Chapter 26: Sin

Sin +1, current sin value: 7……”

Qin Tian was startled. Thinking back when he killed Qin Kun and the others, the system also prompted him. “What is this sin value?”

He couldn’t help but ponder continuously. Qin Tian opened the Character Screen in his mind and went to investigate what sin value was. He received a great shock. Never did he expect that killing people could give him such great benefits.

Sin value: Obtain 1000 points to be able to cultivate demonic abilities, and be able to use the blood shadow skill and demonic incarnations.

10000 points to step into the domain of the demons and achieve tremendous demonic powers.



Note: Unable to be cleaned off from it. The higher the sin value, the greater the resistance against demonic abilities, and lesser resistance against holy abilities……

“ F**k, isn’t this like forcing me into the demonic path?”

Qin Tian was secretly happy. The sin value was more of a blessing than worry to him. However, seeing that he needs a thousand points to cultivate the laws of blood, he started muttering to himself, “One person can provide me with one sin, so it wants me to kill a thousand people?”

“I’ll end up becoming a Murdering Demonic King!”

His sin value is currently only 7, far from the needed 1000. Qin Tian halted his thoughts. Looking at Yun Man, who was still having her eyes tightly shut, he smiled and said, “Girl, it’s alright now.”

Yun Man opened her eyes slightly. Seeing Qin Tian staring at her, her cheeks turned red like a blooming peach tree in the spring.

“At the present, already so alluring! won’t she charm people to death in another two years time?” Qin Tian thought. Yun Man was still in his arms. He breathed in the fragrance exuded out from her body and his body reacted slightly. Fortunately, it was dark and Yun Man could not see his face clearly. Otherwise, he did not know how he was going to hide it.

He lifted Yun Man up and immediately turned his head around. Taking a deep breath, he returned his gaze at her wound and took out a Hu Shen Dan, “Use it, it’ll heal your wound, and it won’t be as painful anymore.”

Yun Man nodded her head slowly. Using the Dan not long after, her cheeks became even more rosy red. She looked at the corpse of the Violent Gorilla not far away and said, “A rank five monster is very strong ah.”

Qin Tian laughed and picked up the core on the ground. He looked at the man and shouted after thinking for a long while, “Uncle, have this core.”

Qin Tian had already completed his quest after digging out the core.

Looking at the core on his hand, Qin Tian felt very reluctant to part with it, yet also felt rather awkward if he were to keep it. The man and his group had chased the gorilla for more than half a month, and he took that chance to gain a divine ability. As compared to the core, the divine ability was of a much higher value.

The man was shocked to have met such a generous person. This was afterall a core, swallowing it would allow a warrior realm cultivator to reach spirit gathering realm in three years. So to a normal cultivator, a core would be like a heaven grade Dan.

Qin Clan is the third largest clan in Qinhe city. Using the resources of the clan, he would not even be able to buy ten cores.

Even the superior members of the cultivation world look upon cores with great importance, yet to easily give it away, the man felt very excited and shocked. He really needed this core. Not only did he need it, when Qin Tian said he wanted to give him the core, his eyes showed a look of happiness and greed.

However, looking at the body of Yan Tian, the glister in his eyes dimmed down slightly. He chased after the monster for half a month and the brothers who accompanied him died one after another, leaving him as the sole survival. If he were to take the core, he would have to bear all their pain. If that happened, he would never be able to cultivate in peace and instead live a life of condemnation.

After a long while, resisting the temptation of the core, he made a decision, “Thank you, but I can’t keep it.”

He said it firmly, with an unwavering voice.

Qin Tian was surprised for a moment. He kept the core and said to the man, “My name is Qin Tian.”

“I’m called Hei Yan,” The man said.

He did not know whether Qin Tian had a divine ability capable of absorbing the divine ability of the Violent Gorilla, but from the fight just now and how he dealt with situations cool-headedly, he was sure that Qin Tian is not a simple fellow.

His future journeys are unpredictable, thus leaving the core with Qin Tian might actually be better.

Hei Yan felt relieved and laughed, “Qin brother, we shall meet again if we’re destined to.”

“Uncle, where are you going?”

Qin Tian caught up in two steps. He needed to know everything about Kunlun mountain range, and Hei Yan would be the best guide. He intended to break into Spirit Formation realm in half a month and enter the mountain range to cultivate.

Therefore, he needed an experienced guide, or in other words a partner like Hei Yan. As he is a Spirit Refining realm cultivator, how could Qin Tian let him go so easily?

It is also because of that that Qin Tian wanted to give the core to him. However, since he chose not to accept it, what could Qin Tian do?

Qin Tian did not give up and continued to chase after him.

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“I’ll take some time to recover first before making a decision.” Hei Yan looked into the night sky and said.

“Uncle, why not come to Qinhe city with me to recover for the time being?”

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“Qinhe city? You’re Qin Clan’s disciple?”

“Yes, the clan organized the Autumn Hunting event for us to go into Kunlun mountain range to kill monsters.” Qin Tian replied.

Hei Yan slightly nodded his head, thought for a while and said, “Alright, it doesn’t really matter where I go, I don’t have a place to stay anyway.”

Qin Tian let out a smile and said, “The event will end tomorrow in the afternoon, so let’s head to Qinhe city at that time.”

“Alright.” Hei Yan said.

He felt that Qin Tian was very special and was a bit like Yan Tian, his best brother. Something seemed to have released from his soul, as if he was able to find comfort beside Qin Tian.

Furthermore, he valued Qin Tian greatly. Though he had not met with many people in the past, he had still met with quite a number of clan disciples before, but Qin Tian was the only one who let him feel the most comfortable with.

The three of them went into the cave, and Yun Man headed into the innermost area of it before tending to her injuries.

Qin Tian went to grill some meat and ate happily with Hei Yan. They were like brothers who had not met for countless of years, and had a great conversation.

Under the night sky, the forest was restless as usual, and the low ranked monsters began to wander……

Holding on to a sword with his body full of injuries, he fiercely killed in the midst of the monsters.

As if possessed by a killing god, every strike caused the death of a monster.

Ranked nine warrior realm cultivator, king under the Spirit Formation realm.

Qin Feng was merciless. Holding a sword, he killed.

The tragic cry of the monsters resonated in the night sky, angering and attracting the monsters lurking nearby…

To change the Qin Clan, he needed strength. That is his conviction, and like a seed, it was sprouted in his heart……
To breakthrough, this is the only way……

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