Arc2 Epilogue.

[Secretary]: Mr. President, I have the files on the participants.

[Grimly]: Good, leave it on the table. Thanks Brenda.

[Brenda]: No problem Mr. President.

Grimly was looked out his window. He was at the headquarters of where the Game will be managed. It was a large floating fortress of a ship. It monitors and manages the Antagonist Games. They were sort of the Game masters ensuring no one breaks the rules.

[Grimly]: These candidates will surely be nurtured into general class militants, but will they survive the training? Heh.

He walked over to his table and looked through the files.


*Normal Average Human Value*

-Physical: 100

-Energy Amount: 200

-Intelligence: 100

-^Charisma: X**

-Vitality: 100

-Energy Control: 100

-Agility: 100

^Charisma varies too much per person and situation to average.

*Values are rounded up*

Name: Brunic Varkov Attribute: Fire Specialty: Shots and Corrosion
Physical: 240
Energy Amount: 1000
Intelligence: 90
Charisma: 30
Vitality: 200
Energy Control: 150
Agility: 200


Name: Juliet Willow Attribute: Electricity Specialty: Magnetism and Chaining
Physical: 190
Energy Amount: 1600
Intelligence: 130
Charisma: 20
Vitality: 150
Energy Control: 210
Agility: 270


Name: Claire Smith Attribute: Earth Specialty: Tremors and Vibrations
Physical: 230
Energy Amount: 1200
Intelligence: 120
Charisma: 35
Vitality: 180
Energy Control: 200
Agility: 260


Name: Chun Qin Wei Attribute: Light, Lightning Specialty: Healing
Physical: 240
Energy Amount: 3000
Intelligence: 150
Charisma: 20
Vitality: 190
Energy Control: 310
Agility: 210


Name: Jaqueline Rosia Attribute: None (Plant) Specialty: Vitality and Tenacity
Physical: 80
Energy Amount: 1900
Intelligence: 140
Charisma: 10
Vitality: 90
Energy Control: 220
Agility: 100


Name: Steve Rodrigues Attribute: Ice Specialty: Blast Chill
Physical: 100
Energy Amount: 2100
Intelligence: 140
Charisma: 20
Vitality: 100
Energy Control: 160
Agility: 100


Grimly stared at the stats of the participants.

[Grimly]: This…

He looked at Shin’s half complete profile.

Name: Shin Wu Attribute: Death Specialty: Corrosion and Vitality
Physical: 300
Energy Amount: 2900
Intelligence: N/A
Charisma: N/A
Vitality: N/A
Energy Control: 310
Agility: N/A


[Grimly]: His attribute…

He pushed the button on his desk.

[Grimly]: Brenda, is Mr. Shin Wu still at the facility?

[Brenda]: No sir, apparently Fei Luo and Viktor tried to trick him and pissed him off. I think recruiting him is impossible now.

[Grimly]: That god dam Fei Luo…His ambition will be the death of him.

Grimly continue to look at the files. Near the end were two files updating the stats of Jones and Hanuman.

[Grimly]: At least those two are coming along nicely.

Name: Jones Jameson Attribute: Wind and Water Specialty: Vortex
Physical: 300
Energy Amount: 5000
Intelligence: 150
Charisma: 100
Vitality: 320
Energy Control: 460
Agility: 400


[Grimly]: It’s only been three months and Jones already manage to nearly double his stats. He will be the leader of these candidates when time comes…My twelve generals will help me complete my plan.

Grimly read on and saw Hanuman’s file.

[Grimly]: S***, that man is still a monster…He’s almost as strong as I am now…It seems I can’t slack off anymore.

Name: Hanuman Chalisa Attribute: None (Plant) and None (Energy) Specialty: Plant control and Body enhancement
Physical: 1000
Energy Amount: 23000
Intelligence: 160
Charisma: 120
Vitality: 700
Energy Control: 22000
Agility: 600


Grimly pressed the button again.

[Grimly]: Brenda, schedule a meeting with Hanuman.

[Brenda]: Yes, Mr. President.

[Grimly]: Love ya.

[Brenda]: Oh, Mr. President, Mr. James is here to see you.

[Grimly]: Ah that must be our files, let him in.

James walked into the room with a manila folder in his hands.

[James]: Sir, I got our files from our last test.

[Grimly]: Good, good, bring it here, I want to see how much stronger I’ve gotten.

James hand the folder to Grimly: He opened the file and looked the file and a grin appeared on his face.

[Grimly]: Ahahaha, soon I will be strong enough to start my plans. James you seem to have gotten stronger as well, I’m going to schedule and spar with Hanuman. Do you want to join?

[Jame]: That angry gorilla of a man? If you say so Mr. President.

[Grimly]: Ahaha, good, good, let’s prepare for it.

Grimly threw the file on his desk and walked out the door with James following behind him.


Name: James Swern Attribute: Shadow Specialty: Manipulation
Physical: 1200
Energy Amount: 25000
Intelligence: 200
Charisma: 100
Vitality: 600
Energy Control: 25000
Agility: 800


Name: Grimly Metallurgy Attribute: Earth (Metal) Attribute: Manipulation and Generation.
Physical: 1500
Energy Amount: 30000
Intelligence: 210
Charisma: 200
Vitality: 800
Energy Control: 29000
Agility: 800


Their stats can only exist in the planet of Noxia, a planet of discovery, magic, and secrets.

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