Chapter 25: All Must Die

The Heavenly Dragon Scripture in Qin Tian’s Dantian spun like a gyroscope. It spun crazily while exploding out an aura which was as mighty as a Heavenly Dragon.

The impression Qin Tian was currently showing could be described as wild and domineering.

His two fists struck out, scattering the surrounding dust. Qin Kun could only feel that his doom was approaching. He gnashed his teeth and went to welcome them.


A loud sound resounded in the air.

Under the night sky, birds were startled and flew away. The forest became very gloomy, and the five disciples surrounding the man stared at Qin Tian in shock……

The coarse beard man was unimaginably shocked. He did not expect Qin Tian to be able to display the monster’s divine ability, moreover able to directly double his strength. In his mind, there was an extremely big question mark, who was he? How was he able to use the demonic powers of the monsters?

He cultivated for tens of years and could understand the strength of a divine ability and the difficulty of comprehending one. Though his experience was not shallow, he could not understand how Qin Tian learned the monster’s divine ability.

He was already greatly shocked but as the surprise had no end, little by little it accumulated and became a bigger huge wave surging in his heart.


Qin Tian panted slightly and was secretly shocked. This ‘berserk’ was just too abnormal!

When he used ‘berserk’, half of the Qigong inside him was consumed. Qin Tian could feel that this type of ability needs the support of a lot of Qigong to use.

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Qin Kun managed to escape once in the martial arts field previously, and thus would not give him the chance to escape again.

Death is a must!

Qin Kun laid on the ground in despair. Never in his dreams did he expect that after taking the Burning Sun Dan, he was still not Qin Tian’s opponent. The previous attack had destroyed his five viscera and six bowels*. Now, unless he took a high-quality healing Dan, it would be difficult for him to survive.

[TLN: Five viscera – heart, liver, spleen, lungs & kidneys. Six bowels – stomach. Small intestine, large intestine, gallbladder, urinary bladder & triple energizer.]

“Let me ask you a question, what enmity do we have? Why does your father want me dead?” Qin Tian could not understand and this question had always been on his mind. He kept searching his memories and was unable to find one about offending Qin Xiangtian.

He could not understand. They are from the same clan so how could there be such great hatred till wanting the other’s death?

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Qin Kun painfully lets out a cold laughter, “Haha……”

His laughter intensified, causing him to cough and making him spit out blood. He stared at Qin Tian and said, “Want……to know? Haha……it’s because you are Qin Clan’s trash which caused the clan to lose their face everywhere, haha……”

The edge of Qin Tian’s mouth raised. He kicked Qin Kun’s chest before squatting down and spoke to his ear softly, “Relax, your father will soon come to find you……”

Finished saying, Qin Tian forcefully pushed his leg down, creating many ‘Kacha’ sounds as all the bones in Qin Kun’s body were broken. Qin Kun’s eyes were wide opened and his face distorted by pain.

Qin Kun’s body twitched a bit before his whole body stiffened……


When the five outer disciples saw that Qin Kun was already dead, they lost the will power to continue the fight. They were just people brought by Qin Kun so now that he was dead, there’s no point in continuing.

At that moment, they scattered, wanting to rush into the forest.

However, Qin Tian would not allow them to leave. He did not want his strength to be revealed, at least not now. He was still unable to win against Qin Xiangtian. If his strength was found out, it would become troublesome.

Thus, Qin Tian shouted, “Want to run? All must die!”

Qin Tian in berserk mode was as fast as lightning. Against the outer disciples, there was no room for resistance.

Five consecutive leaps, five consecutive kills.

Every time he killed someone, the system would sound in his mind, “Sin +1……”

Five people, with an addition of Qin Kun, his Sin had reached 6.

Qin Tian was not in the mood to care about what it meant. At this moment, he was burning with anger as he stared at something a distance away. He coldly said, “Let go of her and I’ll let you off.”

Qin Yang did not expect the scene in front to be completely reversed. Looking at Qin Tian exuding out a strong aura, he understood that he was not Qin Tian’s opponent. With a sword beside Yun Man’s neck, he shouted, “Give me the core you dug out or don’t blame me for destroying this delicate flower.”

“I won’t say it thrice, let go of her and I’ll spare your dog life.”

