Chapter 25: Beauxi

Crule, Shin, Kate, and Chun Qin spent the next few days recovering from the fights and to train. Shin took the chance to spar with Chun Qin several times. At first, Chun Qin’s defense was far too powerful for Shin to do anything but after a few days they were on par. Shin’s use of the spear improved to the point where he can finally damage Chun Qin. Shin can almost go all out since Chun Qin can recover almost all flesh wounds with his energy aura.

Being able to fight at full strength for several days allowed Shin to regain his former might that he had while traveling with Charles. His power increased by age but his resourcefulness declined over the year. One can explain this as his energy tank kept increasing but the faucet that allow the tank to empty remained the same size.

If this was left for too long, suddenly using his power again may cause energy pressure to cause damage to his own body.

This is the same kind of problem with Crule. His energy tank was enormous but the faucet he had was small due to his young age. The more the body trains and allow more and more energy to flow, the faucet grow in size.

Crule’s training was to constantly release his aura over his body at capacity slowly increasing the amount he can release every day. His knowledge of skills and magic were already exceptional and he also have the necessary amount of energy needed to be strong enough for now, the only problem is the amount of energy he can properly use with his body currently.

While Shin was training in skill and increasing the amount of energy he can control, Chun Qin learning various way he can defend himself. His aura doesn’t really allow much attacking skills or magic but he can strengthen his body to the extremes.

Kate doesn’t seem to be exceptional in energy usage. She only have enough to boost her durability, strength, and speed which is common among police who graduated from the academy. The police academy discovered the use of the energy long ago. They just didn’t research it in advance. They only know how the energy can boost physical prowess. So she just practiced her marksmanship.

Crule was observing their training over the days.

[Crule]: The rate of expansion is far too slow. At this rate we won’t be able to make it for the opening.

Crule gathered everyone the next day.

[Crule]: From what I have seen over the past few days, we are training at a far too slow of a pace to be able to make it in time for opening day. So I suggest we go to Beauxi.

[Shin]: Why Beauxi?

[Chun Qin]: That town is a den of greed, gambling, and various nefarious black markets.

[Crule]: Well, there’s two things we need to do there. First of all, that’s where the Sage of time currently resides.

[Chun Qin]: What?! The Sage of Time has been a nomad for centuries. He never stays in a place for too long.

[Crule]: That’s the thing, the thing we require is what’s keeping him at Beauxi.

[Shin]: So why do we need to see this Sage of Time?

[Crule]: To give us more time.

[Chun Qin]: Ah I see…so there’s that method. How will you get the eccentric Sage of Time to help us then?

[Crule]: I have something he needs as well as a hold on something close to him.

[Shin]: You sound even more evil than usual…

[Crule]: I was considered the Demon King by some people back then…

[Shin]: Ahahaha, I can see that. You certainly have the look for it.

[Crule]: Anyways, let’s head out to Beauxi as soon as possible. Finish anything you need to do here, perhaps put someone in charge of your restaurant while you are gone. We set out tomorrow.

[Shin]: So soon?

[Crule]: The Sage of Time waits for no man…

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Shin returned to the city with Kate early in the morning the next day. He asked a close friend of his to take over his restaurant while he was gone.

They went shopping afterwards and bought some supply for the journey. Even with a ship, flying from one continent to another still takes a considerable amount of time. At least the ship is safe from the ocean of molten metals that separates the island continents. While they are over the ocean, it’s impossible to find much food since nothing really lives in the ocean of metal other than various flying monster that migrates seasonally but those monsters are usually far too large for a ship their size to contain.

The more dangerous ones are the Gaian Garudas. They were the first flying species discovered on Noxia as they were the most abundant. They were also incredibly large and were carnivorous. They migrate once every five years across the livable side of Noxia. During migration times, all air travel is shut down. Their full migration takes about half a year.

Normally they would not choose this time to travel but time is of the essence.

[Crule]: Our main problem is time, but traveling during Gaian Garuda migration seasons also serves as a sort of cloak for people pursuing us. They won’t dare to follow us while the dangers of Gaian Garuda is lurking around the corner.

[Shin]: How will we travel through then?

[Crule]: Don’t think my dagger Taming Sari is just a simply dagger. It has cloaking magic imbue in it allowing me to temporarily make something invisible. It also masks the sound and aura, achieving an undetectable state.

[Shin]: I see…

[Crule]: Also I haven’t had a Gaian Garuda steak in a while…

[Shin]: What…just what am I hearing?!

[Crule]: Don’t knock it till you try it, it’s probably the most delicious poultry I ever had.

[Shin]: But how do you take down something so large in a flock?

[Crule]: Well if we come across one, I will show you.

They filled the ship’s storage with supplies and set off.

[Crule]: Beauxi, here we come.

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