Chapter 19: Rescue.

Crule heard from stories about his teacher’s past that he used to be a chef and his wife use to be a police woman. He wandered the city trying to track down the restaurant. Then he found it. The red illuminated sign saying “Imperial Wu” hanged in front of the place. The sign on the door said it was closed.

[Crule]: He must be out…let’s look for information at the police station.

He walked to the police station.

He walked to the counter where a police man was working. He needed to find out where his teacher’s wife went.

[Policeman]: Hey kid, what are you doing here?

Crule made up a believable story.

[Crule]: I came to get my dad, he got drunk again and got in a brawl.

[Policeman]: Oh, poor kid, having such a father…Who was the cop who called you to pick him up?

[Crule]: I think her name was Kate Wu?

The policeman suddenly stopped typing. He looked down at Crule.

[Policeman]: That’s impossible.

[Crule]: Why? What happened?

[Policeman]: She was injured recently in a gunfight and is under intensive care.

[Crule]: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that…How’s her husband doing?

[Policeman]: Wait how do you know about her husband?

[Crule]: My family use to frequent his restaurant.

[Policeman]: Oh, well he recently got a deal from Metallurgy INC. I heard they are funding Kate’s hospital bill and hired Shin to do something for them. Actually I think the meeting was today.

[Crule]: Oh…thanks Mr. Policeman. Here’s the bail money for my dad.

Crule hands over two silver coins to the policeman.

[Policeman]: What a polite kid.

He turned around to put the money in the cashier and turned back with paperwork for Crule to fill.

[Policeman]: Here kid, fill out this paper work and everything will be done….Wait where did he go?

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By the time the policeman turned around Crule was already gone.

[Policeman]: Huh weird kid.

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[Crule]: I don’t have much time. I didn’t realize the deadline was so damn close. Today was supposed to be the day teacher lost his wife. God dammit I must hurry.

He put on his black overcoat and started to move through the shadows of the city alleys. It was a lot faster than he can run in public without being conspicuous.

Soon he arrived at the entrance to the tall tower of Metallurgy INC.

He took a mask out from his spatial storage and put it on. It was a pure white mask with only two eye holes.

He casually walked in.


[Woman working in security]: Sir, we have an intruder.

The woman at the monitor said to the tall man in the middle. The leader of security of Metallurgy INC. Hanuman.

[Hanuman]: Do we have a visual.

[Woman working in security]: Yes, the height seemed to be of a child but he is masked and is wearing a larger black trench coat.

[Hanuman]: So it’s just a child, go send one of the receptionist to meet with him, maybe he wandered in by accident.

[Woman working in security]: Yes Sir.

She picked up the phone and talked to the receptionist at the front desk.

The receptionist got up and walked toward Crule.

[Receptionist]: Hey little kid, are you lost?

Crule stayed silent and continued slowly walking.

[Receptionist]: Hello? Little kid? Where are your parents?

Crule still didn’t stop. The receptionist soon lost her patience. She tried to grab Crule’s arm to stop him but as soon as her hand got close, it vanished.


The pain was excruciating. It was as if her hand was forcefully ripped from her arm. The stump where her hand use to be started to bleed profusely.

[Crule]: Be quiet, your annoying.

He lifted his arm up and a ball appeared around the receptionist. When the ball faded nothing remained. Even the floor had a small hole from the ball.


[Woman at security]: T-this…Sir, we have a p-problem.

[Hanuman]: I know, I saw that too…such power and brutality. It seems we are indeed being invaded…let’s try not lose any more people, just send the beta candidates. I heard they were a strong lot.

[Woman at security]: Y-yes Sir.


Jones put his hand up to his ear bud. It seemed the testing of attributes resumed shortly after Shin left.

[Jones]: Ok guys, we have a short little mission for you. You can fully show off your powers then. It seems we have an intruder.

[Brunic]: FINALLY something to warm up my muscles on!

[Juliet]: Do they know who it is?

[Jones]: No, but they can confirm the intruder is very powerful.

[Claire]: More powerful than us? I think not.

[Jones]: Ahaha, let’s go then.

The group followed Jones out of the room toward the intruder.


[Crule]: I can faintly sense teacher’s aura. It seems he is using his energy at the moment. I need to hurry before it’s too late.

Turning around the corner, Crule saw a group of twelve people.

[Crule]: This…How is it that all twelve Generals of Metallurgy here at the same time…wait a minute…A meeting with teacher involved? Ah…I understand now.

Crule stopped running. He looked at the group and started laughing maniacally.

[Crule]: AHahahaha, GREAT, this is great. Such a wonderful opportunity have appeared before me. I can get rid of twelve future annoyance today as well as rescue teacher…or better yet I can recruit them.

He faced the group.

[Crule]: You people are no match for me. Join me and leave this god forsaken company. I will pay each of you a fortune.

The group didn’t budge.

[Brunic]: *scoffs* Really? The “strong” intruder is this kid here?

[Juliet]: Don’t let your guard down, his aura is frightening.

The all got into an offensive stance ready to attack.

Crule only looked at them and smiled.

[Crule]: So I guess that’s your decision. *sigh* Come at me then!

A metal door started to close behind Crule and behind the group.

[Crule]: Trying to seal my exits huh? Pathetic.

[Brunic]: Arrogant little brat, let Brunic here teach you a lesson!

He turned around to the others.

[Brunic]: Let Brunic show his power and teach his kid a lesson.

Crule got into a fighting stance as well and surrounded his aura around him.

[Crule]: Come at me the Volcanic Brawler Brunic.

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