Chapter 17: Taboo Attribute.

Sparks. The beaker started to produce electrical sparks where the woman stuck her hand. The electricity starts to arc more and more and the chains appeared more and more often. Soon the beaker was a constant vat of electricity visible to the naked eye. Then it started to spin. It spun so far it became nothing but a blur of blue sparks.

Suddenly the metal chairs in the room started to shift. The slowly moved toward the beaker.

[Jones]: Ok, ok, stop. Before this place starts to get messy.

Jones rubbed his hair and said with a sigh.

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[Jones]: Well, you little miss really are a freak. Very VERY few people have lightning attribute, but you, not only do you specialize in lightning attribute you also specialize in chaining and magnetics. Quite rare indeed.

I inspect her closer and realize her earrings were actually small batteries. I guess it helps replenish the energy she has. Somehow she learned about her attribute by herself…Truly a genius.

[Jones]: *whistles* After that display of power, let’s see who is willing to follow that up.

Another woman who looked similar to Juliet walked up. She was also wearing a leather jacket but it had a different emblem on it. The jacket Juliet wore had a thunderbolt on it. This one had hammer.

[Woman in hammer jacket]: Eh, I guess I’ll go next. Mah name is Claire.

She went to another free beaker and put her hand in. Immediately the beaker shattered. But the constant inside have already became solid and dark brown. It was in the shape of the beaker but was slightly bigger which was why the beaker shattered.

From the dark brown solid on her hand, a pulse seem to beat through the metal.

[Jones]: Interesting. Your attribute is earth and you specializes in tremors. A very good attribute and specialization for demolition.

[Claire]: Not as flashy but just as powerful I hope.

[Jones]: Indeed it’s not as rare and flash as the little lass over there but it’s still powerful when trained correctly.

Claire smiled and walked back to the group. She stuck her tongue out at Juliet. Juliet looked away and sighed. It seems they knew each other.

Without Jones having to ask who wants to step up next, a man walked up. He was very quiet. Everyone’s attention fixed on him once he stuck his fist in one of the beakers.

A blinding light shined from the beaker. No one can keep their eyes open in the sheer power of the light. Only those who had sunglasses could see what was happening in the beaker. Electricity. Inside the beaker was also electricity but this one was blindingly white.

All fatigue Shin felt from staying the night at the hospital disappeared. It seems the light had a healing property. Jones seemed to have noticed too.

[Jones]: This…I can’t even describe in words what I just saw.

The man walked back and stood with the group. He still remained silent. Upon closer inspection, he seemed to have a small book and cross in his pocket. Perhaps he was a clergyman.

[Jones]: Man, I’m still recovering from the shock. Anyways, that man there is lightning and light attribute, a dual attribute. Extremely rare but what’s more rare is that he specialize in healing.

The man still remained silent but not everyone looked at him with admiration. Even Juliet and Brunic who were seemed extremely proud even looked with admiration.

[Jones]: In this beta, you may be the most useful candidate. Now then, whose next?

A shy girl raised her hand.

[Jones]: This aint a classroom little miss, you can just step up and say yer name.

The girl looked like she was in high school. She skipped up and put her hand in the beaker.

From the beaker, vines sprouted. Flowers and grass, herbs and shrubs. Every single seed brought in from the group on their clothes filled the room and sprouted. It became like a green house. The tenacity of the plants were extremely strong as it manage to take root in metal room.

The girl took her hand out of the beaker and made a V with her fingers!

[Girl]: Yes! It worked!

[Jones]: Little girl, your attribute is…plants it seems. Having a non-elemental attribute is rarely seen. Jesus Christ all of your attributes are rare. This entire group must be a freak show. Anyways it seems you specialize in tenacity.

[Girl]: Woohoo!

She skipped back to the group and awaited the next person.

[Jones]: 5 down 7 to go. Who’s up next?

A very skinny man wearing a t-shirt and jeans stepped up. He had the look of a NEET. His unshaved face made him look almost like a homeless bum if not for how clean his shirt and pants was.

[Skinny man]: Yo man, I’m up. Names Steve.

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He took one of his hands out of his pocket and put it in one of the beaker.

[Skinny man]: Whoa this s*** is cold to the touch.

Frost appeared on the beaker. The room temperature dropped significantly. People started to shiver as the temperature kept dropping. Soon frost started to appear on the walls of the room.

[Jones]: Ok ok, s-stop, b-before we all f-freeze to death.

Steve took his hand out and the temperature returned to normal.

[Jones]: S-so our man Steve here is ice attribute. It seems he specialize in blast chill since the temperature dropped so quickly.

We had to wait a while for the temperature to drop back to normal. We took this time to chat among ourselves. Few of us went to congratulate the ones who already had their attributes determined.

After a short break they resumed.

Shin decided it was his turn and he walked up. He stuck his hand into the beaker.

[Jones]: This…!@#%$ WHAT IS THIS?!

From the beaker a pale mist flowed. All the plants that still inhabited the room that touched the mist immediately wilted and disintegrated. The room went dead. The atmosphere was that of a cemetery.


[Shin]: ….

Shin gave Jones a sharp glare.

[Jones]: *erk* A-anyways, this man here…his attribute is…Death.

Everyone was silent.

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