Chapter 33: Training.

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[Sage of Time]: Yes, you. Having a time attribute is extremely rare. A thousand years and you’re the only other one I found.

[Crule]: The Sage here was actually a pioneer, he’s been searching since the beginning of it all.

[Kate]: So what do I have to do?

[Sage of Time]: Nothing. Time attribute gets more powerful with time. For now, there’s nothing you can do but wait.

[Kate]: Eh…when will I get to use it?

[Sage of Time]: You should start to have some control over time in let’s say…five years.

[Kate]: FIVE YEARS?!

[Sage of Time]: Quite a bit faster than I did. Maybe because your exposure to the energies was from an infant.

[Crule]: Anyways, let’s start now.

[Sage of Time]: Fine, how do you want the dimensions?

[Crule]: For Shin and Chun Qin here I would like a 1:1. I myself want a 1:3.

[Sage of Time]: 1:1 I can do. 1:3 is…a bit hard. I would have to do them on separate days.

[Crule]: Fine, let’s do the 1:1 today.

[Shin]: What are you talking about?

[Crule]: For you two, the Sage of Time will create a dimension where a single day time becomes a year. This gives you exactly one year to train.

[Sage of Time]: At best I can only maintain this magic for a day regardless of how the ratio changes.

[Shin]: But why only one year?

[Crule]: Because that’s all you guys need. I will teach each of you a training method. You will train in it for a year.

[Chun Qin]: Sounds interesting.

[Kate]: What about me?

[Crule]: You will go with teacher.

Crule took out an old scroll and hands it to Chun Qin.

[Crule]: Since I already gave teach a martial arts book, you take this one.

[Chun Qin]: “Metal Veins Body”? Interesting.

[Crule]: It teaches a skill that strengthen your body. Since you specialize in defense, this will be quite useful for you.

[Shin]: I guess I will train in the Ten Thousand Raindrop Spear.

[Crule]: Take this as well.

He hands them a book titled “Sonata of agility”.

[Crule]: This book will teach you some basics of how to improve your ability to move and dodge. Master this first.

Shin look through the book quickly.

[Shin]: So this is how you are able to move so fast…

[Crule]: That’s partially true.

[Sage of Time]: Are you guys done?

[Crule]: Yes, open the dimension please.

The Sage of time took out his pocket watch. He started pouring his energy and aura into it. Soon the entire wood log started to tremor. Then out of nowhere a tear in space appeared. Looking into it was like staring into the depths of space.

[Sage of Time]: Done, I will maintain this portal for exactly 24 hours. I suggest you come out on time.

[Crule]: Teach, Kate, and Chun Qin go in. I wish you luck in training. Hopefully you will have master the two books in a year’s time.

The three reluctantly walked into the portal.

[Shin]: This…

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In front of them was a beautiful sight. A large mountain with a waterfall leading into a crystal clear lake in the middle. Trees and shrubs grow abundant with fruit and a single sun shine in the sky.

[Chun Qin]: Where are we?

[Crule]: *from a distance* You’re in a pocket dimension, now start your training. Time is tight.

[Shin]: Then let’s get this started.

He took out his spear and tested his skill.

[Shin]: Ten Thousand Raindrops!

The spear in his hands turned into a blur and reappeared later. The distant waterfall was immediately poked with thousands of holes.

[Shin]: Hmm, I still aren’t able to use all ten thousand thrusts…

[Chun Qin]: You sure have improved…To think only half a month ago, it was your first time holding a spear.

[Shin]: Its, this book. It seems to impart knowledge into me as I read it more and more.

[Chun Qin]: Hm…let me try mine.

Chun Qin took a look at the first chapter of the book.

[Chun Qin]: Fist of Steel!

He punched a nearly rock. With a loud thundering sound, the rock was punctured by his fist.

[Chun Qin]: Crap, my arms stuck in the rock…a little help guys?

[Shin]: *stares* To pierce into the rock without shattering it…That’s some pin point precision power.

So thus their one year training began.


[Crule]: Now then, since they are gone, ask the questions you want.

[Sage of Time]: So you knew.

[Crule]: I know you read my timeline when I handed you the box.

[Sage of Time]: Ohoho, crafty aren’t you. Fine. My question is, is what I saw really going to come true?

[Crule]: Yes.

[Sage of Time]: *sigh* Looks like I might have to come out of retirement. Being nomadic is fun and such but when s*** like this is going to ruin it…I better help put a stop to it.

[Crule]: Your help will be greatly appreciated.

[Sage of Time]: What I never got to see is what happened to me in your world?

[Crule]: You were assassinated by Grimly.

[Sage of Time]: Ohoho, that child grew up quite evil didn’t he.

[Crule]: No, not evil. Just far too ambitious.

[Sage of Time]: I use to be that ambitious once. When I first discovered my power.

[Crule]: I’m sure you just used it to look at the women’s locker room on the pioneer vessel.

[Sage of Time]: *cough* God no, I only like figurines. Real things don’t really suit me.

[Crule]: …I know the feeling of out-living loved ones.

[Sage of Time]: True…real people come and go, but figurines start forever as long as you maintain them.

[Crule]: Your weird hobby aside, do you have any other question?

[Sage of Time]: Ah yes, how’s Famina?

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[Crule]: Still chained to that cross on Gluttony.

[Sage of Time]: That poor girl. I knew her since she was a pioneer like me.

[Crule]: It’s funny how you pioneers who survived the explosion on Crecentia are all so powerful.

[Sage of Time]: It use to be Theos you know. But yea after the explosion only seven of us survive…We gained the powers we have now and are practically immortal. But you know immortality gets boring at times…

[Crule]: The others just take in disciples.

[Sage of Time]: My power works very differently from theirs since time attribute is hard to find.

[Crule]: Hmm.

[Sage of Time]: Over the years, only the five out of the original seven of us are still around…

[Crule]: That’s not true. Six of you are alive.

[Sage of Time]: Eh?

[Crule]: Fate is really dead but Chaos is alive.

[Sage of Time]: H-how?! We made sure he was dead.

[Crule]: What do you think Grimly is doing?

[Sage of Time]: No…He can’t be. I told him years ago when he was just an ambitious child to never NEVER go for it.

[Crule]: I’m appalled you even told him.

[Sage of Time]: He had potential…I couldn’t deny him.

[Crule]: Well, we better stop him then. Because Chaos isn’t just satisfied with destroying the world now.

[Sage of Time]: That bastard…He caused the explosion on Theos and now he wants more?

[Crule]: A lot more.

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