Chapter 27: Banquet.

Shin started to debone the wing piece. It was easy since the bones were exceptionally large. He didn’t throw them away, but instead reserve it for later to make a stock. The bone still had some meat on it but that would just add to the soup later.

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The skin he mostly removed as it was too tough to eat. The layer underneath was soft enough and rich in fat. But it was a bit too fat and would make one feel bloated after eating so much. He trimmed some of it off and reserved that as well in case he ever needed it.

He took his sharpest knife and tried to slice into the muscle.

[Shin]: God dam, it’s so strong. My knife can barely slice through the first layer.

The meat was considered a bit too tough so he decided to marinate it in some fresh pineapple and papaya juice. It didn’t need to marinate for too long. Two hours later it was soft enough to prepare.

Kate went out to tell the others it’s going to be a while since the meat need to be tenderized and marinated.

Due to the fruit juices, the Garuda meat had a sweet and jaw smell to it now. Shin dried the meat on paper towels and started to slice. He quartered the meat making four separate dishes. The first he cut steak sized fillet of Garuda meat and he put them in a bowl with some soy sauce, salt, pepper, and various spices like cayenne and dried fennel seeds. He mixed it thoroughly making sure he got every nook and cranny. He got out his cast iron skillet and placed it on the fire at the highest temperature. The high temperature was required just to cook a meat like this. Even though he sliced enough steak portions for everyone, there were quite a lot remaining in the quarter reserved for making steak so he add them to a zip lock bag with marinate to sit in the fridge overnight.

Shin generously oiled the skillet with olive oil as to not stick. He set the heat to medium as to not burn the oil then added diced onions and garlic and a dash of cumin and a stick of butter. He stirred the mix until the onions started to turn translucent. He then placed one fillet of steak on the skillet. The sweet sound of sizzling and the rich aroma of roasted spices started to fill the air.

Since Gaian Garuda meat is considered white meat, it had to look thoroughly. About seven to eight minutes on each side with a lid over the skillet to allow steam cooking brought out a finely golden pan fried steak of Gaian Garuda. Shin garnished the plate and placed the steak of it and added a dab of minced garlic on the side.

One serving of Gaian Garuda Steak is done. He continued making steak after steak and soon, four servings of nine ounce Gaian Garuda Steak was done.

Shin and Kate brought the plated dish to the dining room.

[Crule]: The anticipation is killing, the smell coming from the kitchen was far too good…

[Chun Qin]: I don’t eat much meat, but this…I can’t wait to try it.

Everyone was eager to finally dig in.

They all seated on the table and was ready to eat.

[Shin]: Let’s have a toast.

There was wine and juice on the table. The adults drank wine while Crule preferred juice since his body cannot take alcohol at his age.

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[Kate]: To Crule and Chun Qin, for saving me.

[Shin]: To Crule, for giving us this opportunity.

[Chun Qin]: To Crule.

Everyone downed their drinks and started to slice their steak with their knives and forks.

They each took a bite and immediately stopped.

[Crule]: Sooooo good, I haven’t had it in so long, teacher’s cooking was always good even if he stopped for a while in the old world.

[Shin]: I surprise even myself. This meat really is top quality.

[Kate]: Wah, I might get addicted to this.

[Chun Qin]: Praise the lord, may heaven have mercy on my soul. This is by far the best thing I have ever eaten.

After saying all that, their knives and forks didn’t stop moving until each of their steaks were finished.

[Crule]: Good thing we got quite a bit of Gaian Garuda meat left.

[Shin]: I haven’t even used a quarter of the meter sized piece you gave me…

[Crule]: Oh…

[Shin]: Anyways, you guys take a break. Rest a while and get some training done, me and Kate are going to clean up and prepare to make dinner.

[Crule]: Ok.

Shin went and cleaned the skillet and utensil. The remaining meat were either marinating or placed in the freezer.

[Kate]: What are you going to make for dinner?

[Shin]: You feel like eating anything?

[Kate]: Hmmm, since we had so much meat for lunch, why not a soup and a salad?

[Shin]: Oh, that’s true. But I think Crule would want more of the Garuda meat so I’ll add it in both.

[Kate]: Eh, wouldn’t that be too oily?

[Shin]: Oh you will see.

Shin took out a large pot. He went to his spice rack and took out various spices including black and white peppercorn. He even put in some Si Chuan peppercorn. He got a cloth rag and placed a small amount of each on it and tied it up making a cloth ball of spice. He placed it in the pot, added water and boiled it. He then placed the bones of the Garuda in the pot and added in some diced spring onions, chives, garlic, carrots, and some diced winter melon. He also added in minced mint leaf and half a lemon. He let the stock simmer for a few hours while he went to train with Crule and Chun Qin. Kate was left to look over the pot as so it doesn’t cause any problems.

About an hour half later, Shin returned to check on the soup. It was almost done as the remaining meat was falling off the bone already. He took the bone out and tossed it.

He let the stew cool a bit on low heat. He then went to prepare the easier dish.

For the salad, Shin just mixed some collard greens, halved eggs, diced onions and cherry tomatoes. He took another remainder of the Garuda meat and after rubbing it with salt and pepper, place it on a slightly oiled skillet. He let it brown on both side until it was thoroughly cook. Shin then took his knife and diced the meat into strips and added it to the salad. He prepared a vinaigrette and added it to the side. The consumer can add the amount they desire.

The soup was hearty yet not too oily since over the hour half boiling period, Kate skimmed the fat off the top of the stew several times.

It was spicy lemon mint Garuda stew with mixed Garuda salad.

Let’s just say dinner was just as delicious as lunch was.

Their journey continued toward Beauxi but now it was filled with delicious food.

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