Chapter 21: Battle between True General ranks.

Crule pin pointed Shin’s aura.

[Crule]: He actually is quite easy to find. What is making him use so much energy?

He quickened his pace dashing through the halls. No one else was there to stop him.


[Shin]: Something feels wrong.

He felt the energy drain from him at a rapid pace. It wasn’t fast enough to fully drain him completely but it was still frightening. If it were anyone else who came today they would have passed out by now due to energy exhaustion.

[Shin]: I should have felt Kate’s aura recover by now, but I can’t sense anything in this pod. What is actually happening out there?

The scientist Viktor just stared at the monitor.

[Viktor]: This energy is far richer than what I have collected from other samples. This would make a good energy core.

They were actually pumping the energy they absorbed from Shin into a container with a clear jewel in it. The more energy that enter the jewel the more grey it comes. It started to emit the same color as Shin’s aura.

Actually none of the energy were going to Kate. She was off the machines that were keeping her alive so she was in a critical state right now. But Shin didn’t know any of this as he cannot move or see her.

Shin still foolishly believed he was saving Kate. His was blinded by it and cannot see the scheme behind everything.

[Shin]: I will save you Kate!


Crule finally arrived at the door where his teacher’s aura was leaking from. The pod wasn’t able to absorb 100% of the energy emitted by Shin and some leaked out. It wasn’t enough to be detected by the scientists inside but to a person with profound energy detection like Crule, it was easy.

Cutting open the door Crule dashed in. He saw his teacher and a woman in pods. The energy Shin emitted was actually leading elsewhere and not to the pod where the woman was.

[Crule]: S***, I hope I’m not too late.

He lunged at the pod and destroyed it.

[Shin]: You! Who are you, what have you done?!

[Crule]: Open your eyes Shin, they aren’t saving Kate, they are just taking your energy!

Shin looked at pod with Kate and realize none of the energy he left off just now were there. Not a single trace.

He looked up and saw a container with a crystal in it with an aura similar to his own.

[Shin]: You…*he looked at Viktor* You…Just what where you doing.

His anger made his aura envelope his body and expand.

[Viktor]: You were a fool. If only that brat didn’t destroy the pod, we could have created an energy core. It could have been used to create a super soldier.

[Shin]: What about Kate then huh?

[Viktor]: A bait to lure you here. Your energy was quite pure indeed.

[Shin]: You…

His rage couldn’t be kept any longer.

[Crule]: Shin wait.

Shin turned around and looked at Crule.

[Shin]: Who are you and how do you know my name?

[Crule]: I will explain later, but first let me say I’m on your side. I can stop Kate from dying right now but I don’t have the power to heal her. Will you let me save her for the moment?

[Shin]: This…Ok fine, save her.

[Crule]: Got it.

Crule controlled his aura to create a small pocket dimension that was sterile and safe. He picked up Kate from the pod and placed her in. She was wrapped in a black cocoon.

[Crule]: She should be in stasis as long as I maintain the spatial pocket opened.

[Shin]: Good, now let me deal with this asshole.

He stares at Viktor.

[Viktor]: Don’t think you can defeat me here. Isn’t that right, Hanuman?

A tall man suddenly appeared at the door way.

[Hanuman]: I can’t seem to hide from you Viktor.

He slowly walked into the room with his hands behind his back.

[Hanuman]: You must be the intruder, I congratulate you for beating all the twelve other candidates.

Shin looked at Crule.

[Shin]: This kid beat all twelve?

[Hanuman]: Yes, this kid’s aura is actually several levels above yours.

Crule looked at Hanuman in disgust.

[Crule]: S***, it’s actually Grimly head of security Hanuman…I’m not sure if my current power level is enough to get us out of here.

With only access to twenty percent of his former maximum power, Crule couldn’t go all out without causing irreversible damage to himself.

[Shin]: You, take Kate away from here. I’ll hold back this large ape.

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On Hanuman’s forehead appeared a vein.

[Hanuman]: Who are you calling an ape…?

He said calmly but yet a wave of aura swept the room. Shin actually was brought to his knees and was pushed back a few steps.

[Shin]: S***, what is this power.

[Crule]: This is the true general class powerhouse of the military. There only exist half a dozen in the entire galaxy…You are no match for him.

[Shin]: S***…

Crule just sighed.

[Crule]: Here, you take care of Kate.

He handed the black cocoon to Shin.

[Crule]: I have more chance of winning anyways. You stay safe.

[Shin]: I can’t leave you alone with such a maniac.

[Crule]: I will be fine, you’re my teacher. It’s the least I can do.

[Shin]: I don’t understand.

[Crule]: You will later.

[Hanuman]: Are you done? My fist are quite itching here. I haven’t had a good fight in a while.

[Crule]: Let’s have a clean fight.

They both wrapped their body in their aura. The room seemed to quiver at the sheer might of the two aura colliding.

Viktor stared at Crule.

[Viktor]: This power…What is this power?! It’s even stronger than the president I dare say…

Shin just stared at the boy protecting him and his wife.

[Shin]: Win kid, you can do it.

Suddenly, the two fighters disappeared.

They appeared in the center of the room as they both launched a punch to test the other’s power.

As their fists collide, a large shockwave of energy exploded from the epicenter of their fists. All the machines in the room were immediately destroyed and the pods shattered.

They were both knocked back equally.

[Hanuman]: AHHAHHA, It has been FAR too long since I had someone who could take on one of my fist and still be equally knocked back. You, kid, give me a good fight so I can enjoy this more!

[Crule]: You battle hungry monster! *he began laughing* Good, I need more of a warm up.

[Hanuman]: The same could be said about you, who else would smile in the face of death like that. Ahahaha.

Shin just stared at the two.

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He was protecting himself with his aura but was still knocked back a good distance. Good thing the cocoon protecting Kate was a lot stronger than anything in the room.

[Shin]: This…This is a fight between true general classes…What monsters…

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