man had accumulated to a total of 3217 points.

Qin Feng’s face furrowed. The smile on his face vanished. His expression now was as if someone had owed him money but did not pay up. Clenching both his fists tightly, he managed to suppress the anger in his heart.

Qin Feng’s mood was as if it had fallen from heaven to hell, and he was extremely unhappy.

Of the eight grand elders on the stage, other than Qin Xiangtian and Qin Kuang, the other six stood up. They were secretly shocked, unable to believe that such a timid girl would actually have such means to kill more than a thousand monsters. The record was once again broken, and it had really shocked many people.

Eyeing the hill of monster heads piled on the square, the Qin disciples dropped their jaws and were dumbfounded.

After counting, the Qin disciples were tasked to promptly clean the square of monster heads.

Qin Zhantian looked at the feeble Yun Man. With a kind smile, he gently said, “Good…good…good.”

“Next up, Qin Tian.”

When a member of the statistics group shouted Qin Tian’s name, Qin Xiangtian’s expression changed immediately. He frowned as he stared at Qin Tian, and the flames of anger grew bigger in his heart. He started to gather Qigong under his palm……

Qin Tian, in that instant, sensed a killing intent directed at him. Discreetly, he thought, “BOSS, you’re about to erupt? F**k, leaving me in suspense everyday… wait you see…”

Qin Kun’s death was definitely related to Qin Tian. Looking at Qin Tian, Qin Xiangtian wanted to beat him to death with a single strike.

Qin Zhantian also felt the intent. Glancing coldly at Qin Xiangtian, his face twitched a little and released an aura only possible by the spirit-refining realm

Qin Xiangtian was startled and forcefully put away his Qigong, causing an acute pain in his chest. Taking a deep breath, the colour on his face recovered.

Qin Zhantian also retrenched his aura and looked back at Qin Tian.

He wanted to see whether Qin Tian would be able to give him another surprise. To be able to cultivate with a broken Dantian; simply a genius among geniuses. What’s more, Qin Tian’s growth is too fast; so fast that none is able to believe!

Qin Tian walked towards the middle of the square. Yun Man looked at him and revealed a playful smile. Only she knew how much he had collected, and it was enough to fill half of the martial arts field.

“Everyone, please take a step back.”

Qin Tian shouted. The Qin Clan disciples around looked at one another, and none took even half a step back.

“What kind of joke are you trying to pull here? Such a big place isn’t enough for your number of monster heads?”

“I know right, he doesn’t even know his own strength.”

“Quickly, stop wasting other people’s time!”


Murmuring could be heard as the audience gossiped among themselves. Qin Tian did not waver but looked towards Qin Zhantian.

“Everyone, move back.” Qin Zhantian said softly. However, it was like thunder ringing in the crowd’s ears, and they quickly moved back.

Qin Tian took out his wooden plate. Pulling the heads out one after another, he piled them up like how one would rake the fallen autumn leaves.

The pile grew bigger and bigger, causing the disciples to retreat continuously……

The number of heads gathered during the first two days weren’t a lot. However on the third day, with the Spirit Refining expert Hei Yan helping to kill the monsters, they were like sweeping autumn leaves, and Qin Tian’s wooden plate was filled up in just an afternoon.

And the number of monster heads Yun Man collected used only one evening.

Yun Man and Hei Yan slaughtered the monsters, while Qin Tian was responsible for harvesting the heads. With the division of labor and the intense speed, not being able to claim the first is something he cannot accept.

“3197 points.”

“3467 points.”

“4129 points.”


“4587 points.”

When the member of the statistics group reached this point, Qin Tian paused for a moment and walked towards a place which was slightly bigger. He waved towards the crowd, indicating that he wanted them to move back.

This time around, no one dared to make a noise but took three quiet steps back.

Qin Tian again gestured them to move a little back.

Although the crowd did not understand, they still did it. Pairs of eyes looked at Qin Tian, wondering whether he was mad.

Turning his head to look at Qin Xiangtian who was on the stage, he revealed a gloomy smile. With a burst of strength in his right arm, he pulled…

An enormous head was pulled out from the wooden plate……

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