Chapter 27: The Pain of Bereavement

Within a night, Qin Tian and Hei Yan became more familiar with each other and they called each brother.

In one go, Hei Yan had lost twelve brothers which made him felt depressed. However, now with Qin Tian as his new brother and due to the weird feeling he felt in his heart, Qin Tian became one of his most important people.

Upon hearing that Qin Tian wanted to get first place in the Autumn Hunting event, Hei Yan did not hesitate and agreed to help.

To a powerful Spirit Refining Realm cultivator, killing of low-rank monsters was a breeze.

The system continued to sound in Qin Tian’s mind, “Gain 50 experience, 20 Qigong, 1 survival……”

Hearing that Hei Yan wanted to help him, the system immediately gave him a party request. After experiencing it with Yun Man before, he immediately accepted without any hesitation.

Hei Yan was like a road roller, flattening everything.

The capabilities of a Spirit Refining Realm cultivator not only shocked Yun Man but also cause her to yearn for it even more.

To Qin Tian, it’s not that he did not desire to become a Spirit Refining Realm cultivator but it was extremely difficult to cultivate to that point. Also, Spirit Refining Realm cultivators were already considered as the most powerful cultivators in Qinhe city and other than those from the 4 great clans, there’s only a few in Qinhe city.

Qin Tian cultivates by killing monsters to level up, like a monsters’ evildoer like existence.

He wanted to break into the Spirit Refining Realm but was unsure on the number of monsters he had to kill before reaching that level. Currently, to level up once already took too much time. Hundreds of monsters were killed in a day, yet the experience bar of his Rank Seven Warrior Realm cultivation only increased by half. To others, this kind of cultivation speed would already be considered abnormal.

However, Qin Tian was dissatisfied, extremely dissatisfied.

Everyday Qin Tian would look at the mountain of treasures in the ring left behind by Cang Tianji but was unable to take any out. He was frustrated till his teeth started to itch. The feeling was like looking at a girl dancing while she used her gaze to seduce you and her body to tempt you. However, you could only sit down and not able to touch her which made your body burn with anger from that uncomfortable feeling.

Qin Tian had deep resentment.

It was evening when the sun was setting.

“Big brother, go to Qinhe city’s Furong restaurant and wait for me, I’ll first return to the Qin Clan and hand in my task.” Qin Tian said.

“Okay, big brother will wait for you.” Hei Yan laughed heartily a few times before walking towards another small route.

“Let’s go.”

Qin Tian said as he looked at Yun Man.

Yun Man nodded her head and followed behind Qin Tian. Along the way, many colourful insects would jump out from the grass and land in their path, making Yun Man jumped up in fright……

Qin Tian smiled and gently pulled Yun Man’s hand.


Qinhe City, Qin Clan’s martial arts field.

At this moment, the field was like a boiling cauldron of voices, bustling with life. The annual Autumn Hunting event was Qin Clan’s most important event and it was ending soon.

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(TLN: boiling cauldron of voices=人声鼎沸)

All those who came out of the event venue could not help but have a proud smile hanging on their faces. The clan did not care about the results, as long as one was able to come out alive, he or she would receive the clan’s recognition and to many participants, this was already the highest honor.

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On the stage of the martial arts field sat eight grand elders along with the current patriarch Qin Zhantian.

The nine gazes were like touches, neither with anger nor domination. They looked at the disciples coming out one by one without the slightest change in their expression.

Only Qin Xiangtian’s gaze was flickering, full of anxiety.

“Qin Feng came out.”

An unknown person from the crowd shouted which caused the crowd to look at Qin Feng.

He was the strongest participant under the Spirit Formation Realm and thus he was the source of many people’s envy and admiration.

Even Qin Zhantian rose slightly with a rare smile on his face. Qin Feng gave a bow, before standing at a side.

“Can you guess whether Qin Feng will become the first?”

“Rank nine martial warrior, the strongest in this Autumn Hunting event, who would get the first place other than him?”

