Chapter 18: Deal and Clothes.

Jones put his finger to this ear piece and whispered. Moments later, the man in the grey suit entered the room.

[Man in the grey suit]: Mr. Wu, come with me, it’s time to finish our side of the bargain.

Shin knew it was time to save Kate but he was still cautious that the man came after he have shown his power.

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Shin looked at everyone, turned around, and left in silence.

Everyone started gossiping as soon as Shin left the room.

[Claire]: Hey Jules, who was that guy?

[Juliet]: Not sure, haven’t heard of his in the professional field.

[Claire]: Oh-ho ho, a mystery man eh?

[Juliet]: He seems more of an assassin type.

[Claire]: Really? His might be nicer than his cold attitude shows.

[Juliet]: Hmm? How did you see that?

[Claire]: Just intuition!

The girls chat among themselves.

[Brunic]: I want to fight that man. My muscles are itching for a good fight.

[Jones]: You probably wouldn’t last three seconds.

[Brunic]: I wasn’t talking to you asshole.

[Jones]: *smirks* Friendly aren’t we?

Jones whispers to himself,

[Jones]: That man…how did Fei Luo get a man like that to come…?


Shin followed the man in the grey suit to another room.

They entered a small room in the med bay. On the bed was Kate with a lot of machines hooked up and beeping.

It pained Shin’s heart when he saw her. He thought to himself why couldn’t it have been him instead.

[Man in grey suit]: Ah, Mr. Wu, I have never gotten to properly introduce myself. My name is Fei Luo Can. I work for Metallurgy INC. as part of the HR department. Anyways let’s get the terms straight.

[Shin]: Go on…

[Fei Luo]: We get your wife to recover, and you participate in the beta under our company’s banner.

[Shin]: Isn’t this entire game planned by your company?

[Fei Luo]: Although it may be planned by us, it’s funded by various other wealthy people and companies who want to advertise.

[Shin]: So you want me to be a walking billboard.

[Fei Luo]: In that sense yes.

Shin though for a while. Considering his display of power, this demand is kind of unexpected.

[Shin]: Fine, now save Kate.

[Fei Luo]: *smiles* Yes yes, let’s get her patched up.

He pressed the buzzer next to the hospital bed and a team of medics came in.

[Fei Luo]: Take her to the energy rejuvenation chamber.

They pushed the hospital bed to a room lined with pods.

[Fei Luo]: Let me explain the process now, we can transfer energy from an external source to your wife and allow it to boost her healing.

[Shin]: What will the energy source be…?

[Fei Luo]: *smirks* Why, you of course.

Shin looked at Fei like he was kidding. Knowing his own attribute, it was not safe to transfer the energy to his already weakened wife.

[Fei Luo]: Don’t worry, this process is perfectly harmless, even with your attribute.

[Shin]: … Fine

The medics carefully put Kate into one of the pods and attached various wires to her.

Shin walked up and entered the pod next to her.

A scientist entered the room and started to direct the medics.

[Fei Luo]: This machine requires a specialist to use it. This man here was the inventor of the machine Dr. Viktor Sadoski.

[Viktor]: Are you ready Mr. Wu?

The man in the lab coat outside calmly said. Turning my attention from the pod beside me to the man in front of me, I said with firm conviction,

[Shin]: I am.

The scientist smiled with a dark hidden agenda beneath its charming glow.

[Viktor]: Good, rest in peace then, Mr. Wu.

This was something I wasn’t looking forward to, but I had to do everything I could to do to save Kate. The scientist walked to the control panel and placed his hand on the lever.

He pulled down the lever and I felt the energy that was coursing through my body leave me and enter the pod next to me.


Crule landed his ship in the forest bordering the island country of Aponis.

[Crule]: This is where teacher should be…

The first thing on Crule’s agenda is to recruit his former team and warn them about the impending dangers. He also plans to train them to allow them to be strong enough to face the tragedy that was about to happen.

[Crule]: Teacher also mention his only regret was not being able to save his wife…Maybe this time I can help.

Crule walked casually into the country.

