Chapter 16: Energy Manipulation and Attribute.

As we enter the room, we noticed the room was well protected. The walls seemed strongly reinforced and the furniture were all made of the strongest metals.

[Jones]: Come now y’all, gather round that there table.

After everyone has settled down and found a spot to sit, we looked at the table in the middle of the room. On it was a beaker of a shimmering liquid metal.

[Jones]: Now y’all should be able to feel them energy thingies flowing through yer body like its yer very own blood. Pump that s*** into the metal like yer trying to give it CPR.

Jones stuck his fist into the beaker of metal. I could feel the energy condense on his fist. Looking around I realize I wasn’t the only person who noticed this.

[Jones]: Now, let’s make something simple.

He griped his hand and pulled it out of the metal. A metal rod slowly formed as his hand left the beaker.

[Jones]: Now see here is yer normal metal rod, but it’s as tough as a heifer made of diamonds. Here test it.

He handed the rod to a large man with rippling muscles.

[Jones]: You seem kinda skeptical about it, here try to bend it.

[Muscular man]: Hmph. My name is Brunic, you better remember that.

[Jones]: *with a smile* Yes, yes, Mr. Brunic, shall we make a wager? If ye can bend that there stick, I’ll pay you a thousand gold.

Brunic’s eyes lit up. A thousand gold was no small number. It was enough to purchase a car in today’s economy.

[Brunic]: You got yourself a deal, funny man.

He took the stick in his hands and with great force tried to bend it. I could see the energy coursing through his arms were slightly more concentrated than the rest of his body. It seems his control over it isn’t as good as that man Jones.

Brunic’s face started to turn red as he struggles to bend the stick. His pride wouldn’t allow a puny stick to beat the muscles he was so proud of.

[Brunic]: ARRRGGGG.

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Finally the metal seem to tremble a tiny bit.

[Jones]: *whistles* Dang man, yer really manage to make that thing bend, although it was minuscule.

[Brunic]: *panting* You’re god damn right.

[Jones]: Well, a deals a deal, here.

He tosses a small stack to Brunic. He caught it and put it in his pocket.

[Jones]: Well, as you can see, the metal is quite strong. It took ol’ Brunic here quite a large amount of energy to bend it.

He picked up the stick and it somehow turned limp like a noodle.

[Jones]: Now, if you actually knew how to control energy to the point where you can do this, the number of weapons you can make are endless.

Brunic stared at Jones with anger. His pride was hurt and he wasn’t going to let it slide.

[Brunic]: Why you little…

He was going to teach Jones a lesson. His fist was already raised and was on the way to hit him.

[Jones]: Now, now, big guy. Don’t get yer panties in a bunch.

The limp noodle of metal suddenly shot forth and curled around Brunic’s arms and solidified.

[Brunic]: W-what is this, get it off me!

The hardened metal locked itself onto Brunic’s arms and he couldn’t move it. It seems to be tightening.

[Jones]: Now, are you going to calm down? Or do I have to cut off your arm to keep you calm.

Brunic stared at fear at the metal on his arm. If it suddenly became sharp as a sword and slices his arm, he would seriously lose it.

[Brunic]: F-fine, just get it off me.

[Jones]: *smirks* Good good, now let’s get on to the second part of the demonstration.

Jones put his fist into a second beaker. This one consist of a clear fluid.

[Jones]: The living metal is called Pridonium from the moon of Pride. This is why it’s so shiny. This metal here, is Lusten from the moon of Lust. It reacts depending on the energy inputted into it. It has various different reaction base on the attribute of your energy.

The beaker of clear fluid started to spin. It slowly turned turquoise starting from where Jones hand was. Soon it was a swirling turquoise vortex.

[Jones]: You see here, this reaction shows that my attribute is a mix of water and wind. The spinning means I specialize in vortexes. So things like whirlpools and hurricanes are my specialty and I do better in them.

So that’s why the metal rod coiled around Brunic’s arms so easily.

Everyone’s eye shined with interest. Learning their attributes can mean they can finally train in the most suitable environment.

[Jones]: Now, let’s get each of you tested. Who wanna go first?

The first to step up was Brunic. After the humiliation he suffered earlier, his pride wouldn’t allow him to brood on it.

[Jones]: Ah good ol’ Brunic, put yer fist in that there beaker and let’s see yer attribute.

On the table were twelve remaining beakers.

Brunic grumbled and put his fist in one of the beakers.

The reaction was explosive. The liquid first caught fire where Brunic’s fist touched and it shot straight out of the beaker. The fire spread quickly and engulfed the entire beaker.

But Brunic act like he didn’t feel a thing.

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[Jones]: Don’t worry people, the person’s attribute wouldn’t hurt them. But we should probably step back in case that thing expodinates.

Everyone took a step back.

The beaker melted leaving only the clear liquid burning.

[Jones]: Oh-hoho, so ol’ Brunic here is fire attribute specializing in shots and corrosion. Nice nice.

Brunic seemed proud as he raised his fist out of the beaker.

[Brunic]: It’s a given, I am Brunic the strong.

[Jones]: Yes yes, all of you here are strong, or else you wouldn’t have pass the test. Now then, who’s up next?

A short haired woman in a leather jacket stepped up.

[Woman in leather jacket]: I’m next. Names Juliet.

[Jones]: Ah, pretty lass, let’s see what yer attribute is.

The woman walked up and put her fist in the beaker.

The reaction was something no one expected.

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