Chapter 24: Divine Ability – Berserk

“You really know how to choose a time ah.”

Qin Tian laughed coldly. He knew what was happening when he saw Qin Kun with a group of people.

Qin Kun jumped down from the branches and walked towards Qin Tian. His face was full of excitement as he sneered. He looked around at all the holes on the ground and got a little shock. Under the pressure of the Violent Gorilla, they almost could not breathe, yet Qin Tian could fight it?

“What miraculous adventure did this trash experience to be able to raise his strength in such a short time?” Qin Kun secretly thought. Looking at Qin Tian, he said, “Qin’s greatest trash, you’ve met with bad luck this time!”

Qin Tian stood on the gorilla’s corpse and asked, “How would you know if I’ve met with bad luck?”

“A bunch of idiots coming up to my doorstep really saves me the time to find them.” Qin Tian blatantly said.


“Haha……” Qin Kun got so angry that he started to laugh. He had seen Qin Tian’s last move just now, not only was his Qigong depleted, his body was also full of injuries.

How could Qin Tian at this state be his opponent?

“Your Qigong seems to be completely depleted, haha……” Qin Kun could not help but laugh.

Watching Qin Kun’s action, the coarse beard man felt uncomfortable. However, before he could react, five people jumped down and surrounded him.

The coarse beard man was facing the same situation as Qin Tian, his Qigong was also depleted, and was unable to recover for a while. He would of course not put some warrior realm cultivator to heart, but to help Qin Tian at the same time would be difficult.

Qin Tian looked at where Qin Yang was standing and was startled, he had disappeared.

He suddenly thought about Yun Man and got slightly anxious.

It seemed like Qin Kun had come with a plan. Since it was like this, he needed to seize the every precious time he currently had……

“Last time, there was someone to save you, but now, hehe……” Qin Tian paused for a moment ad continued, “You need to die.”

“Haha, with only you? And?”

“Tiger roar at Mountain!”

Qin Kun’s eyes flashed a cold light. Both his hands formed a claw, his body exuded out powerful Qigong, and the roar of the tiger sounded……

“Overestimating yourself.”

Qin Tian smiled, with a step, he traveled more than thirty feet. Both his hands formed a fist which fiercely struck out.

When both their hands met, Qin Kun felt a surge of Qigong rushing towards him and was shocked. Qin Tian had obviously used up all his Qigong, so how, how did he unleashed such majestic Qigong?

Had his cultivation reached Spirit Formation realm?

Impossible. Absolutely impossible.

Qin Kun took a step forward and punched towards Qin Tian’s lower jaw. He did not believe that Qin Tian would be able to dodge……

Not only did Qin Tian not dodge, both his fist made a blow, heavily hitting Qin Kun’s back. A ‘Kacha’ sound could be heard.

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Qin Kun let out a miserable cry and his eyes were blood red. He rolled on the ground, trying to escape Qin Tian’s attack range.

However, how could Qin Tian give up his chance to beat up a drowning dog?

[TL: beat up a drowning dog: completely crush a defeated enemy]

Qin Kun held back his pain and rolled on the ground. When he thought that he had escaped Qin Tian’s attack range, Qin Tian punched his right cheek as he was about to get up. He felt a spicy hot pain and spit out a mouthful of blood while flew away.

Qin Tian moved again. He doubled his speed and darted towards where the body was landing. Not waiting for Qin Kun to land first, he gave another punch, hitting Qin Kun’s stomach.


The wailing of a pig to be killed was heard.


Qin Kun landed heavily on the ground. The five outer disciples surrounding the coarse beard man looked at Qin Tian in fear. Qin Kun, a Rank Seven Warrior could not even do anything when facing Qin Tian, so how could they be Qin Tian’s opponents?

You……your……Qigong……” Qin Kun laid on the ground and panted like an exhausted bull. Both his eyes looked at Qin Tian. He was dumbfounded yet filled with anger.

Qin Tian gave a cold laugh, “ Did my Qigong shock you?” When he killed the rank five monster, he managed to level up and reached the realm of a Rank Seven Warrior. Not only that, his hp and Qigong were fully recovered.

The blessing of level upping- Hp and Qigong will fully recover no matter what situation he is in.

Qin Kun really had bad luck, to come at this time.

The rewards of killing a monster with a divine ability were not only this……

“Really surprising, but……”

Qin Kun let out a cold laugh as he laid on the ground. He took out a pill and swallowed it. Veins seemed to be popping out of his body, and his pale white face changed. It could be seen that his injuries are healing at a very fast pace.

Burning Sun Dan, rank 6. The medical strength of it is very violent and will cause injuries to temporary heal faster when taken. When the medical strength of the Dan is used up, all the wounds will immediately heal, and the consumer will have to endure three times the pain.

In addition, one will be able to double his strength. When the Rank Seven Warrior used it, the effects took place immediately. Qin Kun was now as strong as a rank four Spirit Formation cultivator. His Qigong, .speed and strength had all increased.

With a single punch on the ground, Qin Kun stood up.

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His eyes became even redder and he let out a smile. An extremely turbulent aura exploded out from his body and a thick layer of dust circles around him.

“Such a powerful Qigong.”

Qin Tian’s eyes changed. Looking at Qin Kun’s recovering hp bar doubled its length, he couldn’t help but cursed, “F**k, he resurrected?”

“Strong, haha……not only strong.”

“I’ll let you experience the same move, ‘Tiger roar at Mountain’……”

Qin Kun’s body disappeared from where it was supposed to be. In the next second, he appeared in front of Qin Tian. Qin Tian could not react fast enough and a punch landed on his stomach, making him fly away.


“F**k, a punch minus one thousand plus hp from me!”

In the air, Qin Tian used his Qigong to change the place of where he was going to land, but unexpectedly, Qin Kun darted away from his original position, a black figure could be seen rushing towards where Qin Tian was landing.

“Really? Forcing this man hah?”

He shouted angrily in his heart, “Berserk.”


The man got a shock, he was very familiar with the sound. He actually thought that the Violent Gorilla resurrected. He looked at the enormous corpse but no movement could be seen. He then saw a white halo exploded out of Qin Tina’s body. His mind became confused, how did Qin Tian get the Violent Gorilla’s divine ability?

Violent Gorilla’s divine ability berserk, Qin Tian had just used it.

A while ago when he killed the Violent Gorilla, the system prompted him: ‘Gained divine ability: berserk.’ At that time, Qin Tian was full of joy and immediately learned this ability which caused him to gain another one.


Grade: 0

Experience: 0/1000

Details: Double attack power, speed, Qigong, hp …

To be able to gain an ability after killing a BOSS, Qin Tian was exhilarated. He did not even gain any after killing so many monsters which made him thought that there wouldn’t be any. Yet, when he killed the Violent Gorilla, he got a divine ability, berserk, so how could he not be ecstatic?

All his abilities doubled, thus making him think that Qin Kun’s speed was not fast anymore. Before Qin Kun reached where Qin Tian was landing, he let out a cold smile and suddenly slowed down in mid-air. Looking down at Qin Kun, he shouted, “Die!”

At that moment, Qin Kun’s eyes were burning with anger as he let out a roar and jumped……


Qin Tian shouted again and struck……

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