Chapter 24: Shin and Kate.

The couple sat at the window of the ship.

Kate was resting on Shin’s shoulder.

[Kate]: What should we do now honey?

[Shin]: I don’t know…

[Kate]: That kid was cute.

[Shin]: You mean Crule? I don’t think we can call him a kid…

[Kate]: Yea, he is cute, but his eyes show he has seen some horrible things in his life.

[Shin]: Yea…we couldn’t imagine the emotional scars he bear.

[Kate]: You know what I want to do?

[Shin]: What?

[Kate]: I wanna adopt him.

[Shin]: …

[Kate]: You don’t want to?

[Shin]: No, no it’s not that. It’s just…his mental age is a bit old to be…you know, adoptable.

[Kate]: But he doesn’t have any parents, why don’t we be his parents? Everyone needs a little emotional support.

[Shin]: …Fine you know I can’t say no to you.

[Kate]: Teehee, It’s my special power!

[Shin]: Sure, the power of love I guess.

They snuggled closer as night falls.


The dawn breaks as they spent the night in the ship. Early in the morning, all was calm. The wind was blowing, the monsters were chirping, and the twin suns rise from the horizon. They took watch in shifts over the night. No one pursued them.

Shin took the last watch and was up already. He went outside and did his morning routine. It was not the time to get rusty. The calm over the years made him rusty. Realizing the peaceful life they had before was over, he needed to get stronger to protect his loved ones.

Crule woke up a little later. His body was still that of a child so he needed more rest. He took the first watch and slept the rest of the time so he was feeling ok. He looked out the window at Shin training.

[Crule]: Teacher is just as diligent as I remembered. He seemed a lot more cheerful and enthusiastic than the old world. It seems saving Kate was worth it.

The fight with Hanuman actually was barely within the range that Crule’s body can take. Any more energy output and he risk permanent damage. With the help of Chun Qin, most external wounds were immediately taken care of so all bruising was gone. Even some scars he had from his days as a miner disappeared.

[Crule]: Teacher is still training in martial arts…

Shin was only using his fist, feet, and knees to attack.

[Crule]: He needs something a little more in order to stop Grimly…

Crule thought hard about it then suddenly remembered something.

[Crule]: Right…I had that one weapon from before. Good thing my spatial storage survived the time jump.

He walked outside to where Shin was currently doing shadow boxing.

[Crule]: Hey teach, take this.

He threw a spear at Shin.

Shin caught it and immediately realized his body felt several times lighter.

[Shin]: This…what is this?

[Crule]: What you’re holding there, is the spear of Trishula, the trident of Shiva.

[Shin]: What? Can such mythological weapon actually exist?

[Crule]: The creator was a fan of Hindu mythology…don’t worry, his power was at the level of a rider, and all of his weapons are nearly as powerful as myths describes it.

[Shin]: Is that where you got your dagger?

[Crule]: This? *he took out his dagger* Yea, this is Taming Sari, also one of his masterpieces.

[Shin]: What kind of man would bring mythological weapons to life…?

[Crule]: Well he is eccentric…We will meet him one day.

[Shin]: Thanks for the spear.

[Crule]: Mastering it won’t be easy.

[Shin]: No weapon is easy.

[Crule]: Well if you want to know the basics, I got a book right here.

Crule took out a worn book. The title on it said, Ten Thousand Raindrop Spear edition.

Shin took the book and started reading it.

[Shin]: This…where did you get a martial arts manual like this?

[Crule]: Things I pick up in my travels and given to me by friends. This style of martial skill should suit you. When you get strong enough to use ancient spells, this martial skill should also assist you in coming up with your own magic. But for now, keep it, learn it, make it yours.

[Shin]: Ahaha, you sure are a box of surprises and treasures.

[Crule]: I just want you to be able to protect yourself. The enemy we face is stupidly powerful.

[Shin]: Then I will make sure I’ll become more powerful than he is.

They both smiled. It was as if they had been friends for years. Bonds that lasted only a day blossomed into a friendship for years.

[Crule]: Oh right, here’s something for your wife.

Crule threw a gun at Shin.

[Shin]: Is this also a mythical weapon? Let me guess, a gun used by Al Capone or something?

[Crule]: No…just a standard issued Colt M1911 pistol.

[Shin]: *stare* Where did you get this?

[Crule]: Just snatched it when I was visiting the police station. They won’t notice it’s gone.

[Shin]: *shocked* God dammit kid…You can go do s*** like that.


Kate woke up a little later.

She walked outside and saw Shin train with the spear. His proficiency with it was extremely good.

[Kate]: Where did you get this thing?

[Shin]: Crule gave it to me.

[Kate]: He did now, did he?

[Shin]: He also told me to give you this.

He hands the handgun to Kate.

[Kate]: Where did a kid get a gun?! Isn’t it far too dangerous?

[Shin]: You know him…logic can’t really be used on him anymore.

Kate quickly checks the gun and magazine.

[Kate]: Looks like a standard issue…Wait, is this my gun?!

[Shin]: Eh?

[Kate]: I thought they left my things at the office!

[Shin]: This…

[Kate]: I can get some practice with it today. Haven’t used it in a while, being bedridden and all that.

She took aim at a falling leaf and with excellent marksmanship shot the leaf perfectly in the center mid fall.

[Kate]: Hmm, kinda rusty but I still got it.

[Shin]: No one can compare to the Scarlet Sniper.

[Kate]: *embarrassed* Hey don’t call me that, it’s just a silly nickname the guys at the department gave me…

[Shin]: Ahahaha, fits you like a thumb though.

[Kate]: You meanie!

They both laughed and talked for a while longer then headed back to the ship.

[Kate]: Did you tell Crule about our plans from last night?

[Shin]: Not yet, I kind of got too excited from the spear and the martial arts manual.

[Kate]: Eh lets tell him now then.


They found Crule at the cockpit half asleep staring at his dagger.

[Shin]: Hey Crule, we got something to tell you.

[Crule]: Hmm?

He put his dagger away and turned around.

[Kate]: We have decided.

[Shin]: Well, her decision…I just agreed.

[Kate]: Whatever, anyways we are going to adopt you, if that’s ok.

[Crule]: …What?

[Shin]: I know…I tried to convince her otherwise but…

[Crule]: No, no, no, I would be honored to be your son. You treated me as one back in the old world, so why not here as well.

[Kate]: See, he agreed.

[Shin]: This…was far too unexpected.

[Kate]: Teehee, Shin’s a daddy now, and I’m mommy.

[Crule]: *sarcastically* Daddy, Mommy, I’m hungry!

[Shin]: S***, now you’re just messing with me…

They all laughed as the twin suns reached the peak of the sky.

Being able to enjoy a respite along their journey of despair, they laughed whenever they could.


[Chun Qin]: Be quiet out there! I’m still sleeping!

They stared at the haggard Chun Qin and couldn’t help but laugh more.

[Chun Qin]: You god damn morning people…

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