Chapter 26: Gaian Garuda Steak.

The set off in the cover of night. With the advancement in propulsion technology, the ship can travel at Mach speeds without causing much sound. The inside of the ship was balanced via gyroscopic technology. The front of the ship in front was the cockpit. A large reinforced glass window covered the front allowing for a wide view of everything in front. Various flight information and environment info was displayed on the glass as it doubles as a screen. Leading out of the cockpit was a hallway leading to the back of the ship where the storage was. The hallway had several doors leading to various rooms. This includes a med bay, a kitchen, living quarters, and an empty room for various purposes.

At the very least it was more comfortable than sitting in a commercial airliner. One would have think a millennia of airline travel would somehow improve the conditions but apparently not. People were packed like sardines on the ship while first place enjoy a slightly more spacious seating arrangement.

[Crule]: This journey will take us about a week. You can use the empty room for light training, try not to destroy my ship…

[Shin]: Ahaha I won’t.

[Crule]: This means don’t use the spear indoors…

[Shin]: Aww…

[Crule]: Sometimes I think I am the adult in these situations…

[Kate]: Sometimes I think you’re right.

[Shin]: Hey…

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The first few days were peaceful. What they did most of the day were training and chatting. Crule knew far more interesting thing than anyone else.

[Shin]: So…am I still alive when you send your friend back?

[Crule]: No…you died trying to stop Grimly at the last moment.

[Shin]: So I died huh…

[Crule]: Don’t worry about it so much, this time will be much better.

[Shin]: But still…not being there for the end must have sucked.

[Crule]: Considering the situation we were in, you were lucky to die early…

[Shin]: Is that so…

They grew bored by the third day.

[Kate]: Uhg, I hate long distance travel. All we see is endless sky…

[Crule]: We are half way there.

[Chun Qin]: At times I forget that Beauxi is half way across the world from Aponus.

[Crule]: It’s better than flying the opposite way, this ship would not survive the journey across the Savage Wilds.

[Chun Qin]: I don’t think anyone has ever traverse the skies across the Savage Wilds…

Suddenly the alarm started to sound. Normally the ship is on auto pilot but when it sense an entity within its radar, it will send out a warning to everyone on the ship.

[Crule]: I wonder what it is.

They went to the cockpit.

[Crule]: Let’s get a visual on the entity.

He pressed the button which focused on the far off dot.

[Chun Qin]: That’s…

Shin and Kate entered the cockpit then.

[Shin]: What was that alarm?

[Kate]: I was taking a nap…

[Crule]: Look for yourself.

He turned around and let everyone see the image on the monitor.

A large turkey-like bird with a wing span that seemed nearly impossible for its body. It was about double the size of the ship. Its feathers was varying shades of brown and yellow. Its head was snake like and was armed with a sharp beak. Upon closer look, the talons on the bird looked strong enough to shred metal apart easily.

[Crule]: It’s a Gaian Garuda.

[Chun Qin]: This is weird…

[Crule]: Yes…it’s quite strange indeed.

[Shin]: What? What’s weird?

[Crule]: Normally Gaian Garuda during migration season travel in flocks of around thirty. Finding a lone Garuda like this can mean only one thing…

[Chun Qin]: Yes…An Invida Rahk. They prey on Gaian Garudas during migration season. But such a predator was very VERY rare. Ecologists presume with the population of Gaian Garuda, there should be only a dozen Invida Rahk on the entire planet.

[Crule]: I would seem this is a lone survivor of an Invida Rahk attack. But this is our lucky chance. We can catch it.

[Chun Qin]: How? Even if it’s by itself, it’s larger than us. We don’t really stand a chance against it even if we attack from the top of the ship.

[Crule]: Watch and learn. Mrs. Kate, please ready the grill.

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[Kate]: Eh why do I have to cook? Shin is the chef here…Crule is such a sexist.

[Crule]: Oh…I’m sorry…I keep forgetting teach was a chef. He stopped cooking after you died back in my world.

[Kate]: Oh…

[Shin]: Enough, let’s cook together honey.

[Kate]: Ok, let’s go.

[Crule]: Anyways, Chun, bring the ship closer to it.

[Chun Qin]: Eh? Fine.

Crule went to the back of the ship where there’s a ladder leading to the top of the ship. It was for when the ship is submerged in water. It kind of looks like the entrance to a submarine. He climbed the ladder and reached the hatch.

Crule released his aura with his attribute. This created a strong suction force under his feet.

He opened the hatch and felt the gale force wind. At the speed they were flying, the wind was strong enough to rip his upper body off his lower body if he went out unprotected but with his aura, he withstood the force easily.

He started walking on top of the ship like it was a stroll in the park. Crule reached the front of the ship as it got closer to the Gaian Garuda.

[Crule]: I can already taste that delicious steak, today was such a lucky day.

Crule took out his dagger. He turned off the cloaking that he applied to the ship. The Gaian Garuda suddenly sensing them turned around. Upon seeing the size of their ship, it grew confident and tried to attack.

Crule released his aura and the attacking Gaian Garuda was momentarily stunned with fear. He took this chance to gather a ball of his energy at the palm and shot it toward the avian beast.

The ball traveled through the Gaian Garuda like a molten ball of iron through a block of wax. It stopped midway as Crule didn’t want to destroy too much edible meat.

Reaching into his spatial pocket, he took out a jar. He coating the jar in his energy and a strong vacuum force sucked the corpse of the Gaian Garuda in. The sheer size somehow manage to fit in the jar due to spatial manipulation from Crule’s energy.

[Crule]: This will last us quite a bit of time. Good thing it was only a child. If it was an adult Gaian Garuda or even worst, an aged Gaian Garuda, we would be in trouble. I currently do not have enough power to take one of those head on in their territory…

Crule put the jar under his arms and casually walked back to the hatch. He climbed down the ladder after he closed the hatch and release the aura around his body.

[Crule]: Got it, let’s cook.

[Chun Qin]: I can’t even believe what I just saw…Normally a single Gaian Garuda would take a small armada of half a dozen war ships in order to take it out using conventional anti air missiles…Yet you did it with only a single blow.

[Crule]: What can I say, I specialize in offence.

[Chen Qin]: Following you will always bring interesting things it seems…This is going to be fun.

They entered the kitchen and noticed the sheer number of cooking utensil and spices lining the table.

[Shin]: I made sure to pack my extra cooking set in case we ever get any rare ingredient, I didn’t think we would find one so early.

[Crule]: Here, I’ll let out a small piece.

Crule opened the jar a small bit and a meter length of Gaian Garuda wind was let out. He quickly shut the jar again and the wing was cut off the rest of the body.

[Shin]: This…this is a lot of meat.

[Crule]: I let out extra so we can try all kind of foods, apparently its meat can be used not only as a steak, but in soups, meat buns, and various types of dishes.

[Shin]: Ahaha, seeing such a good ingredient in such large amount, I can feel the intense urge to cook it. Wait a bit you guys, Kate and I will cook this thing to perfect.

[Crule]: *with the eagerness of a child* I can’t wait!

[Kate]: Ohoho, so Crule had that side of him as well.

[Chun Qin]: Food can turn anyone into a child…

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