“That is not really accurate, Qin Kun’s capabilities are also not bad. Furthermore, he is also someone whom the elders look highly on.”

“Right, Qin Yang have a chance too. A grand elder’s son. I heard that he cultivated in the high-rank ability, ‘eight savage swords’. Killing monsters would naturally be as casual as pinching his fingers. He just needs to lightly do it.”

“Have you all not heard about that time when Qin Tian greatly injured Qin Kun?”

“You mean that trash with a broken Dantian? How could it be him?”

“Can’t be him.”


The crowd started to gossip. To them, this was their greatest source of pleasure.

The sky was turning dark, and the torches in the martial arts field were ignited, radiating out light. Just as Qin Zhantian was about to stand and speak, there was another commotion in the crowd.

“Qin Tian is back!”

A ‘hua’ sound was heard.

“He came out alive?”

“I estimate that he hid in some cave for three days, what can a trash do anyway?”

Seeing the appearance of Qin Tian, the one who got the greatest shock was Qin Xiangtian. It was getting dark yet Qin Kun had not returned. This could only mean one thing, Qin Kun was dead.

His son was dead?

Both Qin Xiangtian hands started to shake and his lips trembled. He looked at Qin Tian. At the same time, Qin Tian looked back at him.

“Such bright light ah.”

Qin Tian looked at the golden light exuding out from Qin Xiangtian’s body and got excited, “BOSS, BOSS, this elder here will definitely finish you.”

It’s just too hard to endure.

Seeing Qin Tian standing at the side of the stage, Qin Feng was slightly disturbed, “Seems like Qin Yang is also dead.”

Qin Zhantian stopped for a while, cleared his voice and announced the start of the statistics. Qin Kuang stood up and said, “Patriarch, could you please wait for a while?”

His voice was a bit hoarse, his eyes seemed to have tears, and his whole body was trembling. His son Qin Yang had not come back, he only had this son and was unable to accept the news of his death.

Qin Zhantian looked at Qin Kuang and gave a comforting look before sitting back down.

After a long while, no participants came in through the martial arts field’s door.

Qin Kuang felt pain in his heart and his face paled. He looked at Qin Zhantian and said weakly, “Do it.”

Qin Zhantian gave a long sigh and walked towards the front of the stage, “Let the statistics begin.”

Fifty-seven cultivators left and only twenty-five came back. Not even half made it back which shows how cruel the event was. However, from the eyes of the cultivators, one could see that they all had changed and was beginning to morph.

Ten members of the statistics group started counting the points.

“Qin Feng, let’s see how much points he had accumulated.”

“I guess it will be no less than 2000.”

“You mad? 2000 points? Even the patriarch only accumulated 1800.”

“Uh, I believe him.”

“Believe my fart ah!”

Qin Feng walked towards the square of the martial arts field and said, “May everyone please take a step back.”

“F**k, how could it be? Such a big place is not enough to hold the monster heads he gathered?”

“Isn’t it a little bizarre?”


Qin Feng did not care about the gossips. He walked towards the square and took out the wooden plate. One by one, the monster heads flew out, and the statistics group started to count.

“1089 points……”

“1203 points……”

“1890 points……”


Qin Feng stood in the middle of the field with a smile. Suddenly, he took out an enormous head from his wooden plate, it was a rank four green tooth wolf king.

A ‘boom’ sound was heard.

The crowd turned crazy. Rank four monster?

No one dared to believe, a rank four monster was mighty. For a Rank Nine Warrior to kill it was as hard as ascending the heavens. Wasn’t Qin Feng too powerful?

Qin Zhantian was also secretly startled, Qin Feng’s performance had indeed shocked him. Unknown to all, he decided to greatly focus on cultivating Qin Feng.

In the upcoming gathering of the four great clans, he believed that other than Xiao Rufeng, no one would be Qin Feng’s opponent.

A while later, Qing Feng’s points were finally calculated finished.

“2879 points.”

Qin Feng had just broken the record and went beyond history. The martial arts field was in an uproar……

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