Chapter 22: Victory or defeat.

Crule and Hanuman kept clashing fists. No one seem to have the upper hand. Shockwave after shockwave blasted the room. The room was completely destroyed and was slowly being shaped into a sphere. Somehow Viktor was able to withstand the shockwaves although he doesn’t seem to have an aura around him.

Shin was protected by his own aura and Kate was protected by the cocoon.

He was uttered shocked. He doesn’t know what to think of it anymore. All the training he did over the years was immediately overshadowed by the two in front of him. All of his original arrogance immediately disappeared.

[Shin]: So there was such a tier above me…I was far too naïve to think I was strong…

[Crule]: This has gone on long enough Hanuman.

[Hanuman]: I could say the same to you. But I admire you to be able to evenly match me for so long. Let’s end this.

Hanuman reached into his pocket and took out a small metal case. It was about the size of a water bottle. To such a large person such as Hanuman, it seemed tiny. He opened the case and inside was a jewel. It glowed with a green aura.

[Hanuman]: I commend you for forcing me to use this energy core. You don’t know how hard it is to get one of these.

Shin looked at the jewel and realize it was the same type as the one that was absorbing his energy earlier.

[Shin]: So that’s what it’s used for…

[Crule]: Good, so you’re going all out. Guess I will too.

He took out his dagger and wrapped the blade in his aura. Hanuman swallowed the jewel and his aura suddenly expanded to triple its original size.

[Hanuman]: Ahaha, have a taste of my power now.

[Crule]: I should start using my attribute. No use holding back now, time is of the essence.

Crule threw his dagger toward Hanuman.

[Hanuman]: Useless!

He swatted at the dagger but as soon as he realize the power behind it he quickly dodged.

[Hanuman]: This…what is this power.

The dagger penetrated the wall behind him and a large black ball emerged from the dagger and swallowed everything within a two meter radius.

[Hanuman]: That was far too close. If I had tried to take that dagger head on I would have immediately died…

[Crule]: Hmph so you’re not as dumb as you look.

[Hanuman]: Boy, tell me your name. Someone with this much power shouldn’t be left unknown.

[Crule]: You will know eventually.

Crule’s dagger flew back to him almost immediately. To the naked eye it seemed as if it teleported.

[Crule]: Teacher, take Kate and get back.

Shin nodded and grabbed the cocoon and ran out of the room.

[Crule]: Hanuman, let’s see you take this.

[Hanuman]: Bring it on boy.

Crule stabbed his dagger into the ground and focused his aura on it. The energy dispersed into the dagger through the group and the entire floor of the room became a dark void.

[Crule]: I summon thee, your master of hunger commands you, consume the ones who stand before me. Activate!

Crule chanted the spell as he use his energy to draw a formation on the floor.

[Hanuman]: This…How is it that you know ancient spells…

[Crule]: You don’t need to know, now die!

Black tentacles appeared from the void and wrapped around Hanuman’s arms and legs faster than he can react.

[Hanuman]: S***, you’re going to pay for this!

[Crule]: Finish him.

The tentacles slowly draw him into the void as he sank into it like quicksand.

[Hanuman]: Dammit, dammit, dammit!

He struggled as hard as he could. Pumping all his energy into his limbs trying to pull free from the tentacles. But they were as tenacious as he was.

[Hanuman]: I didn’t think I would have to use my trump card.

He quickly realize he couldn’t escape with brute force alone.

[Hanuman]: Power of Gaia, assist me in achieving freedom from the energy before me. Activate!

Vines appeared from Hanuman’s body and started to pry the tentacles away from his limbs.

[Crule]: So you’re at the level where you can use ancient spells too…Formidable indeed.

Slowly the two spells cancel each other out as the plant and void consume each other. What remained was the destroyed room and the two combatants.

Crule only looked slightly tired while Hanuman was pale with fatigue.

[Hanuman]: You, kid, sure are one hell of an opponent.

[Crule]: Let’s end this shenanigan. I know you don’t really work for Grimly.

[Hanuman]: This…Who are you and how did you know?

[Crule]: I have my sources. But lets me tell you this. What you are currently doing is not enough to stop him.

[Hanuman]: How do you know about that?!

[Crule]: Just shut up and listen. The Antagonist games are going to succeed. You either have to act soon or watch his plan will come to fruition.

[Hanuman]: S***…What can I do?

[Crule]: Listen to me, do what you were doing before. It should be fine. The success rate will drop when I interfere. You only have to find a way to avoid me.

[Hanuman]: *Stares* HAHAHA, boy you are incredibly interesting. Fine, if that’s what you want me to do, then I will do it. The loser accepts the winner’s demands.

[Crule]: Good, I hope you keep your word.

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He put his dagger away, took the jewel from the machine and left chasing Shin.

Hanuman finally collapsed on his knees.

[Hanuman]: S***, that kid was beyond a monster. Ahaha, looks like things are going to get interesting soon.


Crule quickly caught up to Shin.

[Shin]: You…you manage to beat him?

[Crule]: Yes, he shouldn’t be bothering us for a while. We have to escape this place and find a secure location to save your wife, teacher.

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[Shin]: What is with this teacher thing…?

[Crule]: I will tell you when we are not in enemy territory.

They quickly sprinted out the build. It seemed no one pursued them.

[Crule]: Looks like Hanuman actually kept his word.

[Shin]: Where to now? My restaurant?

[Crule]: Your restaurant would be the first place they look for. I have my ship out beyond the border, it should be safe enough there. We both are strong enough to take care of the monsters that appear there.

[Shin]: Fine, let’s go.

They took the dark alleys and quickly traveled through the city towards the border.

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