Chapter 28: Borders, Customs, and Passport.

The wonderful country of Beauxi, a country that never sleeps. Every hour of the day, the country stays awake hustling and bustling even through the wee hours of the night. It was a country that manages the moon of Greed. The currency there was oval, the same shape as their patron moon. The rare metals from mining operations in Greed help feed the countries lavishing features.

But to ever light side there is darkness. Even if half of the country were incredibly wealthy, the other half live in poverty off the edges of the country. The country was separated in rings. Those in the center were the most privilege of the privilege. They were so rich that they could purchase an entire planet if they wanted to. By the time one reaches the fourth ring, it was considered the upper middle class. They could live perfectly wealthy live styles, just not as insanely eccentric as the center three rings.

The fourth ring was also the barrier ring to say. There was a large wall erected at the edge of the fourth wall blocking the inner four rings to the outer four rings. The rings on the outside range from ghettos to rural villages who could only barely get by with the crops they grow. It was unruly and slavery was almost necessary for some families to survive. The government even encourage slavery. It was a lucrative business opportunity and was very well regulated. As to not piss off “certain” groups of people, the slaves cannot be kidnapped people, only people who were legally sold via a contract. Without the contract, illegal slaves are still considered citizens instead of property and thus had the right for the police to take immediate action. But the amount of money it cost to pay for the police was far too much for the outer four rings.

Money makes the world goes round in Beauxi. The irony in the country’s name was seen as the incredibly beautiful center is surrounded by the desolation they choose to ignore.

At the very edge of the country at the eight ring was an even larger wall. Due to the ravine between the edge of the continent and the molten ocean of metal, various platforms for landing dotted it allowing ships to park and land. To actually enter the country requires one to pass through the border and customs. Most bring their ship along but some come via public transportation.

[Kate]: We have finally landed!

[Shin]: God, an entire week in a ship. I hope I won’t have to do that again any time soon.

[Crule]: We have to pass the border and customs now.

They specifically landed on the platform made for people who wanted to bring their ship through customs. It was placed on a large conveyor belt and slowly brought to the wall. All ships that pass through might be inspected.

[Crule]: I have a fake passport for you. We cannot be discovered here or Metallurgy would be able to track us.

[Shin]: Where can someone who looks like a twelve year old child, get an illegal passport?!

[Crule]: Magic of money.

Before they left Aponus, Crule had found a certain company to make fake passports.

[Crule]: And money talks in Beauxi, how do you think even with the border security so high, the mafia still manage to smuggle goods in. They only had to grease the correct palms.

[Chun Qin]: *sigh* As corrupt a country as ever…

[Crule]: Anyways we are coming up to the window. Shin, you speak to the guy. Having a child be the leader would raise suspicion.

They stood next to their ship as they were brought to a kiosk.

[Man at kiosk]: Business or Pleasure?

The man said in a monotone voice. Having seen hundreds of people a day at his dead end job, he grew tired of it. The work benefits he received were barely enough to keep him working there.

[Shin]: Pleasure.

[Man at kiosk]: From where did you come from?

[Shin]: Aponus. My family is coming here for vacation. My wife and I with my son and brother came to enjoy the casinos.

[Man at kiosk]: Mhm, passports please.

Shin handed over the passports that Crule gave him.

The man at the kiosk opened the passport to look inside and found a card. It was a storage card from the Bank of Beauxi. The color indicates how much money it held. It was a golden card which holds a minimum of a hundred thousand Ovals, the currency of Beauxi.

Only allowed on

The man’s eyes widen and his attitude suddenly improved greatly.

[Man at kiosk]: Enjoy you stay good sir! WELCOME! To our wonderful country!

The man was almost beaming with excitement.

Shin just stared at the man with disgust after the conveyor belt started moving again.

[Shin]: *grumbles* Man money really affects everyone in this place.

[Crule]: Now that we pass the borders, it’s now to pass the customs.

Their ship had to be inspected.

Good thing that the ship use to belong to Warden Brandon. Its quality was quite high. Custom inspectors normally inspect more casually for the rich and stringently for the poor.

A group of four blue uniformed men walked up to the ship.

[Man in blue uniform]: Customs inspection, do you have anything to declare?

They spoke with an intimidating tone.

[Shin]: Nothing here.

[Man in blue uniform]: Then we shall proceed with inspection.

The men boarded the ship and inspected the place. It looked like a normal high class personal ship. One of the man opened the fridge to inspect its contents.

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Upon seeing the Garuda meat the man was surprised.

[Man in blue uniform]: Sweet hell, these people are rich. Not even people from the third ring can afford this much Garuda meat…

After seeing it, the men inspected more casually.

Ten minutes later they exited the ship.

[Man in blue uniform]: We found nothing, you’re free to pass good sir.

Their attitude were suddenly very respectful.

Crule chuckled a little but it was ignored by the men since he was just a child.

[Crule]: Now that wasn’t so hard was it?

They boarded the ship as it reached the end of the conveyor belt. Crule started up the ship and flew out the dock at the opposite side of the wall they entered.

In front of them was a HUGE floating neon sign.

“Welcome, to beautiful Beauxi, where anything can be found. Fun, Pleasure, and Treasures.”

[Crule]: Now, let’s head to the sixth ring.

[Shin]: Why are we going to the rural area?

[Crule]: There’s someone there I need to pick up.

[Kate]: Is it someone special?

[Crule]: Let’s just say…I couldn’t live without her.

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