Qin Tian’s body slightly moved. Looking at Yun Man shivering, the anger burning in him became stronger……

“I’m…I’m…scared.” Tears came flowing out of Yun Man’s eyes as her body shook. Her back was already seriously injured from the Violent Gorilla’s attack and blood was flowing out continuously. Just as she wanted to sit and recover, Qin Yang appeared.

“Hear that? She’s afraid, haha……Qin Tian, I won’t repeat it three times too. Give me the core, or else……” Qin Yang stopped for a while before continuing, “Or else with just a slight movement, her head will fall off.”

“Silly girl, look at me, believe me……” Qin Tian exhaled slowly. The distance between him and Qin Yang was around fifty metres, and he would need around a second to reach Qin Yang.

One second. One second was too long. It was long enough for something bad to happen.

Qin Tian did not dare to take the risk but had no choice but to do so.

Qin Yang put his head beside Yun Man’s ear and whispered, “He’s asking you to look! Look! Look at him ah!”

His last words were as if he was shouting. Yun Man got so scared that her face turned pale.

The more afraid Yun Man became, the happier Qin Yang would be. “See that? See that? She’s really afraid, haha……”

“Qin Yang, you’ll die a horrible death, and I meant what I said.”

Qin Tian walked towards the Violent Gorilla and smiled at Qin Yang coldly. At this instance, killing intent exploded out. It even made the Spirit Refining cultivator shudder.

Step by step, Qin Tian let out a ferocious aura which caused cold sweats to form on Qin Yang’s forehead as his mind felt pressured.

Walking towards the side of the gorilla, Qin Tian used a small knife to dig out the core. It was as big as a thumb and was emitting out a strong light. The core was without impurities just like a crystal, extremely beautiful to see.

The man blanked out for a moment……core.

The thirteen of them chased after it for a month and was unable to get it. His gaze held great longing for it, but in an instant, he felt very lonely.

For a core, he lost twelve brothers.

He kept on blaming himself, thus when the Violent Gorilla used berserk, he waited there smiling, wanting death to be his salvation.

However, he was saved by Yun Man. Now that he looked at the core again, his eyes were full of remorse.

“Core, a fifth rank monster core, haha……” Qin Yang swallowed his saliva and had a look of greediness. He was very excited.

A rank five monster core could help raise his cultivation to Spirit Gathering realm in a short time of three years. Three years later, he would only be nineteen years old. Everyone from the dynasty would be shocked.

“Bring it, quickly bring it here!” Qin Yang shouted excitedly. Looking at Qin Tian walking towards him, he suddenly said, “Stop, stop walking and throw it over to me.”

Qin Tian slightly walked forward two steps, and the distance between him and Qin Yang was now thirty metres. The distance would need half a second, half a second……

After walking that two steps, he put his right foot forward and leaned slightly forward. Seeing Qin Yang staring at him and the sword on Yun Man’s neck going deeper, he stopped moving and gently throw it……

The gaze of Qin Yang was immediately attracted by the core.

Meanwhile, Qin Tian burst out, “Die!”

With the speed like lightning, he dashed forward.

Qin Yang felt some wind coming towards him and was shocked. He wanted to move his sword but found that it could not move.

The tip of his sword was pinched by two fingers. Qin Tian looked at Yun Man and said,” Close your eyes, it will be over soon.”

Yun Man did it like a well-behaved child. She shut her eyes and could feel a thread of warmth flowing into her heart. It was as if she had managed to grab onto a lifebuoy in the ocean.

“Like I said before, you will die very miserably, very miserably.”

Everything happened in a split second. Qin Tian grabbed a sword and forcefully stabbed it into Qin Yang’s right arm. “ ke, ke……”

[TLN: Ke, ke- just sounds of coughing.]

The bones in his right arm broke, and his face turned pale white. He gave a howl, and with his left hand, he used all his strength to hit Yun Man’s back……

“Courting death.”

After crippling Qin Yang’s right arm, Qin Tian pulled Yun Man into his arms. He gathered his Qigong into his hand as he awaits Qin Yang’s palm strike.


Qin Yang’s left arm’s bones were forced back and pierced out from his back. Blood spewed out.

Qin Yang gave out a tragic scream and his eyes turned white.

Qin Tian did not give him any chance, holding a sword in his right hand, he mercilessly cut down.

Qin Yang’s body split into two. Dead!

“Sin +1. Total accumulated sin is 7……”

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