Chapter 23: I’ll Kill You!

A Divine ability; extremely overpowering. ‘Berserk’, the divine ability gained from a strengthening ability, vividly played a huge role in the Violent Gorilla’s fight.

Three continuous berserk; gorgeous and powerful.

The violent Gorilla is already at the peak of rank five, almost stepping into rank six. For it to be able to use berserk three times shows that the demonic power it condensed was very powerful. This also shows how powerful its core is.

Demonic power is monsters’ energy in the body, just like the Qigong human cultivates.

It could aid monsters in unleashing extremely strong attacks, destroy mountains and separate water. Nothing is impossible.

At that moment, the monster’s demonic powers were exhausted. However, under it’s berserk mode, it could look down upon anyone below spirit refining realm.

Qin Tian hid at the side and saw that the man could no longer continue onwards. Seeing him trying to escape, he knew that the man was not far from dying.

If the man dies, Qin Tian wanting to kill the Violent Gorilla would be equivalent to a dream; impossible to happen.

He must find a way to stall it to allow the man to have a chance to breathe. If he doesn’t kill the Violent Gorilla, the quest would not be completed. He might lose his life because of that, and Yun Man might also be dragged into it.

That was a result Qin Tian did not want to see.

In the midst of anxiousness, Qin Tian made a decision. He pulled out a bottle of Yang Sheng Dan and shouted, “I’ll hold it down for a while. Use the time to get out of it’s attack range and replenish your Qigong. Here are five Yang Sheng Dan, keep it.”

The man was shocked and could not help but think that Qin Tian was telling a joke. A Warrior realm cultivator holding down a rank five monster? Impossible!

However, Qin Tian was not speaking nonsense. After throwing the bottle to the man, he dashed towards it and started to activate his Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture……

The man dodged a strike and grabbed the bottle. Seeing Qin Tian running towards it, he felt slightly amazed. A Yang Sheng Dan isn’t cheap at all, to be able to easily give them away shows how much of a big shot he is.

“Boom, boom, boom……”

Qin Tian leaped into the attack range and circulated his Qigong in both his fist. The Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture in his body jumped around madly, like there was a real dragon and elephant dancing about; the elephant surged forward and the dragon roared.

[TLN: The reason why there is like elephants is because the chinese version of the scripture is 龙象太虚经 which means dragon elephant form scripture, but it sounded weird, and thus changed it to heavenly dragon form scripture.]

The Violent Gorilla’s majestic aura suddenly disappeared and changed into a violent aura. The Violent Gorilla was enraged. It’s two big and furious eyes locked onto Qin Tian, it had killed continuously for fifteen days; even the most gentle of the monsters would become enraged, not to mention the monkey which specialises in violence.

Qin Tian’s appearance added oil to the fire. Even a warrior realm cultivator dared to come close to it, where did the majestic and fierce aura of a rank five monster go?

Suddenly, the violent gorilla stopped attacking the man and started to attack Qin Tian.

Qin Tian dodged right and left, completely ignoring it’s anger.





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Under the attack of the Violent Gorilla, the ground made many deep groans. The heavy fist of it cracked and destroyed the ground. In less than a minute, the ground around Qin Tian were full of enormous holes.

If he were to be hit by one, it would likely be a one shot KO.

The pressure could be imagined.

“Qigong consumption 10, Qigong consumption 10……”

The system continued to sound in his mind till he became annoyed with it. His heart started to burn with fury. Nothing good will happen if he continued onwards like this, he needs to find a time to attack.

Qin Tian jumped and took out two Yang Sheng Dan to eat. His Qigong instantly recovered by 1000. He landed on the gorilla’s arm when it tried to attack him.

Holding onto it’s long black fur, he jumped up till he reached the wound inflicted by Yan Tian. “Ah……”

Both his fist heavily smashed into the wound, hitting the bones.


The violent gorilla cried in pain, and swept his arm. Qin Tian could not hide anywhere and was swept down by the enormous arm.

In the mid-air, Qin Tian’s hp had already decreased by half. Fortunately, he had taken in two Yang Sheng Dans a while ago, thus his Qigong was not affected. He spun in the air and landed on the branches of a tree. His hp minus another ⅓.

Qin Tian endured the pain and took in another five Yang Sheng Dans. His hp recovered slightly, and the pain decreased by a bit. Just as he was about to attack again, he found out that the man had already recovered.

Both his hands had condensed a flaming giant hammer each.

Only allowed on

Condensing Qi into weapons!

In the spirit refining realm when the Qigong is cultivated to a certain extent, one can use it to condense into weapons. The weapons are sharper than any high rank weapons.

The man shouted and raised his hammers up high. Like an avatar of God, a great killing intent could be felt…


The Violent Gorilla received a heavy strike. It gave up on Qin Tian and proceeded to throwing punches towards the man.

The man looked at Qin Tian. He saw the man expose a smile, a very bright smile…

Suddenly, Qin Tian remembered something, and shouted, “Yun Man!”

Yun Man who was hovering above in the sky suddenly flew down and shot out her ribbons which were like two yellow dragons…

They mercilessly pierce into it’s two eyes…

“Ow, Ow, ao……”

The violent Gorilla retracted it’s hand, and gave a big swipe with it’s hand. The ribbons were crushed into pieces and Yun Man’s body flew against a tree.

The Violent Gorilla received two heavy attacks, leaving only a tiny amount of hp left in its hp bar.

That last bit of hp.

A Chance, a great chance.

Qin Tian’s Qigong suddenly got depleted for his final attack. Using all his remaining Qigong……

“I’ll kill you!”

Using the power of his charge towards the Gorilla to aid him…

Two heavy fist landed on it.

“Damn, if you don’t die, I will die!”


Blood splattered all around. It was so painful that the gorilla’s eyes turned white.

Qin Tian’s speed did not decrease, and he attacked again.


The Violent Gorilla let out a cry and fell onto the ground, smashing down a few trees. It’s breathing stopped.


It finally died.

Energetically, Qin Tian let out a breath. Just as he was about to get the core, a voice sounded.

“Haha…wasn’t expecting this. Aren’t I a bit too lucky?”
Qin Kun, Qin Yang and the other five appeared, standing at a different tree each. They let out a cold smile as they stared at Qin Tian…

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