[Crule]: I look too foreign and suspicious, I need a new outfit to blend in.

In the green gem that Crule swallowed was the ability to access a large special spatial storage he had from his previous life. Inside was a fortune that could make a billionaire faint. He never had the chance to enjoy his fortune due to constantly being on the run.

[Crule]: I might finally be able to enjoy the luxury of the rich. Although this campaign might take a lot of money. Oh well, money isn’t important.

He walked into a nearby clothing store. It seems they sell custom designed clothing for all ages. They were a high class franchise that make elaborate suits and dressed for nobles.

He walked into the store.

At the counter was a girl.

The store Crule entered was well known for their lifetime clothing sets. The clothes grow along with the person. They were extremely expensive as the company still produces high profits even when people don’t need to replace their clothes often.

[Crule]: I would like a half dozen designed outfit. One for formals, two for casual, and three for outdoors.

The girl looked down at Crule who was only twelve years old.

[Girl at counter]: Kid, this isn’t a place to play, get lost.

Crule only smiled with patience. He couldn’t blame the girl, he indeed look like a kid from the streets.

[Crule]: Guess you don’t want my money then.

He pulled out of nowhere a large sack of gold coins and shook it.

The girl at the counter’s eyes widen. She thought to herself, this kid must be some eccentric noble’s run away kid. Better treat him well and perhaps the noble might owe me a favor…He got money anyway…

Her logic crumbled and she took Crule’s demands.

She took Crule’s measurements and began to work. The suits were made of fabric from exotic plants found on Noxia and its moons. They were very sturdy and resistant to slashes and cuts. Although they don’t offer protection against blunt force trauma, it was still an outfit that was difficult to destroy. Some variation are even fire resistant.

Crule looked at the woman who was about the use the blue fabric to make a hiking outfit.

[Crule]: Wait. Use this.

He took out a piece of leather. It was thin and black yet had a scaly texture.

The girl’s eyes and mouth both opened widely.

[Girl at counter]: This…Is this what I think it is?

[Crule]: Yes, yes, its black dragon skin, now hurry up, I don’t have much time.

The girl thought the noble behind this kid must be either extremely rich or very VERY powerful to be able to get ahold of such a large intact piece of black dragon skin.

The black dragon were a species of reptiles found native to Noxia’s moon Pride. They live off the shining metal and its defensive properties permeated into their scaly skin. They were the toughest animal known to man, being able to fully resist a tank piercing missile. Killing one would require an entire battalion.

The girl stared at the extremely rare leather and began working carefully. From it she made the three outdoors outfits.

The formal wear was a black suit and dress pants. It includes leather shoes and a tie. It was fitted for the size of a child but when Crule grow, it will still fit him like a glove. The two casual outfits were a polo shirt with jeans and a t-shirt with khakis. Both were made from rich materials and allowed the user to feel extremely comfortable wearing them.

Last the three outdoors outfits. The first consisted of a thin mesh inner t-shirt and a vest of black dragon leather. The pants were a black colored jeans. It was the normal one for every occasion.

The second set was a thicker cotton shirt and thick cotton filled polyester long pants. It was for winter weather and colder places.

Lastly was a set of clothing that was pure black. It consisted of a black t-shirt. Crule chose the design on it. A picture of a black hooded skeleton riding a flaming rotting horse was embedded on the front. The girl didn’t question Crule’s taste as to not offend the noble. The pants were a strong leather jeans made from the black dragon skin. Lastly, was a large overcoat, also made from black dragon skin.

Changing into the first outdoors outfit, Crule looked at the mirror.

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[Crule]: Feels good to have my clothes back…

In his previous life, he received the clothes as a birthday present from his teacher at a much later age than he was now.

He threw the bag of coins at the girl. She started counting it with greed in her eyes.

[Crule]: Keep the change.

He walked out the door and headed to the city.

The girl stared with amazement as the amount of gold in the bag could pay for three times the amount of clothes the boy had bought.

[Girl at counter]: Who was that kid…?

She could only wonder in amazement.

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